Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


16. chapter 16 old but new friend

chapter 16 old but new friend


Hayley's P.O.V

I got to my new home in doncaster with my mum and step dad and I was sorting out my new bedroom but there is some how two beds instead of one so I was wondering who the other one is for and then my mum comes into my room.

"hayley can you do me a favour?" she said

"sure anything" 

" can you stay here while I get your brother and if you stay in the house i'll show you your little surprise when we get back"

"okie mum I will stay"

" thats a good girl and I promise that I wont take too long"

Then I heard the door close quitely behind me, I really felt bad on Nicky leaving her to babysit on her own the only reason why I could not help was because I was going to move to doncaster. After about an hour i heard the car pull up on to the drive so i looked out the window to see my step brother step out the car. I ran to the door an paused when i saw Nicky.


Nicky's P.O.V

we all got in the car after our big hug from the rest of mine and louis family. When we got to the house we pulled up and i seen a familiar face in the window. As we all stepped out of the car and headed in i saw hayley standing in the door way looking shocked.

"hey hayley" i said walking towards her

"heya batman" hayley said then Louis came towards us

"why did you call Nicky batman?" Louis said with confusion

"we had little nicknames we only call each other" I said 

"mine is superman while Nicky is batman" hayley said with joy

" I knew we had something in common hayley" Louis said 


by this time it was late and everyone was tired so Louis took Nicky's luggage to her room and Nicky Hayley and Lou went to bed for a early start the next day to pick the rest of the boys from the airport.

____________________________authors note:

sorry it took so long couldn't think what to put down and had help from my best friend go see her stories minimexxx 


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