Opposite Attract ~Niall Horan Story~

She was depressed,

He lived the time of his life.

She was lonely,

He was surrounded be people.

She made her pain go away for a while,

His was never there.

She got found,

He found her.


1. Chapter One.

Frances P.O.V


I breathed out as I put the razor down and swiftly wiped the shower curtains to the side when I stepped out of the warm rain. My grey towel laid over the toilet seat and I rapidly swap place with it as I wrapped it around my sore body. The room felt blurry when I looked around me in the familiar bathroom and I couldn't tell if it was just water or my tears that made my sight so unseen. But to be honest I didn't even care.

''Frances!'', I heard the queen in this building call.

''Yes mom'', I mumbled loud enough for her to hear me.

''Did you fall asleep or something you've been in there for three hours!'', she sounded irritated.

''Sorry...''. I said and stood up with the towel tight to my naked body.

I opened the door and ran quickly over the cold tiles and into my room. Here was I calm. The purple walls seemed to be huge when I looked at myself in the glass reflector.

''Disgusting'', I whispered as quiet as I could to the mirror.

I dropped the towel and swallowed tears once again, I grabbed the underwear I was going to wear and slowly got dressed. The hoodie I always wore started to become timeworn and that was sad, because it's the only clothing I felt comfortable in. When I looked at my shorts on my thighs I changed my mind, it was too cold for that. I peeled them off and tried instead with some horribly tight jeans that made me hold my breath. Much better.

My door made a sound and the melody of footsteps filled my ears.


Elinore, the only person I lived for. My sister, my life.

''El'', I nodded and forced a smile and it was kind of easy when she stood infront of me.

''I'm going to see Jane, I just wanted to say goodbye'', Elinore spoke.

''Oh! Have fun sweetstuff'', I hugged her tight and bite my lip hard when she lightly touched my torn wrist.

''I will, bye Frances'', she smiled at me and left my lonely room.

I looked down and the floor and got shocked when I saw the red dripping liquid. My wrist was wet from the blood and I started to panic. What if she saw it? What if she saw that I hurt myself? I swiftly pushed the thought away from my mind and begun to wipe the liquid away with the toiletpaper i left in my room if something like this would happen. The paper became dark red and the floor turned back to its normal colour. I spotted my face in the mirror and felt disgusted again. I took the mascara right infront of me and started to apply it on my medium long lashes. I was not a girl who loved to wear much make-up but I felt comfortable with a little black on the lashes. And maybe something that covered my few zits. 

I got surprised when my phone started to beep. I took it in my hands and looked at the bright light display screen. ''Heyy''. It was Christine. My bestfriend. Infact my only friend. She was the only one who understood me. She knew about my selfharm and she promised she'll always be there for me, and I didn't doubt she wouldn't. Christine was a beautiful person inside out, she is one of a few people I loved. Well a few people was a overdo. Christine, Elinore and my dad was the people I loved. My mom and I had  been in a terrible relationship since I was twelve when I started to really understand things. I don't know actually what went wrong but we can't fix our broken hearts. We have tried many times but it's too much that we can't forget.

''Hiya girl :)'' I answered her and pushed the ''send'' button. I was so lucky to have her, but that's not enough for me to stop feeling like this even though it is a wonderful distraction. I owe her everything.

''Hello Nelson'', I said and looked down at my legs where my brown dotted cat stroke his body against me.

''Atleast you are happy to have me here'', I whispered and picked him up in my broken arms.

The atmosphere was very crowded so I decided to take a afternoon walk. I went downstairs and into the main hall.

''Mom, I'm going out for a walk'', I said and put my vans on.

''Alright'', she said and didn't look up from the computer right infront of her on the wooden table.

I took my grey coat and swept it around my body before opening the door. The coldness filled my lungs and a refreshing smell made me take a deep breathe. My favorite weather, I thought to myself. It really was. Cold but crystal clear. The sky was cloudy but yet still beautiful as always. I took the normal way to the little place I usually went to. All the trees was full of tiny water drops and some of them fell down to the ground. But my little spot was dry. Dry from the cold rain. The trees' branches saved it. I breathed out in relief and settled down on the fading grass.

I loved being here, especially when I leave my phone and stuff like that at home. Because I love to just focus on other stuff. Well, life.

And my dad, when he moved out, my life started to go down. My dad left me and my mum at my age of 7. The first years I was living with my dad for a long time but my mom didn't like it. Me and my dad lost our contact. And the contact between me and my mum was dead. I don't really mind about my mom, she can't change. I can but I don't want to help her when she didn't help me when dad disappeared from my life. When I was around 5 my mum became really sick. But not the way everybody thinks. Her head didn't hurt, her stomach didn't hurt. She just basically stopped. She gave up. She never really told me the whole story but I hope one day I will know what happened to my mom that year. I was too young to understand, the only thing I remember was that she was gone for a long time and I spend time with my grandparents alot. And they've helped me when I missed her. Especially my mum's mother. She took care of me alot when I was little and we still have a great connection, sadly we don't meet that much. Because grandmother and my mum doesn't talk anymore. Almost like me and her. When my dad left my mom  she found a new husband and they got a babygirl, Elinore. I did not like her new husband but Elinore made my days bright.

A tear suddenly touched my knee.

Dad. I missed him. Alot. If only I coud meet him, if only I could stay with him instead. But I would miss Elinore too much. Everything is so complicated, I wish I could clean up the mess in my life. But that's nearly impossible. I need a miracle for that.

My eyes fluttered and I laid down on the ground.

I wish that when I wake up a miracle will happen, I thought to myself before closing my eyes.

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