Up until the accident I was that girl. That girl who enjoyed parties and got drunk enough to forget her name. I was that girl who everyone knew - the typical cheerleader. I was that girl who had everything. But then that night had to happen. It was my fault, that much I knew. And I would do anything to be with my family again.

Bad things seem to follow me everywhere. And now I know they were never just coincidences.


4. Chapter Three - Blue *edited*



"You were late. Again."

I fiddled with my fingers as Sister Carmen, the school's disciplinary officer, said those words to me. It was supposed to be recess but she suddenly called for me to go to her office.

"I'm sorry, Sister. I was..." I paused and looked at my right. Sitting next to me was the new student. What's he doing here? "...distracted." I looked down at my fingers again just to find that I have made my thumb bleed. I quickly curled my other fingers around it.

"You are aware that I have to do something about it. Am I right, Ms. Reed?" Her tone was calm and gentle but there was the air of authority in it.

"What am I going to do?"

She looked down at her table and picked up a folder. Opening it, she looked at me. "Community service."

She flipped through some pages. "Mr. Harper here is a new student. I would like you to give him a tour of the campus."

I felt my body relax a bit. "That's it? I mean... I just have to show him around?"







"That's the boys' dorm, but you probably already know that. That's the girls', and that's the school building, and you already know that as well. And... that's it." I pointed everything to him from where we were standing near the fountain in the courtyard. Sister Carmen didn't specify how I should give the tour.

"That's it?" He spoke for the first time ever.

"Y-Yeah." I replied, a little surprised that he actually spoke to me.

"What are you in a hurry for?"

"I'm not in a hurry."

"Then let's do it the proper way, shall we?" He spoke with coolness which I'm beginning to think was meant to irritate me. "Why don't we start with the school building?" Cold wind blew and his black hair moved with it.

"I'm supposed to be in charge." I placed my hands in my hoodie's pockets.

"You are," he said with amusement, "But first, let me see that," he was pointing at one of my pockets.


He pulled my hand out and before I could protest, he was already wrapping a band aid around my thumb.

"What are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" He turned his blue eyes toward mine. There was a trace of a smile, but there was still that certain coldness in them.

"A while ago you weren't this nice to me," I said. He suddenly stopped what he was doing and dropped my hand.

"I'm not being nice." He placed his hands in his own pockets. "Let's just get this over with," he said, gesturing for me to lead him. The tiniest sign that he had smiled completely gone.

I finally decided to move and walked ahead of him. I have placed my hand back in my pocket and used my other fingers to feel the band aid. 

I thought to myself, 'So he's a snob, and bipolar.'



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