Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


15. Chapter fithteen Arriveing at Doncster

Chapter fithteen

Arriveing at Doncster




SUPERMAN!!! I heard a voice shouting as i was oppening my eyes, i seen louis standing on his seat banging his cheats with the palm of his hand. I just sighed and rolled my eyes at his childness.

"Superman please sit down and buckel up your seat bealt we are about to land" a voice anounced over the intercome. I laughted as he jumped down and buckled his seat belt and looked at me and signeled me with a thumbs up i just rolled my eyes again.

The plane started to land and i gripped hold of the armrests of my seat and closed my eyes tightly. i felt a hand over mine so i opened my eyes slowley to see Louis hand over mine and looking down on me smileing. As the plane started to slown down i felt my body jerk forward. Then the plane pulled up at a privrate gate and stopped compleatly. Louis took his seat belt of as soon as the seatbelt sign went off and went to grab our bags out of the carry on area.

I stood up and instantly felt dizzy. I grabbed on to Louis shoulder for support shkily whitch was not a good idear as we both fell in to all the lougage. I looked up at louis.

"sorry bro" i mutterd and he started laugthing i looked at him

"whats so funny?" i said

" i dont know" he replied when he stopped laughing to breath. I just rolled my eyes.

"what ever superman"

"are you excited Nicky" he said as he was picking up our lugage.

"nope more Nervous Lou" i atmitted quietly to him, he smiled at me .

"You will be fine Nicky out family will love you" i looked at him and smiled

"dont worry Nicky" i said mocking him Louis looked at me and smiled.

"It time to get of the plane MR and MRS Tomlionson" said an old lady flight asistant politly as she popped her head around the coner of the door to the cabin.

Louis and i both looked at each other and burst out laghing she looked at us like we was the strangest people she had ever meet in her life.

she stared at us for a moment "whats so funny" she asked politly me and Lou looked at each other for a few seconds.

"emm we are not married" louis said while he was laughing at the strtled woman "are we Nicky"

"Nope Lou" i said still laughing.

"welll anyway you two it is time you left the plane" she said. Louis ran of the plane forgeting the lougage. i picked up all the lougage and said a quick thanks to the flight assistant and quickly exited the plane. I was nearly blined by the sunlight as i exited the plane the looked to find lou locked lips with a brunett that must have been Eleanor. His girlfriend i thought.

Next to them was 4 younger girls they mist have been his sisters... our younger sisters, our father and step mother. The four of them was spitting images of our step mom and a tad of lou as well. Lou and i must have take after out mother i shiverd thinkg about her. I made my way over to the small crowed that Louis family had made... our family had made. Thats when it hit me this is my family... our family. At the fought of this tears came to my eyes i quickly wiped them away and rushed over to them with all of our lugage in my hands, whitch i dropped as my dad held his hand out to welcome me for a hug. I quicly let my self in to his warm arms whitch wrapped around me and felt the tears dropping down from his eyes and on to the top of my head.

"ohh Nicky" he sobbed down my ear "i am very sorry i let you go" he said as he pulled away from the hug and kissed me on the cheak.

"its ok now dad i am hear" i replied to him crying. he pulled me in for one more hug and it lasted for what seemed forever untill i pulled away.

"enought of that" i said " i want to meet my family"

"introductions Nicky this is Felicity, Fizz, Emily and Emma and your step mother Lucie.

My sister all puled me in for a hug and it was a tight hug they was all smiling and laughing this must have been the best day of my life



so far






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