Friends Forever?

Madison just got back home from New York to find her best friend Justin may be catching feelings for her.


1. Im home!

“Hello passengers! We have just landed in Los Angeles it is currently 98 degrees outside and 12:46 PM.” The pilot voice said on the intercom.

We were finally here. I couldn’t wait to see my best friend Justin who was picking me up. I got out of my seat grabbed my bag then got off the plane. I walked out past the security check and to the baggage claim area where Justin was standing holding a sign that said.

                                                Welcome home Madison!

He looked perfect. He was wearing a gray and pink shirt, jeans, and black high tops. He was smiling with his amazingly white teeth.  And his brown hair swooshed across his forehead flawlessly under his gray beanie.

I ran up to Justin and hugged him.

“I missed you so much!” I yelled not caring about anyone else.

“I missed you to! How was New York?” he asked.

“Amazing!” I responded.

“Well let’s get your bags and then go home and you can tell me all about it when I take you out to dinner.” He said.

We grabbed my bags and started walking to the car.

“Guess what I did while you were gone?” he asked.

“Ran into a glass door!” I guessed laughing.

“No! I made a YouTube channel to post videos of me singing!” he said.

“That’s amazing Justin! Now the whole world can see how amazing you are!” I told him.

“Haha thanks!” he replied.

We got to the car and put all my bags in. Then we drove to then my apartment. Justin helped me bring my bags to my apartment then said “Now get ready for a fancy diner and I will come get you at 7.”.

“Okay!” I smiled.

 Then Justin went to his apartment (a floor below mine) and I went to my room to start getting ready.

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