The one and only Styles

Two best friends, both 19, nothing has ever come between them. But 1 kiss is all it takes to change everything completely.


1. Meeting

*no ones p.o.v*

"Harry?!" was the first words she said when she saw his curly hair and dimpled face again for the first time in 3 years. "Lilly?!" They ran as fast as the could across the airport to each other and leaped into each others arms "3 years" said Lilly "a long time hugh" "too long!" she said.

That was the first conversation they had with each other in three years that consisted of the X-Factor and Harry's fame. They Skyped almost every night but that was nothing compared to seeing each other in person.

They both lived and grew up in Chesser in a small village, they went to school together and thats how they became so close friends. For summer and when school had ended they both worked in this little bakery, but when Harry was 16 he went on the X-Factor. Lilly went with him to his auditions but when he was accepted for boot camp they had to say good bye. Lilly was the first person harry called to tell her the bad news, both crying down the phone when he said that he didn't make it through to judges houses, but on the bright side he could come home and live a normal life, but then on the 22nd of July at 8:22 One Direction were formed. they couldn't be more happy! when Lilly heard the news she was over the moon but then it hit her that she won't be able to see her best friend for the entirety of the X-Factor, that knocked her right back down to ground again.

it was a night that Lilly would have spent with Harry, when she got a phone call from Anne saying that Harry was coming home, him and his band mates were coming to stay. Lilly was so happy and asked when she could come over, but instead of a date or a time there was nothing she wasn't aloud to see him as they had to get to know each other and practice some songs.

So as the X-Factor drew to an end and One Direction's fame picked up Lilly lost all hope of seeing her best friend again, so she packed her bags and moved to LA. She started a new life out there, made new friends, new hopes and new dreams. but now that the soul mate have reunited she was willing to forget them.

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