Opposite Attract ~Niall Horan Story~

She was depressed,

He lived the time of his life.

She was lonely,

He was surrounded be people.

She made her pain go away for a while,

His was never there.

She got found,

He found her.


8. Chapter Eight.

''How did you guys meet?'', Harry turned the car to the right.

''Well, Niall just... found me'', I said with my cheeks burning red.

''He just found you? Erm, I'm not quite sure if I get what you mean, love'', Harry smiled at me and I swiftly looked down to my feet.

Niall coughed in the backseat and Harry laughed.

''Don't worry, I'll not steal her'', he chuckled.

Niall mumbled something unclear and I stretched my arms uncomfortable.

Harry drove past Niall house and stopped right outside.

''Thank you for the ride Harry'', I went quickly out of the car. And so did Niall.

''Yeah, thanks mate'', Niall highfived Harry and grabbed my hand.

''We should grab a lunch sometime'', Harry smiled at Niall and looked at me. To be honest he looked at me like I were a cinnamon roll.

But whatever, Niall told me that I should stay away from the boy. I did not even feel an attraction between me and Harry.

He seems to be this handsome guy everyone wants. But Niall was not that innocent in that subject either.

''Definitely'', Niall said and headed to the door with me right behind.

''Call me'', Harry settled down inside his car.

When he disappeared, Niall turned to me.

''I honestly don't know who that last sentence was meant for'', he spoke irritated.

''What? What do you mean?'', I stroke his arm.

''Erm, ''call me''?, damn Frances he's been hitting on you all night'', Niall leaned against the stone wall.

''Hey, stop, atleast I didn't hit on him, I don't know him''.

''You didn't know me when we met''.

''Oh, I'm sorry'', I felt offended to I backed off.

''No, princess, fuck, I'm just jealous, sorry, I'm stupid'', Niall blamed himself and scratched his forhead.

''Stop'', I hugged him. I didn't know Niall was a jealous kind of guy.

''Let's just to our room'', Niall took my hand and we walked up the stairs.

When he said ''our room'' I blushed. ''Our room''. Yes, it was our room.

Niall didn't let go of my hand, but the other was looking for keys in his pockets.

''Shit, I Think I forgot...'', Niall started but suddenly stopped when he saw me holding up the home keys.

''What am I without you'', he smiled and shook his head when he tried to open the door, and he succeed.

I stepped into the very familiar hall.

''Do you want to sleep, princess?'', Niall yawned.

I nodded and went inside his arms.

''I love you so much'', he whispered into my hair.

We stood there for minutes. With our jackets and shoes still on. It felt like a fairytale, that he found me. Everything was just perfect, to good to be true. Even though this night was a little of a disaster.

''Niall'', I called his name.


''Who's Louis?'', I said quietly but curios why Zayn were so angry earlier tonight.

Niall rubbed his eyes and put us both on the sofa.

''Who's Louis?'', I repeat.

''Louis is, or was, a part of our gang...''.

''He lost control when he were with Christine''.

''W-what do you mean?'', I said  a little frightened from the truth.

''Have you seen her scar on her forhead?'', Niall said with a sad face.

I gasped and covered my mouth in surprise. I never knew what it was that caused the scar.

''Louis threw her, out of a window'', Niall shook his head and i felt the tears burning behind my eyes. Just the thought of someone hurting Christine made me feel sick. She was such a wonderful person and I couldn't even imagine it.

''Oh'', was she only thing that came out of my mouth.

''He started with drugs and it only went down from there'', Niall putted his arms around me.

''And that guy is coming to the wedding? He's dangerous! I don't want to be in the same room as that horrible person'', I said disgusted and looked at my angel.

''Yeah, I feel kind of frightened seeing him on the streets, which i do sometimes'', he sighed.

''I can imagine how Zayn feels, he must be so angry'', I stoke Niall's warm hand.

''If anyone would to something like that to you I swear I'll...'', Niall cursed.

''Nothing will happen to me, aslong you're safe'', I put my head on his shoulder.

''Princess can I ask you something?'', Niall looked serious.

''Well, of course''.

''Have you done it? Since we talked about it?'', he stroke my wrist.

I shook my head and he smiled at me.

''If you only knew how happy that makes me'', a kiss were settled on my lips.

I smiled at him put a sound from my phone interuped.

''You better answer that, baby'', Niall chuckled and so did I.

Hi Frances, it's Kate.

I wondered if you wanted to grab a coffee tomorrow with Chris?

We'll pick you up so don't worry!

So we could start to plan stuff :-)

Kate xoxo

''Who was it?'', Niall looked at me curious.

''Kaitlyn she wondered if I could grab a coffee tomorrow...'', I smiled.

Hiya Kate!


A coffee would be wonderful! ;-)

And it is an honour to be a part of the wedding, thank you again!

Frances xx

''Baby, I'm tired'', I yawned and Niall put his arms around me.


Niall's P.O.V


I waited for Frances in the big bed.

She was getting ready in the bathroom.

I don't get why she even wear makeup, shes the most beautiful girl i've ever seen. She definitely don't need to cover up.

And there she was, beautiful as always.

''Hi'', she said and laid down next to be.

I put a hand on her cheek and she looked at me right in the eyes.

''I love you'', I whispered. That was something she need to hear more often.

''I love you too'', she curled up in my arms.

And that was something that I need to hear more often.

I kissed her forehead and we both went to the land of Dreams.

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