Opposite Attract ~Niall Horan Story~

She was depressed,

He lived the time of his life.

She was lonely,

He was surrounded be people.

She made her pain go away for a while,

His was never there.

She got found,

He found her.


6. Chapter Six.

I don't want to leave you! Please follow me", Niall spoke to me when we hugged.

"No, I promise I'll be here when you come back", I stroke his hands.

"Are you 100% sure?", he said and looked at me and smirked.

"Yeees! Now leave, before you are late", I giggled as I pushed him out of the door.

Niall shook his head and gave me a long kiss before disappearing to his practice.

I went to the sofa and settled down in it. Niall and I didn't talk about last night, he maybe knew I were embarrassed about what happened. But I couldn't help myself. Even though it was extremely selfish. He clearly didn't want to. But he also said he didn't want to hurt me? Why would he hurt me? My imagination ran wild and I shook my head and all my thoughts fell down again.

I picked up my phone from my pockets and dialled Christine's number.

A few signals were heard before she picked up.

"Hello", I heard a light familiar voice.

"Hi, Chris".

"How are you?".

"I am fine, thank you, how are you?".

"Great, Zayn just left!", Christine laughed.

"Do you want to catch up, I need to tell you something", I said and face palmed myself in embarrassment even though no one actually saw me.

"Sure... Hey, what's up? I'm getting worried...", she sounded concerned and I felt guilty.

"Oh no! Nothing like that I promise!", I laughed lightly.

"Okay good, where should we meet? At my place?", Christine offered.

"Yes, I'll be there in twenty".


"So what's the big news?", Christine sounded very excited.

"You know Niall? From Zayn's team?", I started of slow so she maybe could guess.

"Horan? Yes! He's a real lad, love him! Why?", she laughed and moved closer to me in the leather sofa in her living room.

"Well, we kinda kissed and I slept over... And we were on a date...", I bit my lip nervously.

"Oh my...! Shut up! Niall!? Are you serious!? Everyone wants him! He chose you, I can't even...you guys are a perfect couple!", Chris cheered and that really made me feel good.

"Thank you, Chris, I really like him", he blushed.

"What about you and I going to the games today?", she asked me and I nodded. Great idea!

"When shall we go? It already started right?", I locked at my watch.

"Let's go right now!", Chris took my hand and we walked to her little Volvo.

**Niall's P.O.V**

"Fantastic Horan!", trainer Jeff said and cheered at me when I kicked the ball in.

"10 minutes break, go drink, pee, whatever!", Jeff said and walked away from the grass.

"Hey, Niall!", I heard Liam behind me.

"Hey, what's happening?", I smiled at him and gave him a sweaty hug.

"You were amazing out there", Liam praised and chuckled.

"Thanks mate, I really appreciate it!", I said and spitted down on the fake grass.

Liam smiled and nodded at me.
Liam's girlfriend, Kaitlyn came running to her love.

"You were so good, baby", Kaitlyn kissed Liam's cheek and he put his arms around her.

"Hey Niall!", she smiled and gave me a hug. Her red hair were so bright my eyes hurted, with the same piercings as always. Never did I think Liam would date anyone like her. She was a little from the punk side and Liam...Well he wasn't. But Kaitlyn is a hoot, she often joins us to party. And wherever she is, she is having a blast.

"Hey, Kate", I responded her hug and smiled at her.

"Have any of you seen Chris?", she said and scratched her neck.

"Zayn's girl? Nope, not today", Liam shook his head.

"She'll probably be here soon, that lady sure never miss a game", I chuckled and saw Kaitlyn rolling her eyes before I started to lightly run over the grass.

"Ready? Come on guys we don't have a day! 3 hours left", Jeff said and clapped his hands at us when we ran around crazily.

I really wanted to get back to Frances as fast as possible. Why can't this just be over.

"Baby!", Zayn shouted.

"Zayn, it's serious", Jeff said with a dark voice.

"Give me 3", Zayn pointed at trainer Jeff and he nodded.

I turned my head to see who Zayn was "babying" about.

My heart started to beat fast. Christine and Frances.

I started to walk toward them and Frances suddenly caught my eyes.

"Hi", she said shyly.

"Princess", I smiled and stroke her collarbone.

"Woah, something you need to tell me, Francy Pantsy?", Zayn laughed at me and so did I.

"Guys come on! You can have mini valentines day later", Jeff started to get irritated.

"See you", Christine said and started to kiss Zayn passionately. Well they thought it was. To be honest it looked like they were eating each other's faces.

I mouthed a "later" to my princess and kissed her forehead when she blushed.


"Zayn give it back, it's not funny", Frances sighed when Zayn held her home keys over her head.

"Don't go hoooooome", he said with a sad face.

"Yeah, darling, we are going to Harry's! It's going to be a blast", I stroke her arm gently.

"If you are close to me", she said and closed her eyes after looking at me.

I knew she didn't like to "party" but this was just a drink at Harry's place.

Harry, one of my bestfriend, a real troublemaker and very charming. He better keep his hands of Frances...

"I promise, I'll be close to you", I opened my arms and she climbed in.

"So we are going?", Christine almost yelled in the driving seat.

"Yes", Frances sighed and I heard Zayn saying "yessss" as well.

"It's okay, baby, I'm here", I put my arms around her in the crowded backseat and she blushed but hugged me tight.

"Is it far away?", she broke the silence.

"No it's not that far, right Nialler?", Liam looked at me and I saw Frances surprised face.

"Nialler!?", she bursted out and her laugh filled the car.

"Yeah", I scratched my hair and smiled at her giggle.

"Is that what they call you? Nialler?", she giggled along with Liam who chuckled at her reaction.

"I guess, what's so funny?", I asked and pulled her closer to me.

"It's cute, very cute", she kissed my nose. I got surprised, I didn't think that Frances would be ready to show our relationship in public. But I am so glad she did.
Kaitlyn started to "aw'ing" and hugged Liam tight.

"Okay guys, we're here!", Christine spoke and went swiftly out of the car.

I took Frances' hand and we went out of the vehicle. I never wanted to let go.


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