My Father's Diary

Tony as a great dad to me . But he didn't told me much about his life . But after his death in an accident I got a letter in which he told about his diary depicting his whole life.


3. Tony's Second Diary

I was not like my father . I am good in studies , but on the other hand I am brave enough to solve my own problems without anyone's help . Anyway , I picked up his second book and started reading it ," As the person reading this book knows that this is the second book . Now I have grown up and I am having a lot of friends . I didn't write my diary for a while because I didn't got much time to write it as I was busy in my studies . My parents forced me to write diary as they thought that when I will grow up I will be very happy to read about my childhood . 

I always laughed thinking about my parent's saying because I didn't want to remember about my childhood . But sometimes I was happy to think about it as there were some rumors like ,"Tony is always in the first position in his section in his studies , he is the best boy in all of the sections." but the thing that troubled me the most was that I was not good in sports . I am in 8th grade now . I am having enough power to fight with other people but didn't in those matters . I felt like a super hero , hiding my real identity and just doing my work ."

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