Up until the accident I was that girl. That girl who enjoyed parties and got drunk enough to forget her name. I was that girl who everyone knew - the typical cheerleader. I was that girl who had everything. But then that night had to happen. It was my fault, that much I knew. And I would do anything to be with my family again.

Bad things seem to follow me everywhere. And now I know they were never just coincidences.


2. Chapter One - Fall *edited*

This is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination

or are used fictitiously.

Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead,

is entirely coincidental.


I immediately felt the effects of the winter breeze that rushed into my room as soon as I opened the glass doors that led to the small balcony facing the backyard. I couldn't stop the shiver as I stepped out into the night, allowing the chilly air to enter my lungs. My breath came out in smoke that disappeared instantly.

I had another nightmare. It was about that night again. The sound of crashing metal and the smell of burning gasoline stuck in my nostrils. I knew it was just a dream. But a dream that was built from my memory. It would not stop. It would not stop unless... unless I forget. But I can't.

When would it stop?

Never! A voice shrieked in my head.

Because it was your fault. It said. It was you who killed them.

I closed my eyes and quietly cried. It was my fault. That much I knew. I opened my eyes again and the cold stung my tear-filled eyes.

And I deserve every consequence.

Can I stop it?

Something made my eyes move towards the railing. A million sharp voices filled my head, all saying one thing; Jump.

Different colored lights twinkled from the trees and the other buildings surrounding the dormitory. The roads were quiet now for it was just after midnight. From a distance, I could hear a radio playing Christmas songs. It could be coming from a store, I don't know.

I held the metal railing of the balcony. It was so cold that it almost burned my skin. Inhaling sharply, I climbed it. Quietly, so that I would not wake anyone up. Balancing myself, I looked at the horizon. That line where the trees touched the sky. Dark blue heaven enveloped the still sleeping town.

And then a sudden strong gust of wind hit me. Where that came from, I had no idea. It was strong enough to almost topple me off the railing, nearly making me fall back into my room. Withholding a yelp, I tightly held onto the roof ledge behind me. The room I was in was on the fourth floor, right under the attic. But still, there were other students occupying the room next to mine. If one of them wakes up, my plan is ruined.

I steadied myself once again on the railing that was wide enough for my feet. My eyes then landed on the vast yard. Random things of students were scattered yards away from the building. Snow has covered fold-able chairs and tables. Someone's giant trampoline had blotches of snow at its center.

A strange feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. These people had their lives easy. Every day it was always about leisure and having fun. It never mattered who they affected in the process.

I silently laughed bitterly.

I just realized I used to be like them...




A movement caught my eye. I looked towards the frozen lake next to the yard and saw a silhouette. It was of a boy - I was sure about it. As if scared to be discovered he was sneaking out at night, he kept looking around until he finally sat down by the shore. He put on something for his feet and began skating across the ice. What is he doing there? He was holding a hockey stick. One that I recognize because I gave that to him years ago.

I turned my head away, ignoring the feeling that I should warn him, somehow, of the dangers of what he was doing.

There was something at the courtyard. I squinted my eyes, and indeed, there was a black dog sitting on the snow. It wasn't moving but it was definitely looking at my direction. I feel like it's anticipating, waiting for something to happen.

Closing my eyes, I let myself feel the soft breeze. And because I'm still holding on to the roof ledge, my arms were apart, allowing my body to experience the chill. The coldness of the air only reminded me of being alone.

If only I didn't call them that night, none of this would have happened... Why didn't I die with them that night? Why did it have to be me? My sister... My sister was too young...

This is it.


I slowly turned and faced the cobalt roof. At last I'll be able to see my family again.

My mom, will she welcome me with open arms just like how she used to? Will my dad smile proudly at me again? And my sister, will she look at me and call me by her special nickname for me?

There's only one way to find out, right?

With a gentle push away from the ledge, I let myself fall.


All of a sudden, I heard a loud sound. Or something that resembled wing beats. It was loud like it was right next to my ear. An owl perhaps? A really, really big owl. Or maybe it was just the wind passing through me as I was falling.

I closed my eyes as I waited for my end.

I felt my back hit something. But it didn't hurt. Wait, what? My eyes snapped open. Now I was bouncing up and down. What the hell? And that's when I realized it.

I was on a trampoline.

NO! The voices in my head screamed.

I was on the trampoline that was supposed to be resting on the spot at least a hundred feet away from me.

My eyes remained wide open until the bouncing had slowed and eventually stopped. What's going on?

I turned to look at the yard, and, to confirm my thoughts, the trampoline wasn't there anymore. I was too shocked to notice the drag marks on the snow. D-Did this thing just...

I remained still in the center of the creepy thing, completely dumbstruck, until signs of sunrise were appearing in the sky. Another cold breeze blew, moving my long chestnut hair away from my face.

A shadow moved across the ground near the spot where I was but it quickly disappeared. It looked like a huge bird. It was probably the owl. I looked up at the brightening sky and didn't see anything flying.

I gave up thinking. That was probably just my imagination...

The sun had fully come out of its hiding. I probably should go back inside... one of the nuns is probably on their way out to go to the chapel...



Does this mean I have to go to school today?


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