Friends Forever?

Madison just got back home from New York to find her best friend Justin may be catching feelings for her.


5. new york sex

Justin opened the door to our ‘just bought’ apartment in New York. We had been together for 6 months in counting, and decided we would move to New York. Justin grabbed my hand and we ran into the rather large, yet empty, apartment. “This is perfect!” he said. “I know.” I replied giving him a peck on the lips. We looked at the two bedrooms and choose who got which. Then we went to the furniture store, because Justin’s mom gave him $50,000 to start off with. We got two beds, a nice leather couch, and some other necessary accessories. We got all the furniture sent over and put up and it looked pretty good. “It looks great!” I said to Justin smiling. “It does.” Justin agreed. “Well, Im going to take a shower. Then we can do something else.” I said starting to walk to the bathroom. “Okay, I’ll organize my room some.” Justin replied. He went to his room while I took off my clothes and got in a loud bang in the bathroom. I opened up the shower door completely naked. Justin was standing there staring at my boobs with his mouth wide open. He had a hammer in his hand and the drawer under the sink was open, “Justin? What are you doing?” I asked grabbing a towel from beside me. “Um, Uh, I… umm... I was just getting the... uh hammer.” Justin said slowly snapping out of his trance. “Haha, okay I see you found it.” I said smiling at him. “Yeah, um… yes, yes I did… sorry” Justin said walking out of the bathroom. “Oh wait Justin, you forgot something.” I said. He walked back, peeking his head into the bathroom. I walked over to him and bit my lip. He passionately put his lips against mine. We continued kissing to his bed, where he took his t-shirt, shorts, and underwear off, and had a VERY enjoyable night ;).
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