Opposite Attract ~Niall Horan Story~

She was depressed,

He lived the time of his life.

She was lonely,

He was surrounded be people.

She made her pain go away for a while,

His was never there.

She got found,

He found her.


4. Chapter Four.

Niall's P.O.V

I breathed in the flower fragrance from her hair into my lungs and opened my eyes tired.

She stayed. She actually stayed. I was definitely not used to have female company over, and I'm not gonna lie. She was irresistible.

I watched her chest going up and down when she took deep breathes. I slowly moved closer to her and her arm were automatically thrown over my torso.

"Oh" I whispered surprised.
She mumbled something in her sleep and I put my hand on her elbow and started to do little circles in her skin.

Beautiful. That is what she was, breathtaking. And she doesn't even knew it. I could tell she dyed her hair since the blonde outgrowth was on the start of her chocolate brown hair. Why would she want to change herself? I didn't care if she had blonde, brown or blue hair. She was still the most irresistible girl I've ever seen.
And don't even get me started on her eyes. The grey-blue sparkling eyes that I fell in love with.

Her body was perfect. I watched her beautiful curves as she laid down sleeping silently.
It was then I saw it.
The red marks.
The red marks on her wrist.
"Oh Jesus why...", I whispered and shook my head. I felt that the tears behind my eyes were in their way.
Why would she destroy herself?
Why would she destroy her beautiful, beautiful wrists?

I leaned in and put her left wrist to my lips and kissed her red marked arm.

"N-Niall", I heard her stutter.

I looked up from her hand and saw that her eyes were tearful.

"Don't cry, schh", I automatically opened my arms and she went inside.
My protective grip held her tight to my body.

"I am sorry, I don't want you to see it, it is awful I...", she begun and I could feel the tears that streamed down her face.

"I'm gonna help you through it, Frances", I put my palms on her cheeks and looked deep into her grey eyes.

Frances put her tiny hand on my palm and stroke it under silence.

"I will help you", I repeated.

She nodded and her eyes started to form tears.

I know it was early, but I had to. I needed to. I wanted to.

I softly pressing my lips on hers and tilted her head down on the pillow.
She answered me and scratched her nails into my hair.
Magical, magical was the word. Her lips tasted magical.
We both stopped and look into each others eyes.

"Oh", Frances whispered and smiled.

I whipped of her tears from her eyes.

"I will help you", I said and kissed her forehead softly.

* * *

"Come on now, Andrews! Yes yes! That's right!", Niall's cheered in the sofa.

I laughed at him when he thought he was the one who decided how the match will end.
Ireland against Scotland.
2-1, to Ireland.

"Finally! Woohoo!", Niall shouted.

My mistake, 3-1.

"Isn't this great, Frances?!", Niall's smiled and his dark Irish accent made my heart pound faster.

"Yay, go Ireland", I smiled.

"Not so convincing, sweetie", Niall poked my nose and continued to the watch the game.

I looked through some newspaper Niall left on the dinner table. Money crisis in Norway. Killer ran around in Chicago. And other similar things like that.

Suddenly Niall turned off the tv and swiftly put his head in my knee and pushed the newspaper away.

''I'm going to take you out tomorrow night'', Niall smiled and made his adorable angelic face.

''Are you sure...?'', I said. I was really happy, did he really want to take me out? On a... date? My first real date. I had one boyfriend before but that wasn't that serious so he never took me out on dates. But i'm not saying that Niall is my boyfriend, even though I woudln't mind... He was special.

''Yes! But if you don't want to I...'', Niall said and sat up quickly next to me.

''No, no! I do want to'', I blushed.

''Great'', I saw that Niall shone up and I hugged him.

''I think I need to go home''.

''Let me drive you'', Niall said and grabbed his car keys from the coffee table.

''Thank you so much, Niall, I don't know how to thank you'', I shook my head.

''You don't need to, I am doing this because I want to'', he smiled and our hands touched.

Automaticly our hands got intertwined. My cutts against his beautiful skin. I looked up at Niall and he smiled. He slowly stroke my selfharms with his cold fingers.

''Please, don't do that again'', he closed his eyes and it looked like he were in pain so I grabbed his shoulders.

