Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


4. Chapter four "look a like*

Look A Like



"I am not trying nothing on" you say as you get to the shop crossing your arms across your chest.

"please just one outfit" Niall requested

"No way" I demanded. As I turned around to see Harry had a idea I could tell this because of the faces he was pulling at me making me laugh. He whisper to Zayn who whisper to Liam who whisper  to Louis and he started to jump up and down and then he whisper to Niall. A smile appeared on Niall face as he walked towards me.

Niall picked m up and threw me over his shoulder I like weighed nothing "No way" I shouted "put me down now please Niall" I shouted

"oh yes way" he said as he opened the door to the dressing room and put me down so I was sitting on the floor. I stood up and tried to open the door to the dressing room so I could get out but it wouldn't budge then I thought the boys must be stood in front of it so I couldn't get out. A pile of clothes was thrown over the door landing on my head.

"try something on" Niall yelled to me.

"FINE" I shouted to the boy. I was looking at some of the clothes and some of them was actually nice you could tell that the boys has a good dress sense.  But I am right and I was going to prove them wrong.

"I have tried something on can I come out now" I said as they opened the door I ran out of the shop Niall tried to grab me back put he missed. As I ran out I looked around to find some where to hide. I seen a shop called Victoria street. I ran in there and ran to the back of the shop where all the lacy bras where pretending to look interested in them.

"can I help you" a woman said moodily. I smiled at her nervously

"I am just looking thank you" she walked away to go and help other customers I thought this was a really good place to hide. I had spoke to soon because just then Louis walked through the door. I rolled my eyes because no other man would have looked in this shop. The woman walked over to Louis.

"may I help you" she said to him.

"yes I am looking for some thongs that would suit me" the woman gave him a funny look and I could not help but burst out laughing at the comment Louis said and the socked face on the shop assistant.

Louis looked over at me with a mischievous smirk on his face as he seen me. I hid my head and crawled under the display table. I herd footsteps getting closer. I let out a little giggle, then the table cloth was lifted and I was meet by Louis face.

"hello love" he smirked.

"hi" I giggled

"why did you run of like that" he said with a serious face.

"well it was because I umm did not want to try on any clothes" the smirk re  appeared on his face.

"oh really now" he said sitting under the table with me.

"ye. y. yes" I said stuttering

I turned and looked at him then he said "you are just like my mum" he smiled at me.

"I guess I miss her" he said and started to cry

"I'm sorry Lou" I said sadly "at least you have one" muttering the last sentence to him. He turned at me and looked surprised.

"you don't have a mum" he said

"umm Yes I do but she and my dad got divorced when I was a little baby and I had to stay with my mum and she abuses me because she is drunk all the time as well as her boyfriend she got after a few weeks after leaving my dad" I mumbled to him

"My parents did the same thing when I was about 3years old but I went with my dad and he still loves my mum well he don't say it but you can just tell because he has never got a new girlfriend since my mom" Then the table cloth was lifted by Harry and Zayn Laughing.

"having a hart to hart talk under the display table in Victoria street with Nicky" Harry laughed with Zayn.

"yep" Louis said as I rolled my eyes.

"where is Niall and Liam" I asked Zayn

Zayn laughed "they was to embarrassed to come in to the store"

"at least two of you five crazy people have some dignity" you said under your breath. Harry cupped his ear in his hands.

"care to repeat that my love" he said laughing.

"Nope Harry" I muttered. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me up and we all walked out the shop to see Niall and Liam sat on the bench out side the shop. Niall seen you leave the shop and ran up to you and threw me over his shoulder again.

"let me down Niall please" I screeched

"nope" he said as I could hear the laughter in his voice.

"dame you child" I said as I felt him to start bouncing laughing even harder with the lads.

"shut it or I will take your privileges of you all" I said to the boys

"Nooo you can not do that" all five boys wined at me.

"yes I can I am your babysitter" I laughed, Niall placed me in the floor as I gave him a look he just smiled back at me.

"Nicky please will you try some cloths on" Louis wined at me.

"are we really going to have to go through this all again" I looked at Louis

"yes we will" Liam replied getting up from the bench.

"how about you try on two different outfits and that is it" Niall said happily.

"fine if I must to shut you all up" I huffed at Niall. Walking back to Jack Wills dressing room. I quickly got dressed out of my clothes in to a stripy blue and white dress that came to just below my knees and it was strapless.

"ok I am done" I shouted to the boys. Zayn's head popped over the top of the dressing room door

"Vas Happening Nicky" he replied he started to go back words and forwards swaying around like a jack in the box.

"Lou watch what you are doing" Zayn shouted at him. obviously Zayn was on Lou's shoulders so he could look over to see if I was lying again. But of course Lou was not doing a very good job. I giggled a little more before Zayn wobbled a bit more and fell of Lou's shoulders. I took this opportunity to walk out of the changing room.

"does it look bad" I asked the boys as they all turned around to see me dressed in the stripy blue dress that had no straps on. Niall laughed.

"you look like Lou" he sniggered.

"I wonder why" teasingly. then Liam shook his head

"not just in your clothes but in your face" he replied. I turned around to look at Lou in a confused way.

"you still look like my mum to me" he replied.

"Ok" I replied walking back in to the dressing room. This was my last outfit that I had to try on so I got changed in to it really quickly. It was just some jeans and  T-Shirts with a pander on it and a pair of nice red converse to go with them.

As I walked out the changing room all the boys looked up from there phones and Niall shouted "ahh that's the outfit I picked out do you like it" I smiled "yea it nice Niall" I replied.

"you look beautiful" Harry said. I could feel my cheeks turning pink.

"thanks" I whispered. The others smiled as I walked back in to the changing room to put on my regular clothes.

"there we are all done now" I said as I was walking out of the changing room.

"yes" Zayn replied and Liam nodded Niall picked up five large bag's. I asked what was in the bags and Niall bit his lip and looked at Zayn

"NANDOS" Niall said I looked at Niall and smiled at him.

"is that your answer to everything Niall" The others laughed at him. He looked up and smiled. You took the bags of Niall and looked in them I asked Liam who the clothes where for.

"You" he said you looked at Zayn

"you promised me you wouldn't" Zayn smiled

"well I did promise but the thing is I did not buy any of them it was all Niall" I glared at Niall with an angry face and sighed.

"sorry Nicky" he replied I just smiled .

"I can not stay angry at you for ever can I now we have the full summer together" Niall looked up and smiled at me.

"well in that case it is lunch time and we should all head" as I was rudely interpret by Niall

"NANDOS" he shouted again.

"well I was going to say home but Nandos it is then" I said smiling at Niall.





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