Up until the accident I was that girl. That girl who enjoyed parties and got drunk enough to forget her name. I was that girl who everyone knew - the typical cheerleader. I was that girl who had everything. But then that night had to happen. It was my fault, that much I knew. And I would do anything to be with my family again.

Bad things seem to follow me everywhere. And now I know they were never just coincidences.


3. Chapter Two - Cold *edited*


I stood in front of the tall mirror attached to the closet door. I was just done buttoning up my school uniform and my mind still could not wrap itself around the fact that I had practically knocked on Death's door just a few hours ago.

Right after I have managed to sneak back into the room, I went to the balcony and looked down. The eerie trampoline stood there, as if mocking me. I laid on my bed after but never got back to sleep.

What puzzled me most was how it happened. Kids' toys don't have minds of their own, do they? Nor could they just move on their own accord.

The shrill of the morning bell broke me out of my thoughts. Still, I decided against going out of my room to join the other students in the dining hall for breakfast.

I looked at my reflection again and fixed my necktie. Running my pale thin fingers through my wavy hair, I noticed the bags under my dull eyes were becoming more prominent and my complexion had gone paler.

With a sigh, I sat down on the edge of my bed. I almost made it last night... I thought.

The dorm room I was in was the last one on the fourth floor. There were floor to ceiling windows lining the wall facing the trees. There were four double deck beds, three of them vacant. Right now, I am the only occupant of the room. Whenever someone gets assigned to be roomed with me, they request to be transferred to another room. I don't mind it though. I like my privacy.

Before I managed to create a hole on the floor by staring, my attention was caught by the sound of a car approaching. Curious, I stood up and walked to the window next to my bed. It was directly facing the trees, but one could still catch a glimpse of the courtyard. Moving the thick light blue curtains a little bit to the side, I saw a shiny black vintage car parked beside the fountain in the middle of the courtyard.

The windshield was so heavily tinted, I wasn't even sure if it was still legal. Then the driver's door opened, revealing a tall, blond man. He had sunglasses on his face and because of my distance; I couldn't tell how old he was.

The blond man headed for the stairs leading to the front door of the dormitory and disappeared from my sight. A few moments later, the door in the back opened and out came a dark haired boy. I could tell he was younger than the first one through his built. He was looking around and before his gaze moved towards my direction; I quickly put the curtains back.

It wasn't long after when the school bell rang. I put on my over sized gray hoodie and gathered what I needed for the day and sluggishly got out of my room. The halls were quiet for I was the only student here at this time. Everybody else was either in the cafeteria or on their way to the school building.

The dormitory consisted of two separate five-story buildings - one for the boys and one for the girls. The boys' building was stood on the Western side of the courtyard. Their building was closest to the school which stood on the Northern part. The girls' building was in the South.

My footsteps were sending echoes all around me. Living on the top-most floor had its advantages and disadvantages. There's the privacy, and there was also the silence, both of which I loved. But of course, it was a pain climbing up and down eight sets of stairs every day. They say there were no elevators in this place because there have been accidents.

Yes, just like other older schools, this one also had urban legends and superstitions. There were always accidents. Some resulted to injuries, others, death. The accident part was real, I've seen some happen. But the one causing it, the demon, according to some, I'm not so sure about. They're just coincidences. Or someone had to have done them. And since this is a Catholic school...

By the time I got on top of the last set of cobblestone stairs, I placed the hood on my head and continued my descent. But before I took another step, I heard a door close. I don't know why I froze, but I remained still behind the stairs. 

"Remember the rules," a deep voice whispered. Then there were some shuffling of keys. Why do I have a feeling they weren't just talking about rules of the school?

"I know that already," another voice murmured, sounding annoyed.

"You know your duty," the first one said. There was a trace of a smile in the way he spoke.

"I said I- What are you-" the second voice paused as the first one chuckled.

I looked at my watch and noticed the time. I can't be late in class again. So I decided, what the hell, and went down the last twelve steps.

Silence immediately engulfed the lobby. I peeked through my hood and saw the blond man frozen in his mid-ruffling of the hair of the dark-haired boy. The dark-haired one had a blank expression on his face. And both of them were looking at me.

The dark-haired boy pushed the blond one away and composed himself.

He had blue eyes. They were a vibrant shade of blue that put my dull light blue ones to shame. Thick brows and lashes emphasized those sapphire orbs. His straight nose led to his soft-looking lips that were pressed into a straight line. His gaze left me and focused on the floor.

The blond one was taller and he was still wearing his sunglasses. He had a defined jaw line and I assume he's a good-looking one as well. Unlike Mr. Serious, he was smiling.

