The one and only Styles

Two best friends, both 19, nothing has ever come between them. But 1 kiss is all it takes to change everything completely.


4. Party

when i pulled up outside Lou's i could already hear the music. I walked up to the door and knocked quite loudly so they could hear and a excited Louis opened the door. He had obviously started drinking already as he had a bottle in his hand and alcohol on his breath. He let me inside and passed me a bottle "about time" i said and he just laughed.

After 3 or 4 bottles later all that was left was a load of vodka and tequila not that i minded at all! I have to admit everyone was pretty pissed, me not so much but i did feel quite bad because i was getting Lilly quite drunk. I didn't intend to it just happened. We were having a playful conversation and with that conversation  came a lot of drinks and before i knew it she was quite drunk. Not as much as to pass out or to vomit everywhere but enough to slur her words and to lose her balance a bit.

*Lilly's p.o.v* 

he started moving closer to me and placed his lips by my ear his hot breath driving me crazy "lets get out of here" he whispered moving his lips closer to my neck. He gently kissed it driving my crazy! i didn't want him to know my weak spot not just yet. his lips started leaving kisses all over my neck before moving to my jaw, he kissed the corner of my mouth and then he pulled away. How could he do this to me he knew how turned on i was. He looked me in the eyes before pulling me closer.

*Harry's p.o.v*

everything was going fine until i saw them in the corner of my eye he was kissing her neck all over and jealousy spread through my body he then moved up to her jaw then the corner of her mouth, and then he pulled away. I saw how her eyes turned darker i saw how much she wanted him. He grabbed her round her waist before pulling her closer, closing the gap between them and then he did something i didn't expect him to do. He kissed her.

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