Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


1. Chapter One *The Call*

The Call

"bye kids" I say smiling brightly at them. All three of the children look up with grins on there face.

"bye Nicky and Hayley" there mother said handing me some money to pay for baby sitting her three children

"it was our pleasure Mrs Hill, we love looking after your children they are so well behaved for us" Mrs Hill laughed

"as soon as you leave they will become little terrors for me" I laughed at Mrs Hill's comment.

"I could never imagine that they are so well behaved" as you winked at the youngest child Ben. He ran up to me and Hayley and give us both hugs.

"Well you better believe it" she exclaimed "I'm pretty sure that Nicky and Hayley have got to go home know guys. Not to mention that it is almost bed time for you children". The children groaned and stamped there feet inside. Mrs Hill turned to me and Hayley "Thanks again you two" she said smiling. We both just nodded "it's right".

Before she closed the door she shouted us back and said "My brother has been trying to find a full time baby-sitter for the summer holidays, so I recommended you both. He said he is going to be phoning you soon".

I went home and so did Hayley it was late. When I reached my house I went straight to my room and crossed the date of my calendar because I had finished my last year of school as well today. I had graduated last week though. It was bad enough that Mrs Hill was going to see her family in Australia this summer I was stuck with out a job all summer. I sighed I wonder if Mrs Hills brother was going to call any time soon.

The next morning I woke up to my phone ringing I picked it up and looked to see that it was an unknown number so I answered the call to see who it was.

"Hello this is Nicky" I exclaimed.

"Hi this is Simon, I am Danielle Hills brother" he replied in an British accent.

"Oh yes, how are you". I replied

"I'm great thanks, I was wondering if you and Hayley wanted to look after my five boys this summer" my eyes opened and thought why five boys why not five girls I quickly thought to my self.

"of course I will" I replied

he asked for my address so that he could come and pick me and Hayley up in the morning.

"oh umm sure" I told him my address.

"so Hun what are your rates"

"it is usually the customers choice" I said "what ever works for you I'm just saving for uni at the moment" Simon laughed down the phone at you.

"I know how you feel you live in LA right"

" yes I do but I live closer to the out skirts really though"

"Grate I was planning on leaving in tomorow because I am currently in LA but I live in London"

"London" I said, my dream was always to go back to London my best friend Olly lived there but you had to leave him when you move to LA .

"Yes London" Simon interrupted "is there a problem with that"

"No there is not a problem with  that I use to live there. My dream is to go back" Simon laughed at you again.

"That great now your payment I was think about 2 grand a week" my jaw dropped 2 grand.

"yes it is a full time job you will be living with the boys for the summer"

"wow" I muttered under my breath.

"I will pick you and Hayley up at 8:00am tomorrow morning" and he hung up on me.

I phoned Hayley and told her about my phone call with Simon and how much he was paying us two. Then I told her that he was picking us both up at tomorrow for my house at 8:00am then I was getting a lift with Simon to London tomorrow.


"Yes Hayley London" I replied

"Well my parents will not let me go to London with a stranger Nicky sorry I can not go with you" she said in a sad voice and hangs up on me.


This is chapter one done hope you enjoy it.

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