Nobody said a word until the warning bell rang. I cursed myself under my breath for allowing myself to be distracted. My gaze moved towards the school and saw fewer and fewer students running into the building.

Great, now I'm late again... Sister Carmen won't be happy with me.

There was a door opening again, and when I looked, I saw Father Gabriel come out of his office and approach the two. The main office was located within the Girls' dorm since the school had always had a nun as Principal. Until Father Gabriel.

"Let's get you to your room now, shall we?" Father gestured towards the boys' dormitory. As if noticing me for the first time, Father spoke, "Oh, good morning, Pearl. Aren't you late for class?"

"Good morning, Father," I spoke softly, "I was on my way there, actually."

"Go ahead, child." He smiled.

Taking my attention from the three, I stuffed my hands in my hoodie's pocket, making my messenger bag move to the back. I headed for the doors and used my left shoulder to push the heavy wooden door to open. Carefully, I stepped down the stairs. Despite the thick snow, the air wasn't as chilly as the other mornings.

I took a deep breath and prepared myself for another day in Hellhole.



I went to my locker to find pieces of paper taped and glued on the door. All of them saying, 'Freak', 'Loser', 'Bitch', and many others. I used my hands to tear them away and threw them on the floor. It didn't affect me that much anymore than it did the first time. But it still hurt.

"Hey Pearl," a familiar voice greeted from beside me.

I pulled my head out of my locker and faced Angelo - practically the only other person that speaks to me. He was casually leaning against the locker beside mine.

"Angelo," I mumbled. I looked around warily for any sign of his twin. "Where's Cara?" Not that I was looking forward to seeing her.

He just shrugged. His dirty blond hair went past his ears. His grey eyes were looking directly at me.

"I saw you last night," I whispered. His face became weary.

"Have you told anyone?" he asked.

"You think someone else talks to me?" I sarcastically replied. "What were you doing? How did you get out?"

"First of all, I was practicing. The final game is nearing and I want us to win. I sneaked out through the boys' dining hall."

"But you're already good at it..."

"But the competition is better. Good is not enough," he said with steely determination, "You... wouldn't tell anyone, would you?"

I shook my head. "I won't. But it's dangerous," I said, my spine tingling at the word, considering what I tried to do last night.

"I'll be careful." He smiled.

I pulled out the necessary books out of my locker and closed it. Without a word, Angelo took my books from my hands, and grinned.

"What are you doing?" I whispered, looking around for any students that could be watching. Unfortunately, they were. Being with the school's best ice hockey player sure does catch attention. Or maybe it was because he was with me, the worst person around.

"I'm carrying these for you," he said, smiling.

"But -" I was cut off by a booming voice.

"Babysitting your cousin again, huh, Angelo?" Jordan smugly spoke from behind me.

Angelo glared at him.

"Be careful while being with her. You'll never know what bad luck might happen to you," Jordan told him while looking at me. I could only look down. Angelo handed me back my books.

"Just leave her alone, Jordan," He shoved him away.

"Or what?" Jordan dared. Neither of them broke away from the other's gaze.

"A-Angelo," I spoke softly, "It's alright..." But my voice was overpowered by one of Angelo's teammates.

"Angelo!" a huge brunette called, "Coach needs to see us." When Angelo made no move, the guy came over and pulled him by his shoulder. I recognized him as the team's goalie. He was looking at Jordan with contempt in his expression.

"Will you be okay?" Angelo asked me while resisting his teammate's pull. I just nodded. Believing me, he took the goalie's hand off his shoulder and instead, followed him out.

He running his hand through his hair was the last thing I saw before turning and bumping into something hard, causing me to step back. I looked up and saw Jordan glaring at me.

"Keep your hands to yourself," he said before pushing me to the side. I tried to catch my balance but my legs got tangled with each other and so I landed on my left hip and then on my shoulder on the floor. A sharp pain shot up my body when I tried to sit up. I pressed the side of my forehead against the cold floor to avoid wincing and to maintain a blank face. The books I was carrying scattered across the hallway.

Suddenly the hall was silent, and only a set of footsteps could be heard. The footsteps stopped and when I tilted my head upwards, my eyes met black leather shoes. My gaze ran up the person's legs then kept going until I saw clenched fists. I stopped when I saw his face. Vibrant blue eyes stared down at me. His expression was cold - just like how I saw him this morning.

Why is he standing here? Is he going to help me?

After what felt like forever, he was the one who broke away from our 'staring contest' and looked ahead, still with his freezing cold expression.

He lifted a foot and took a huge step to the side to avoid me and continued walking, never stopping. The students crowding the hallway made way for him like the Red Sea.

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