Opposite Attract ~Niall Horan Story~

She was depressed,

He lived the time of his life.

She was lonely,

He was surrounded be people.

She made her pain go away for a while,

His was never there.

She got found,

He found her.


7. Chapter Seven.

I spotted Harry's silhouette in the blurry window next to the door. At least I thought it was Harry.

"Welcome guys! Ah Kate!", Harry threw his arms around Liam's girl who was in the front.

"I missed you damn much, Styles", she squeezed him.

When she let go, Harry looked at me with a question full face.

He's eyebrows went up in surprise.

"Frances", I reached my hand out for him to shake it.

"Harry, a pleasure", Harry said polite.

I felt a hand on my hip. It was Niall.
They looked at each other for moment and Harry backed off.

"Welcome guys, just feel like home", he spoke and continued to press his body onto the others.

Niall grabbed my hand and we went over the wooden tiles and into the livingroom with the others right behind us.

A leather sofa were placed right infront of us and Niall settled down and pressed me down in his knee.

"Come on guys, anything to drink?", Harry waved the others into the kitchen.

"Beer, thanks", my angel yelled after them.

"Frances?", Kaitlyn asked me with a bubbly voice.

"Water, please", I smiled at her and she looked at me like I were insane.

Everybody disappeared, and left me in Niall's arms.

"Stay away from him", Niall said and stroke my back.

"Who? Harry?", I laughed and tried to get away from his grip.

"I'm serious, Frances, stay away from him, he is a troublemaker", Niall grabbed my wrist.

He suddenly remembered my harm.

Niall opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but changed his mind.

I pressed my lips on his and he smiled.

I heard a dark voice coughing in the background.

"Sorry to interrupt", Harry smiled and put down the glass.

I smiled uncomfortable back.

Niall put his hand on my thigh and the others settled down around us.

"So, you're with Niall, huh?", Harry chuckled at me and the silence in the room got a little awkward.

I nodded.

"Yes, she's with me", Niall coughed.

"You must be very special, Frances, Niall waited for you, for a long time", Harry continued and started to sip on his drink.

"She is", my angel snapped back and I saw that Harry got a little offended.

"Uhm, guys, I have something to tell you all", Kaitlyn rescued the awkwardness biting her lip.
Everyone's attention went to her and Liam's smiling faces.

"Hm?", Christine said surprised in Zayn's arms.

"Liam asked", Kaitlyn showed up her ring.

"Holy shit!", Niall smiled bright and gave Liam a high five.

"Congratulations mates", Harry nodded.

Christine ran up to Kaitlyn and they both squealed when she showed her jewellery.

"Oh my god congrats!".

"I can't believe it!".


"Congrats guys", I smiled at them and Kaitlyn smiled back at me with her big green eyes.

"Christineeee", Kaitlyn giggled when she called my best friend's name.

"Yeees, Kate", Christine said excited.

"You would be perfect as a maid of honour, you know", she laughed and Christine screamed.

"Hey, I have neighbours", Harry raised his finger.

"Yes! Yes!", Christine yay'ed along with Kaitlyn.

Niall runned his hand down my back to comfort me, he maybe thought I were upset she didn't ask me. But I wasn't, Kate and I weren't that close. But she's still a friend of mine.

"And Franc, of course I won't forget you, do you want to be one of my bridesmaids also?", Kate grinned at me.

"It's an honour, yes, thank you so much", I said and hugged her.


"That's too sweet!".

"Can I be one too?", Zayn joked.

"Ha ha", Kate rolled her eyes.

"And of course guys, would you like to be my best men", Liam made a gesture with his arms.

"Of course, mate, we would love too", Niall nodded.

"Yeah man, congratulations once again".

"It's an honour".

"I were thinking maybe we could contact Louis in some way", Liam started and the others looked at him in shook. But me, I got surprised that everyone went from having a good time to drop their jaws.

"Man... Don't go there...", Niall started.

"Not a fucking chance man, never", Zayn almost shouted.

"Come on, Zayn, learn to forgive", Liam relaxed back in the sofa.

"How am I suppose to forgive anything like that", Zayn hissed at Liam.

"What?", I said confused.

"Well, I'm inviting him", Liam said almost a little too cocky.

"Let's go home", Niall whispered in my ear and I nodded at him a little frightened of the yelling.

"I'm taking you guys home", Harry offered.

Niall said yes and we started to get dressed.

"Where are you guys going", Christine asked us when we were on our way out of the building.

"I'm taking these to home...", Harry smirked and grabbed his car keys.

"Frances is tired", Niall lied.

"Oh, see you", Christine turned around.

Harry opened the door and all of us sneaked out.

"Fuck, I hate when they fight", Niall rubbed his eyes.

"What's the problem with this guy? Louis?", I said and our hands got intertwined.

"I'll explain when we get home".

Harry opened the door for us.
Niall went in first but right after he sat down Harry slammed the car door.

"Ladies in the front seat", he smiled.

**Niall's P.O.V**

"Ladies in the front seat", I heard Harry's voice outside the vehicle.

"Oh", was the only thing Frances said and I heard her heels touching the ground when she walked over to the front seat.

Harry was so cheeky and such ladies' man.
But to be honest, I didn't mind him hitting on my princess.
She's mine and she knows that.
And I'm her's.

But I couldn't help, getting a little worried leaving my princess with Harry in the front seat.

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