Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


5. Chapter five *urhh whoops"

Urhh whoops



After you all had had a wonderful meal at Nandos which consisted of Niall stuffing his face for the full 45minuets while you was there. I picked up the bags with all the clothes in them.

"A woman as beautiful as you could not possible carry these bags" he grinned and took them all of me. I smiled at Niall and he winked at me like the little charmer he was. The car journey was long and it consisted of the boys all chatting and Liam handing me a phone. I looked down at it.

"I could not possible accept this Liam" as he handed me a brand new Iphone5.

"well you will have to because you need a phone as part of our security" he replied "it is part of your job". After a few minuets of arguing with Liam I finally gave in and accepted the phone from him. The driver finally came to a stop out side a different massive house. it was not as big as Simons house however is was in its own way. It was a nice shade of orange and three stories high. I could tell that there was a trampoline and a swimming pool in the back garden.

Great just what Louis needs...

All fore of the boys tried to pile out of the car except Niall who just sat and waited till they had got out.

"stop pushing and shoving or one of you will get hurt" I shouted at them as they stopped for a moment I climbed over them.

"take it in turns" they all started to push and shove again you shouted "Three..." Liam sat back down in his seat "two... One....." you walked up to the hummer and grabbed Harrys and Zayn's collars on there shirts and pushed them back and made them all sit back down in the car.

"if you can not do it nicely then I will have to treat you like baby's right Niall can get out because he was being sensible" Niall climbed out the car and the boys groaned at him as he stood next to you. "right now Liam" then Liam climbed out the car and stood next to Niall.

"Zayn, then Harry" you pause for a moment

"Hey" Louis shouted as I smirked.

"yes Louis Hay is for a horse" as he climbed out and slammed the door shoot behind him.

"Haha very funny Nicky" he moaned

"ok someone lead the way" you replied Louis grabbed your wrist and dragged you up the steps at the front of the house pulling you in to the house.

wow I breathed it was serenely not as fancy as Simons house but it felt more homely that Simons house, and it was defiantly messy with clothes all over the floor following with carrots and books and posters you name it and it was on the floor.

"like it" Louis grinned at me, "just wait until you see your room" yet again Lou dragged me up yet another flight of stairs, then another flight and then stopped out side a room with a blue door. He opened the door to your room and your jaw dropped it was the biggest bedroom that I had ever seen in your life.

I take of my shoes and walk in to my bedroom for the summer and looked around to see a king sized canopy bed with a white desk in the corner with a apple mac on it and then a massive walk in closet and a massive on suit bathroom.

"wow" all the boys gasped I turned round to look at them

"Have you never seen this room before" I asked surprised.

"no Simon had someone come in and design it especially for you and we was not allowed in because he said we will mess it up" Harry explained

Liam walked in and placed the four large bags of clothes on to your bed and said "hear are your clothes" he grinned at me as I groaned at them.

"what the heak did you buy me Niall"

"umm everything we liked that was in your size" Zayn yelled and ran off

"Well Niall how much did it cost you for all this then" I asked

"um well" he said as Louis said "we are not going to tell you" grabbing the recite and eating it "haha you will never find out now" he laughed and I raised my eye brow at him.

"then if you don't tell me how much this all cost how am I meant to pay you back Niall" he laughed

"Nicky I don't want you to pay me back" he replied

"This is a befit of you starting your new job" Liam said.

"whatever you say oh and what are my hours' and when do I get time off" I asked Liam

"why tired of us already" Niall smirked

"yea and I have Olly---- and things I need to take care of" I replied. Zayn popped hi head round the corner.

"who is Olly Nicky" he asked quietly.

"YEAH WHO IS THIS OLYL GUY" Louis shouted. I took a deep breath and started crying.

"please can you all just leave" I said wiping tears away from my eyes. I heard the footsteps and the door shut. This meant that the boys had left the room. I opened my eyes and collapsed on to my bed.

"I can not do this no more".

"do what no more" a voice from the corner of the room asked me. I jumped up of the bed to see that it was Liam sitting on the desk chair in the corner of my room.

"nothing Liam" I mutterd "what are you doing in hear" He stood up out of the chair and embraced me for a hug hold his arms out for me, as I walked up to him and hugged him as he hugged me tightly not letting go.

"well I wanted to make sure that everything was ok with you. even thought you are new to us we still care about you Nicky, we just want you to be our friends. I just...." He paused as he was scratching his head. "well if you don't want to you don't have to tell us about this Olly guy, but I need you to know that me and the lads are hear for you if you need anyone to talk to". I looked up at him and smiled and he hugged me harder.

"thanks Liam its just that I have had a really rough past that I don't really like to talk about it" He hugged me a little tighter and I winced in pain as I had forgotten about the kick I had gotten form my moms boyfriend that morning.

Liam must have noticed that I was in pain because he stopped hugging me and lifted up my grey  T-Shirt to see a big purple swollen bruise on my ribs.

"what is this from" Liam asked frowning at me.

"I umm"  I had to think for a second "umm fell down the stares this morning because I was in a rush to get hear" I lied to Liam. He raised his eye brows and lightly poked the bruise. I yelled in pain.

"hmm broken" he mutter under his breath.

"don't you dare" I mumbled to him

"Lad's" the four boys burst in the room

"yes Liam" go get the car

 "Vas Happening" Zayn yelled

"we are taking Nicky to the hospital" Liam replied My eyes widened as he said hospital.

"No No No No Hospitals please" I said struggling to breath.

"breath Nicky breath" Liam instructed.

"No hospital's" I streaked. Harry looked at me strangely.

"why what is wrong with hospitals" he asked "your the baby sitter". I continued to breath in and out heavily Liam lay me down on the bed. "They will find out if you take me there".

"why is she breathing so hard" Zayn whispered to Niall. Niall shrugged his shoulder and sat down next to me on the bed.

"are you ok Nicky" Harry asked me

"please will you go get a glass of water" Harry ran out the room to go and get me a drink of water. I closed. Then Niall ran back in the room with a glass of water and a straw so I dint have to sit up and drink it. I opened my eyes to see a concerned Liam looking over me. Harry handed me the drink.

"sorry that was a moment of panic I don't have grate experience's with hospital's".

"why" Niall asked.

"I just don't like them that's all" I said sternly. As I took a large sip of the water. "Harry this is not water what is it?"

"its vodka" Harry replied

"you idiot I have a really bad alcohol allergy and if I have any kind of alcohol it could kill me"  Liam looked panicked

"what am I suppose to do" Liam panicked. I gritted my teethe knowing that any time soon it will start to kick in to my system. I rolled my eyes

"well you are going to have to take me to the hospital now" I replied. "They are going to have to pump the alcohol out of my system" Liam had a scared look on his face. "my heart started pounding inside of me

"Liam it started" you say struggling to breath again.

"Guys, Guys" Liam shouted to them as I closed my eyes and my head was banging. "we need to hurry up and get her to the hospital if not she will die....





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