Friends Forever?

Madison just got back home from New York to find her best friend Justin may be catching feelings for her.


3. I need you tell you something..

“Um uh nothing’s wrong im just uh excited” Justin said still moving around.

I knew Justin to well to know something was up, but I wasn’t going to make him tell me so I acted like I believed him.

“Let’s go in” Justin said trying to hide that he was nervous.

“Okay!” I replied smiling.

He smiled back. Then we walked through the big door to the lady who was in charge of reservations.

“Um hi it’s Bieber.” Justin said to the lady.

“Justin?” she asked.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Right this way!” she said.

We followed her to a round table with a perfect white table cloth and a candle in the middle.  Justin pulled out my chair and then sat down in his own. Then a waiter came up to our table.

“Hello! My name is Sarah. Can I start you guys out with water?” she asked.

“Yes please” Justin and I said at the same time.

We laughed then Justin started talking.

“So Madison what did you do in new York.” He asked.

“Well I went to Times Square and the empire state building and did a LOT of shopping.” I said with a laugh.

“That sounds amazing! You should have taken me with.” Justin said.

“Why didn’t I? You would have loved it so much!” I replied.

“Because I have work. Remember?” he smiled.

“Oh yeah, day care. I forgot.” I said.

Then the waiter came back with two waters and menus. She told us to take our time and left. When she left I looked over at Justin. He was staring at me with his warm brown eyes. I smiled and then took a sip of my water.

“Madison I need to talk to you about something.” He said with a mix of fear and excitement in his voice.






Hey guys!,

Thanks for reading my story so far I hope you like it. I know you probably hate these but comment what you want to happen. Should he tell her about his love for her? Should he keep hiding it?

Thanks! Love you guys!! Xoxo stay swaggy!!

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