My best friends, girlfriend

Amber went out with Zayn Malik, in high school. He was a thief though, along with his two other mates, Louis and Harry they stole from every house in the neighbourhood. One night, Amber, gets stuck in a house and gets arrested while Zayn just left. Two years on. Ambers new room mate introduces her to, her boyfriend, and from that moment on Amber, knows life's about to get very complicated.....


2. Free


I looked up at the large; building in front of me feeling slightly scared, shit first day of college is pretty scary. As I walked forward, I started to get worried, about what people would think about me, being arrested, for six months.

After my, oh so lovely ex-boyfriend abandoned me, I went to, a young offenders camp (which is basically a junior prison) and when I came out, I was so embarrassed I dropped out of school for a year. Now I'm back for college.

Before, I even reached the door a girl with, a tshirt with Bristol College marked on the front came up to me.

"Hiya", she trilled, in a stupid high pitched voice.

"Hi", I mumbled fiddling with my long brown hair.

"Welcome, to Bristol University, here's your room, key". She handed me a key, with room 301, marked on it. "Just, go through reception and up the stairs".

"Thanks", I muttered wanting to get away from her.

"Have a great year," she yelled.

I, walked into the reception, and followed the directions, that girl had given me. After climbing up, two flights of stairs, I arrived at, 301.

I took, a deep breath, before entering the room. A girl, with red hair, wearing, a stripy tshirt and a pair of skinny jeans, was pinning a poster to the wall.

She turned around, and gave me a grin, before rushing over and flinging her arms around me. This was socially, awkward, seeing as I had no idea, who the hell she was. She pulled, away and gave me, a toothy grin, closer up; I noticed she had hundreds of freckles. She looked about 10 not 17.

"I'm Aria", she giggled.

Somebody, must like pretty, little, liars I thought to myself, as she lead, me over to the empty bed.

"Um I'm Amber", I replied unzipping my suitcase and taking my things out.

"Cool name", she replied going back to pinning the poster on the wall.

I started, round the room which was full of, all sorts of tack. From a bright pink dressing table, in the corner, to a bunch of fluffy teddy’s sitting on her pillow, holding hearts which said true love.

Aria, had also covered the walls in posters. There was Justin bieber, JLS, the wanted, the hunger games and even a giant pretty, little liar’s poster, up above the window.

"Is it too much"? She asked worriedly obviously noticing the horrified look on my face.

"Um no", I lied bending over my case, so she couldn't see me turning bright red.

She shrugged, and went back to her poster.





Two, hours later, I was finally unpacked. I jumped onto my bed, and looked up at the celling knackered and still thinking about Zayn. I don't know why, I can't forget him, he wrecked my life, I should be happy to get away from him, but I feel like I almost miss him.

"So what do you think"? Aria asked stuffing one of her teddy’s, in my face.

"Um..." I started; I hate anything, that's girly or fluffy. I'm a tomboy who lives by her own rules and nobody can change me, not even Zayn.

"Hey, who's that"? She asked snatching, the picture, of me and my family.


She was sitting, on a deck chair, wearing a bright red bikini and a sunhat, her blond curly hair whipping round her face. I was yelling, at my brother, Dan as he'd buried me in the sand, while Dad was just laughing.

I miss, my family a lot, they died in a car crash one night while they were taking Dan, to his first football game. The only reason, I'm still alive, is that I wasn't in the car with them I was at home with a babysitter.

"It's my Mum, Dad and brother," I said feeling tearful.

"They look really happy", she grinned, flitting, with a few loss strands of her hair.

"Yeah... they were", I whispered.

She looked, at the sad look on my face and quickly put the picture back.

"So, want to go, down to the games room, downstairs, I could, ask my boyfriend to meet us there"?

"Sure", I shrugged, slipping off my old converse.

Aria seems really obsessed with this boyfriend, from the way, she was looking at the bears, she acted like Prince Harry had given them to her.

"I'll text him", she said grabbing her phone.

Zayn's p.o.v

"Where, should this go"? Niall asked holding up, an ancient pair of socks.

"Um, probably, in the rubbish", I laughed.

I've been, in this college for a year now, staying with Niall and yet I'm still not used to his hygiene problem. Niall's a great guy, but I would prefer to be in a room with Harry or Louis. Harry's with, some guy called Ashton, and Louis' with a guy called Liam.

I sat, down on my bed, sighing, I still think about Amber a lot. I wonder what she’s doing. I wish, I could tell her I was sorry, for leaving her. It's not like I'll ever see her again though, she'll be 17, now and just going to college.

My phone buzzed, it was from Aria.

Hey babe,

Were finally in the same building, yay I missed you lots. So wanna, meet in the game room, at about 6pm, we could go out for a meal, with my roommate. Love ya

"Who's that from,"? Niall asked sitting down next to me.

"Just my girlfriend, she's a year younger than me, so she's only just in college", I shrugged pressing reply.

"Wonder, if your girlfriends roommate’s hot", Niall smirked reading over my shoulder

"Well come along, and find out", I said.

Hey, Aria, yay we can finally be, together, mind if Niall my roommate comes to? See you at 6 Zayn xxxxxxx

Hey babe, yeah that's fine see ya soon Aria xx

I switched off my phone, and looked at the clock, 5 pm shit, I had to get ready

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