Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


7. Chapter seven * birthcitficate*





Liam's P.O.V

We had all followed Louis and the nurse down to the nurses office obviously ear dropping form the other side of the door when suddenly we all heard a loud crashing sound like someone had collapsed or something. I swung the door open to see that Louis was on the floor passed out.

"why is he passed out?" I asked the nurse in a concerned voice. she just shrugged her shoulders

"I'm not sure" she replied

 "well he took one look at Nicky's birthcitficate and well he just passed out like that" I quickly snatched the certificate of the table and read it in shock.


Nicky Tomlinson

Mother: Mary Tomlinson

Father: Connor Tomlinson

Date Of Birth: 05/12/1993


No way out of all of the people Simon had to choose he had chosen Louis Tomlinson long lost sister. Zayn looked at me curiously as Niall and Harry picked still passed out Louis body of the floor placing him back in the chair.

"Look at this" I said passing him the birthcitficate that I had in my hands. His eyeballs rolled.

 "No way" he wisperd as Harry took the birthcitficate out of Zayn's hands and read it. On his face was pure shock as he handed it to Niall. Then Niall mouth dropped open.

 "they are sibling's why did Louis only tell us that he has four not five" Harry shook his head and I slapped him in the side of his head.

"because he did not now that Nicky was his sister you idiot"

 "oh right" Niall replied to me

"sorry I slapped you Ni" I replied

"its ok" he replies.


Harrys P.O.V

Lou's sister, Lou's f***ing sister. knowing Lou and how protective he is oh his half sister he is going to be very protective over Nicky. I just know it.

 shame I really liked Nicky and now he has found out that it is his sister he will never let me date her as he knows how I am with women. He thinks I am a bit of a player but I am not. Anyway looking back on what I have done... with women.... come on what was I thing Taylor Swift? really I must be an idiot.

 Really I am going to have to prove that I am worth it to date his sister Nicky but how could I prove this to him.

Just then my thoughts where interrupted bye a few nurses rolling a trolley(hospital bed) in the room to get Lou and take him away. They carefully picked Lou up and rolled him out of the room on the hospital bed.

"what's the matter with Lou" I said to the nurse who was sitting behind her desk she looked annoyed.

"did you not listen to anything I just said" she asked moodily.

"Nope" she sighed

"well you friend Lou is still in shock we are going to have to monitor him hear in hospital" then I nodded.

"right tonight two of you can sleep in Nicky's room and two of you can sleep in Lou's room tonight" she said. "right I will leave you guys hear alone in this room and give you some privacy to talk things out" as she walked out the office closing the door behind her.

 "Lou has another sister"  I mutterd to my self Liam's lips where pursed.

"she was abused Harry" He wisperd I looked up at him.

 "what" I said as I jumped out of my seat.

"her mom's boyfriend abused her" Niall said Loudly. "Lou's dad and Nicky's dad left their mom because she was so rough with them. He tried to claim custody of Nicky but he had no proof that she was a bad mom" we stared at him and she shrugged at us.

"I called Connor and he wants to meet Nicky as soon as possible" he explained and I nodded

"right who is going to sleep where" Zayn asked. hmmm sleeping in the same room as my best friend or the girl I think I am in love with.

"I will sleep in Nicky's room Niall volunteered. I had figured out that Niall had a thing for Nicky already.

"I will sleep in her room too" I blutterd out. I could tell that Liam and Zayn was looking at each other having a convocation with there eyes.

"me and Zayn will sleep in Nicky's room tonight and you two can sleep in Lou's room" Liam announced. I frowned at Niall and followed him down the corridor to Lou's room. Maybe Lou will let me date his sister this once I though to my self.


Nicky's P.O.V

I was trapped in side of my own body I could hear everything that people was saying Zayn and Liam was having. Well when they was in my room. I just could not move or open my eyes.  I had heard the convocation that Liam and Zayn was having.

"They both like her" Liam said

"I know" Zayn replied "but Lou will not stand for it" Lou will not stand for what I thought to my self as I was just lying there Liam sighed.

"we will talk to them about it tomorrow" he decided "Night Zayn"

"night Liam"

if Lou will not stand for it.... Maybe he don't like me. That's good because I don't really see him as boyfriend material I see him as the annoying older brother material.

Niall and Harry both like me oh god I am there baby sitter not. Oh well.

I drifted of in to a dreamless blank sleep.....


Louis P.O.V

I woke up in a hospital I groaned at my self for passing out.

Nicky ..... Nicky Tomlinson!

I jumped out of my bed and ran across the room jumping over Niall and Harry's bodies which where sprawled out across the floor. Pulled the door open and ran down the dark corridor shouting Nicky Tomlinson Nicky Tomlinson Nicky Tom.. until i found her room swinging the door open.

When Liam's head popes up Lou what are you doing hear your meant to be in bed tiredly rubbing his eyes.

I ignored him and ran over to Nicky's bed.

Nicky Tomlinson!! Nicky Tomlinson !! wake up you are my sister please wake up I said shaking her body. She did not wake up she did not move only the raise and the fall of her heart beating. I started crying "why will she not wake up Liam" I cried. He walked over to me and embraced for a hug.

"Lou she is in a comer" he said hugging me as I cried. I quivered "but I have just found her and i don't want to lose her again Liam" I said looking up at him....


sorry if spelling has been bad I am dyslexic

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