''Please'', Niall whispered and his palms were putted on my hips.

I didn't think about cutting since I were with Niall. He promised to help me, and so did he. Would he take away the pain forever? I can always try.

''I promise'', I whispered back and put my head on his torso. He stroke my hair and we stood like that for a couple of minutes.

''I don't want to leave you'', I said sad when I was thinking about getting back to my mother.

''I don't want you to leave either, not at all, please stay'', he shook his head with the sadness clear in his voice.

''I can't, we will meet tomorrow, I promise you'', I spoke quiet and looked into his clear blue eyes.

He smiled back at me and put on his sneakers.

I did the same with my vans and threw my grey coat around me.

Niall opened the door and arrived to the elevator door.

''I take the stairs...'', I laughed nervous.

''Why?'', Niall spoke and looked wondered.

''I do not like crowded places'', I said emberressed. Ugh he might think I am annoying now... Why couldn't I just walk into the god damned elevator.

''Oh, I was clausthropobic before, but I learned to forget about it, but let's take the stairs'', Niall laughed lightly and closed the elevator door.

I looked at him thankful and we went down the stone tiles.

I watched Niall as he unlocked the white dirty car as I telled him were I lived and he knew exactly were it was since Zayn lived a few blocks away.

''Here you go'', Niall said and opened the door for me.

''Thank you".

We both got in the car under silence, the car was freezing cold from the crying autumn night.
Niall touched every button he could
so we could get warm. His jawline looked so sharp when he did that almost angry face... I wanted to hug him so he could go back to his soft self again.

"Niall, are you angry with me?", I tried to ask polite. The atmosphere was so clear and so was he, when he leaned towards me I could see him clearer than ever.

"I am not mad at you, what makes you think that?", he stroke my cheek gently. I caught his hand with mine and he put it down on my knee.

"It's just... Nothing... You just looked mad", I shook my head swiftly as I inhaled the cold air that made my lungs hurt from the coldness.

"Oh, I am not, absolutely not, I am happy", Niall laughed lightly and turned the keys around and the vehicle started very quick. Not like my mum's car that started after 20 seconds.

"I am also happy".
I looked through the window and the beautiful morning sun shone bright over trees and bushes in the woods on the other side on the vehicle.

I knew the way was short and we had almost reached out destination. But I could not help to close my eyes. What if the angel disappeared? My eyes flew wide open again. I don't want him to disappear, even though it was to good to be true. He was an angel and all angels sometime disappears. Or was he special? Well, I already knew he was special in the unique kinda way... But I am so happy he found me. He actually did, I got found, he found me...

"Heey?", I heard Niall who interrupted my thoughts. I can't deny, I was happy he did. His voice was always a boost to hear.
"Oh", I moaned lightly when I got out of the car. My body was sore from sitting in a weird position in the car.

"Are you okay?", Niall asked and looked worried.
I nodded and our hands got intertwined.

"Can I follow you to the door?", Niall asked and I nodded once again. I grabbed his hand closer hoping my mother was not home. But I had no keys...

Knock knock.

"So you did not stay at Christine's, Hm?", I saw my mom grin. I could feel that this was one of the days she would actually care about my feelings and treat me like a daughter. It happened sometimes when she doesn't take medicines. But she doesn't know it herself. I just wish she could throw away the medicine and forget about everything we ever fought about and just be...
Mother and daughter.

"Niall Horan, a pleasure to meet you ma'am", Niall reached his hand towards my mum's. He was so polite, I was so lucky. Yesterday night I held an angel in my arms.

"Hannah, a pleasure to meet you also, Niall!", my mom shook his hand.

"If it's okay, I am borrowing your daughter tomorrow night, we are going on a date, but only if you allow it... I don't wanna...", he asked my mum but she interrupted him.

"Of course it is okay! I am really happy you want to take my daughter out, trust me, she really need it", she winked at us both before going inside the house again.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow", Niall pulled my hips closer to him.

"Yes", I smiled and bite my lip.

I lay my head on his chest and breathed in his wonderful aroma.

"I'll miss you, princess", he kissed my forehead before going back to the car.
My hand flew up and we both waved to each other before he disappeared.

Princess? Princess...Princess! That was my new name, I like it. I really do.

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