The one and only Styles

Two best friends, both 19, nothing has ever come between them. But 1 kiss is all it takes to change everything completely.


5. Its just me and you

*Zayn's p.o.v*

when i kissed her something in my stomach flipped. Her lips came apart during the kiss so i took my chance and licked her bottom lip she gave me entry  and we fought for dominance i ended up winning. I grabbed her thighs and lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around me i don't care who saw. I stumbled through the room full of people not breaking the kiss, I stumbled on the stairs making her burst out with laughter as I fought to stay balanced, god her laugh was so beautiful. I got my balance and crashed my lips to hers again hungrily it was filled with passion and lust.

We found our way into the spare room and i placed her down on the bed still without breaking the kiss. she ripped my jacket off before pressing her lips to mine again I ran my hands to her back where i unzipped her dress and i pulled it up over her head. I sat up and looked at her body at all her curves at her lace underwear. i stood up to take my top off but as i grabbed the bottom she got up too she walked over to me and put her hands under my tee-shirt she ran her fingers over my abs and i couldn't help but bite my lip she saw and smiled she ran her hands further up and she rubbed my shoulders she wrapped her arms under my arms and grabbed my shoulders from behind she held me close and kissed my chest through my tee-shirt.

*Lilly's p.o.v*

when i kissed him through his shirt i realised that this had to change i ran my hands back down his chest and his abs feeling them on the way i pulled his shirt off. I wrapped my arms around his waist even though i was a lot smaller than him i had the best place to hug him. I placed my ear where his heart is and listened to the rhythm of his heart beat. I ran my fingers up and down his back bone and i heard his heart skip a beat "i think i love you" i whispered hardly loud enough for him to hear, but his heart rate fastened i looked up to meet his shining eyes "i think i love you too"



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