The one and only Styles

Two best friends, both 19, nothing has ever come between them. But 1 kiss is all it takes to change everything completely.


2. Change


*Harry's p.o.v*

there she is the girl who i had to leave 3 years ago and i know it sound horrible but i don't regret it because if i hadn't gone then none of this would have ever happened for me or the boys its our dream. but my dream is also to be with Lilly not only as friends, more than that. All this time i've been away we've somehow become closer. Probably because we missed each other immensely, but we've talked every night one the phone and Skype, we've also texted whenever we could or had time. but she looks different! Her hair is still long and blonde but its a different style, i know her so well that i can tell that her fringe has changed sides. she always had natural highlights that went all through her hair and her turquoise eyes smiled at me when she first saw me they have that glint in them that i've only ever seen when she looked at me. Does that mean something? she had a more curvy and grown up body since last time i saw her. She obviously takes pride in her appearance because she looks beautiful even though she was wearing makeup and personally i find her even more beautiful when shes not, but wow she's stunning! she never quite knew how beautiful she is! she was always into music, she is very talented when it comes to instruments but she manly plays the piano, drums and her all time favourite the guitar, she is truly gifted when it comes to it! i've never heard her sing though. She would never sing in front of me. when she ran closer my stomach flipped and butterflies began. She was wearing the beanie i gave her when i left! she always loved that one she would always steal it of me when i was wearing it, it did look great on her though! As she crashed into my arms i wrapped them round her she was a lot smaller than me so she fit perfectly in my arms. "3 years" she muffled into my chest "a long time hugh" "too long"

*Lilly p.o.v*

There he is. He looks so happy, although the years dragged by at the slowest pace right now i don't care he's here now and thats all that matters! his looks might have changed but i know he hasn't.  

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