Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


8. Chapter eight *One Direction P.O.V*

One Directions P.O.V



Niall's P.O.V

Louis was let out of the hospital the very next day but he did not got to far because he stayed with Nicky. This afternoon they tried to pull Nicky out of her coma but they failed to do that. So this is my second night at saying in this hospital. We are all worried about Nicky because what of she never comes out of this coma what will Lou do he has only just found out that it is his long lost sister.

Lou and I are going to be staying hear tonight with Nicky in the hospital because Lou said that he did not want to leave her so he was certainly was going to be staying that night. After all she is his sister. I insisted on staying with him and Nicky tonight. He finally gave in to me and the lads left at around 11:30pm to go back to the flat.

Lou and I decided that we was going to spread the sheets out across the floor that the nurse had provided us with so that we could sleep in the same room as Nicky.

"Niall" he said after a couple of minuets after we had lay down on the floor.

"yea Lou" I replied

"do you like my sister Nicky?" I froze when he had asked me "well that makes two of you so far then" My eye brows rise

"so far" I asked "the others have girlfriends besides me and Harry"

"who knows" he mutterd under his breath. I let out a big sigh. "eventually I may let you date her Nialler but the thing is that when she wakes up well if she wakes up she will be so overwhelmed. she is my sister for god sake's, however she dose not even know! so you will have to be willing to prove your self" He sighed "sorry Nialler".

"its ok Lou" I replied quietly. "but would you really let Harry date her?" He hesitated.

"well" he said "Harry is on of my best friends and you now how much of a big flirt he is..." Lou paused for  a moment "he would have to do a whole lot to earn it... probably more than you because you know what Harry is like he gets with a girl sleep with her bang her in bed and then he will just dump her it's just Harry".

"Lou you would now that I would never do that to Nicky and I think you should now this I have actually never slept with a girl, well I have but it was in a friendly way we never did nothing" Lou turned and looked at me surprised.

"really" he asked "I thought that you did it with that girl that you really-"

"nope" I said cutting him off.

"but when we played truth or dare that" time I cut him off again.

"I lied" Lou's mouth dropped

"Niall you don't lie in truth or dare" he replied and I shrugged my shoulders

"don't care, because I knew how you guys would have reacted if I told you that I do not believe in s** before marriage Lou" I said as Lou raised his eye brow.

"are you serious Niall" he replied I just shrugged my shoulders again.

"but Lou you have to promise me one thing" he looked me in the eye "you can not say anything to the boys about this, I am not like Harry sure yea I have kissed girls in my past but it not like it was a French kiss or anything it was just a little peck" I said and Lou nodded his head.

"Niall that actually makes me feel kind of better" he said. I just smiled in the darkness of the room.

"good night Lou"

"Night Nialler"


Louis P.O.V

I was really shocked when Nialler told me that he was still a virgin. I know that he is the only one of use all that is still one. But that dose really make me feel so much better because know I now that I can really trust Niall and I know that he will not jump on her. Harry will do though.

I sighed and rolled over to look at Niall who was already asleep I smiled at him. Maybe I will let him date Nicky. Eventually. We will have to break the news to her first because she does not even now that she has a bloody brother.

I mean like how can we even be related she is like so serious all the time and I am like all chilled out and like to have a bit of a laugh. Well I haven't spent much time with her only one day and most of that has been in the hospital. So it is not really much time.

At least she had an amazing sense of humour. she must have gotten that from my mom I mean both of our dad. speaking of dad I phoned him this morning and apparently Niall had already called him after I had Passes out.

He new he had another daughter. But apparently he had lost contact with her years ago because mum had stopped calling and changed her number and moved house so we could not get hold of them no more.

well I am just glad that we have gotten back in touch know. so I now have her back in my life.

And I promise my self this now I will never ever let her go again because I don't want to lose her.


Zayn's P.O.V

We was all so frustrated. Especially Lou. His long lost sister was in hospital.

Nialler and Hazza was both stressed out because they both liked Nicky.

Liam is stressed out because he left his phone at home while we was at the hospital for the full 48houres. Know Danielle his girlfriend thinks that he is ignoring her and is know cheating on her with Nicky because of the pictures that the media had got of them both.

I was stressed out because everyone else was stressed out and felt like the third person because everyone was telling me why they was so stressed out. Oh and also because Nicky is in the hospital heak yea well stressed about that. I was probably the most stressed out of everyone.

I walked up the stairs and knocked on to Liam's door.

"go away please" he mumble to me through the door. I swung the door open and seen Liam sitting on the bed wiping the tears away from his eye's.

"Oh its you"

"are you crying Liam" I asked him as I walked in to his room and sat on the edge of his bed to go and comfort him as tears was running down his face.

"No I am just sweating out of my f***ing eye's he said in a sarcastic way as he was wiping his tears away and I chuckled at him.

"care to tell me what is going on Liam" I asked him in a supportive way.

"D..Dan Danielle dumped me" he cried before he started to sob again "oh look at me sounding like a girl" he moaned. I gave him a hug.

"Liam I am so sorry bro why she do that"

"The f***ing media that's what taking pictures of me and Nicky in the hospital oh and also the ones of use when we was all in the mall together" I pursed my lips together.

"Oh I am so sorry mate why don't you just explain to her what happened and that she is out babysitter that Simon had chosen for us" I replied.

"well Liam mate just try and sleep it off for know" I said "Night mate"

"Night Zayn"


Harry's P.O.V

Early the next morning me Zayn and Liam all drove to the hospital it was obvious that Nicky had not came out of her coma yet because if she had Lou or Nialler would have called us to let us know.

The drive to the hospital was quiet because Liam was driving Zayn was sleeping and I had nothing to say  for once. When we arrived I shook Zayn awake and told his that we was hear, but he would not wake up. so Liam picked him up bridal style and carried him in to the hospital and placed him on the sheets that were all over the floor where Lou and Niall had been sleeping.

she was still just lay there not moving it was only the movement of her cheats raising and falling as she was breathing. Still.

Both Lou and Nialler look tired it did not look like that had got much sleep last night. Liam told them both to go back to the flat to get a shower and to get changed in to clean clothes. Lou put up a bit of an argument because he waned to be there if she woke up however he gave in and they both went back to the flat. Then Zayn noticed that they had not had any breakfast in the morning so Liam and Zayn left me with Nicky alone to go and get some food from the food court. I sat on the edge of Nicky's bead and stroked her hair.

"you are so pretty Nicky" I wisperd. "we are all missing you especially your big brother Lou" I sighed and planted a kiss on Nicky's forehead. I lightly lifted her hand of the bed and held her hand. "I wish you was awake now Nicky" I said.

That's when her hand twitched several times in my hand. My eyes widened as I was shocked. is she wakening up I was thinking to my self. Then her feet started to wiggle at the end of her bed. I gasped as her eyes started opening. she looked at me.

"Hello Harry" she said.


might be a while till I do next chapter as I am busy revising with my GCSE'S coming up so I will try get on as much as possible.

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