My Father's Diary

Tony as a great dad to me . But he didn't told me much about his life . But after his death in an accident I got a letter in which he told about his diary depicting his whole life.


2. Continue

They started beating me up . Then somehow I also punched a boy so hard in the stomach . He was fine . From the next day no one ever called me I.B again . I was no longer a freak . Everyone wanted to become a friend of mine as they wanted to be saved from those bad boys or I think that they really wanted to be my friend . I was really hard to predict , I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that what would happen  if they were taking advantage of me . My dreams were like , my friends would send me to the bad kids to take their revenge and I would get beaten up by the bad kids . When I turned back my friends started disappearing . I start running towards them but they are lost and I am surrounded by dark light .

These type of dreams spoiled a couple of nights of mine . At last I was happy as I forgot these dreams and the best of it was when I was trying to remember these dreams but I couldn't . But my happiness didn't last long as I remembered my dream when it came true . One of my friends told me to take his revenge from the bad kids . I went to those kids , scared  and praying to gad to save me , I told them not to disturb my friend again . I was amazed to see that they were still scared of me . But I think that now they are not scared from me anymore . " and the book ended. I was so excited to read his more books . 

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