My Father's Diary

Tony as a great dad to me . But he didn't told me much about his life . But after his death in an accident I got a letter in which he told about his diary depicting his whole life.


1. Tony's One Of The First Diaries

Tony,a business man from Centre , U.S.A ,was almost 30 years old . He had a happy life and was not married . He had the business of making 'Gadgets' and moreover he was a great dad to me . Yeah ,I found a couple of diaries from  an old bookshelf that I found in our store. I picked up the first book and started reading it .

I read ,"This is my first book that is going to tell about my life . I am Tony from U.S.A.  My all classmates thought that I was an intelligent freak . I always sat at the corner of class , no one wanted to sit with me . The children always made fun of me . They always called me a I.B . I asked them that what was the fullform of I.B , they replied that it was 'Idiot Boy' . That abbreviation annoyed me a lot . One day I walked up to them with a lot of courage and ordered them not to call me with an annoying name . But they pushed me . At that instant i knew that they were going to fight with me . I again told them not to call me with that name . 


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