Opposite Attract ~Niall Horan Story~

She was depressed,

He lived the time of his life.

She was lonely,

He was surrounded be people.

She made her pain go away for a while,

His was never there.

She got found,

He found her.


2. Chapter Two.

Niall's P.O.V

I felt that the alcohol affected me, but I was definitely not drunk.

''Are you sure? I can give you a ride home?'', Malcolm offered once again with his girlfriend, Holly, glued to his body.

''Yeah, come on mate! You can't walk home alone now'', Adrian shook his head and started to kick his own shoe with the other one.

''Hey, I think I can handle that I know the way'', I told them for the last time.

''Fine, we'll catch you up later, Niall'', Adrian spoke.

''And Malcolm, don't drive, you're drunk'', I pointed at him before walking quickly away and I could hear their laughs behind me.

I looked at the display screen on my phone to see the time. 02.17 A.M. Earlier than usual, me and the lads were often out and partying later than that. But it was very peaceful to come home to my apartment late at night. But the thing I loved the most, was to walk the way home. I can just think of anything, or if I wanted, nothing.

The trees started to shake because of the cold newborn autumn wind. I pressed my jacket closer to my body and shivered myself. The moon shone beautiful over the lake next to me and the shadows from the trees frightened me a little when they moved. I looked back to see if anyone was behind me, but no. My heart started to race when I heard noises. Silly me, I thought to myself. Of course no one was behind me,and I have learned self defence since I was a little boy. I walked swiftly through the little forest seemed to be endless.

The way quickly made a turn and so did my direction, a large oak was seen at the end of the woods. I decided to take a break and sit down at the familiar tree.

When I ended up next to the oak I was going to settle down, but in that moment I saw something. Was is a person? No it can't be. An animal? No, it was to dark to see. I sat on my knees next to it.

''H-hello?'', I said quietly.

No answer.

''Hello?'', I said a little louder.

''Oh!'', was the only thing I heard. She sat up quickly, well, I think she was a she. She, I mean it, had a adorable light voice.

''I am sorry, I didn't mean to scare you'', I said confused.

''It-it's alright'', she stuttered. 

''What are you doing here? It's half past two in the morning and...'', I begun and settled down next to her.

''Damn...Damn...Damn!'', she swore and put her face in her hands.

''What's wrong?'', I tried to be friendly.

''I fell asleep, didn't I?'', she whispered and I heard that tears were about to form in her eyes.

''I don't know I...'', I felt bad for her, what was going on?

''My mom is going to kill me'', she said and sighed.

''Can't you just call her or something?'', I asked her and saw that she looked at me. Call her or something? I am so stupid, it's three in the morning why would her mom answer? But if she know she was out she would probably be pretty worried right now. And would be attacking her phone if she heard someone call in hope it was her little girl who never came home.

''My phone is uhm... home'', she coughed and I felt like putting a hand on her shoulder, but decided not to. Of course.

''Do...do you want to borrow mine?'', I asked her and I saw something sparkle in her eyes.

''S-sure'', she nodded and grabbed the phone I offered her.

10 seconds passed, maybe 30.

''Hello?'', the sleepy girl said.

''Yeah, yeah I know! I forgot to tell you I was staying at Christina's house, yes this is her phone''.



''Okay, it wont happen again, bye'', she hung up and gave me the phone.

''W-what did she say?'', I asked her. 

''Oh sorry, it's personal, I get it''. Stupid me.

''No, she just said that she was worried and stuff, my mom doesn't really care about me anymore'', she snored.

''Oh I am sorry for that, why did you lie to her?'', I asked the girl.

''I lied to her?'', she questionized me.

''You said that you were at your friend's house, why can't you just go home?'', I felt so stupid once again. This conversation didn't go well. I wasn't a kind of a ladies man, but I knew how to treat a woman right. But why would I ask such a personal question? She might think I am a creep.

''I don't want to go home, I...uhm...I do not get along with my mom so good, and I guess I just don't want to go home'', she spoke and I heard the sadness in her light voice.

''But...Where will you sleep?'', I asked her and bit my lip. Poor girl.

''Here'', she said and pointed at the ground.

''Are you crazy?! No chance that I am leaving you here'', I shook my head. It's dangerous.

''But I have no other place to stay, all my friends are probably asleep this late... and I like being here no one can find me'', she sighed and I heard her teeth shaking from the shiver and I felt like hugging her. I only knew her for five minuted but we connected well. 

''I found you'', I said and looked down at my shoes.

''Yes...'', she almost whispered and I could now hear how my latest sentence sounded like.

''You could... if you want to...stay at my place, until tomorrow, I mean you can stay until...'', I stuttered at the words and I saw her smile for the first time. Her smile got carved into my heart. Even though I couldn't see her perfectly because of the dark. I could see that she was beautiful, thanks to the moonlight that shone brightly above our heads.

''If it is okay, I don't wanna...'', she said polite.

''No, it's more than fine'', I smiled, not sure if she could see it but the smile came automatically.

''I would love too'', she smiled and we both stood up.

Her head nearly touched my shoulder and I got overwhelmed when our hands almost did the same. 

''Thank you so much'', she whispered.

''My pleasure, can I just ask you one thing?'', I said and looked at her sparkling eyes.

''Yes'', she whispered once again.

''What's your name?''.

''Frances, Frances Eddins'', she said with her beautiful voice.

That was a name, I would never, never, forget.

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