Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


6. Chapter six *Stress*



Liam's P.O.V

she opened her eyes and looked at me "Liam... read my.... dog tag" she was saying struggling to breath "take me... to the ... hospital" she was saying. I looked to see she had a chain round her neck and I looked at it and read

Patient #9118 Life threatening Alcohol disorder; Panic attack disorder.

I screamed to the top if my lungs

"HARRY YOU IDIOT, NICKY HAS GOT A THREATERNING ALCOHOL ALLERGY, get in the car now I said while picking Nicky limp body from the bed, with the boys hot on my trail as we ran  out of the house. Louis was sat in the car. Louis gasped as we all piled in the car.

"what happened" he asked.

"DRIVE NOW" Niall barked "we will explain on the way Louis". Louis pushed his foot down and the car tyres where spinning until the car shot of. Zayn was explaining to Louis what had happened and he was looking at harry worried.

"Oh god will she be ok" Louis said" "were so sorry me and Harry was messing about and we switched the water in the water pitcher in the fridge to vodka" he sighed. Harry patted his back.

"sorry this is my fault too" he mutterd. I shook my head

"GUYS" I shouted "can we just get her to the hospital she could die because of this you know" I screeched to them. The car became silent and was for the rest of the journey to the hospital. When Louis pulled up outside the emergency department me and Niall jumped out with Nicky's limp less body . Niall shouted at the boys to go park the car as me and Niall was running in to the hospital

"Help!!" I shouted with Nicky in my arms "she has a serious alcohol allergy and she has accidently drank some" it felt like 20 nurse came running up to help as I was following them down the corridor in to a room where they placed Nicky on the bed.

"I'm sorry you two will have to leave" one of the nurse's said to me and Niall. We both walked out the room and sat on the chairs out side her room. We both put our heads in our hands. As we meet the boys out side the room.

"she has not even been with us a day and we have made her angry, cry, have a panic attack, drink vodka and have to take her to hospital god Simon is going to kill us" I said. Niall sighed and Harry ran his hand through his thick brown curly hair. Then Lou's phone stated ringing.

"Ello" he said answering the phone as his eyes widened. "we forgot I am sorry Uncle Si" he paused for a second looking at me," we are at the hospital; NO WAY" he groaned down the phone. "we are so sorry Simon me and Harry wanted to play a little joke on the boys last night and we swapped the water for vodka and Harry forgot about it and gave Nicky vodka and she has a threatening alcohol allergy we will phone you when we get let out" Louis put the phone down and looked at us all.

"we all missed dinner at Simons house" the boys groaned "Oh and Simon is mad at all of us for not taking proper care of Nicky and by the way media has got pictures of Liam carrying Nicky out of the house and in to the hospital it is all over the news and the internet". They groaned and a nurse walked out of the room with a clip bored

You all hear for Nicky she asked we all jumped out of our seats "yes is she ok" Niall asked her. "we not sure but we do need her last name" and then we all looked at each other.

"we don't now she is baby sitting us while Uncle si is away" Louis said. I looked at Louis and shook my head and the nurse looked at us all funny.

"Ok we will have a finger print scan done ASAP then" she started to walk away but turned back to us.

"also we have managed to get her breathing back to normal and got 95% of the alcohol out of her system, Oh and she has also got 3 broken rips" she bit her lip and smiled at us sadly "she is also in a coma".

Zayn looked like he had seen a ghost Harry was nearly pulling his own hair out and Niall was closing his eyes and anyone could tell that he was crying inside. Louis had tears rolling down his cheeks and I was just stood there froze I did not now what to do like I couldn't even breath.

"when will she come out of the comer" I asked and the nurse sighed.

"it could be days, week, months. we really just don't know yet. it just dose really depend. We are going to try and puller out of it tomorrow if she is still in it bye then". I nodded and Harry ran his hand through his hair.

"gezz" he strutted to him self.


Harry's P.O.V

How could this day get any worse than it already is already. firstly and hot girl moves in and rejects me, Secondly we have all made her have a panic attack, thirdly like an idiot I gave her vodka instead of water and is now in a coma and fourthly she is in that coma because of my stupid mistake.

Ahhh I just want to scream at the top of my lugs right now because nothing is going right for me.

As we all walk in to the room where Nicky's body was just lying the stiff on the bed besides  the movement from her chest as it was rise in and falling. her mousy brown hair was messed up all over her pillow. It was so quiet all you could hear was the steady *beep, beep, beep* coming from the heart monitor in the corner of the room.

gosh I wish she was awake so I could see her big beautiful blue eyes

I like her because, she is so much different from the other girls who fall at my feet they just all want me to have s** with them. Well most of the time I do have s** with them but you know. But...... I mean Nicky is different I don't now why but she is different from the rest of the girls. I don't want her in my pants I just want her for who she is. I want a real relation ship with her like Louis and Eleanor. But how can I she has already rejected me.


Niall P.O.V

Harry is really nervous I can tell. It is Harry for god sake.... I have never seen him run his hand through his hair so may times in one day. I mean I now he likes Nicky as well as me.

Yes I like Nicky too she is a beautiful girl if no one can see that then they are blind in my eyes. But you see Harry always get the girls they always fall for him.


But maybe this time I could get the girl instead of Harry hmm


Louis P.O.V

I walked over to her bed and sat in the hard plastic chair next to her and sighed.

A nurse walked in to her room.

"ok which one of you five are responsible for her then" I jumped up out my seat

"ME" I shouted before Liam could have said anything. She nodded.

"come with me please" she said as she was leaving the room walking to the corridor in to a small office.

"please take a seat sir" she said to me pointing at the chair" I quickly looked behind me and took a seat and quickly looked back at the nurse.

"We have done a search on her body and we have found a small cut on her face and she has a massive bruise on her rip and it is swollen and 3 of her rips are broken it is obvious that some one has been abusing her" the nurse said to me and my mouth dropped No way!

we have also given her a quick finger print scan and found out who she is hear is her birth certificate as she handed me the certificate I read through it.

"what the heak" I said and I blanked out


thanks for reading hope you are enjoying it so far

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