[Mock-Fiction] IV - Alea Iacta Est {Rogue's Story}

Note: Please read the Formal Notice movella. It should be on the list on the right hand side.

Yup. Just the one perspective.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


8. -- NOTICE --



It has come to my knowledge that the user who I based the character of Assassin Marshall feels that this piece is against him – on the charge that I have held a grudge against him for “over six months”.


I will not address the issue of the grudge I do indeed hold against him, the reasons for it, or who disclosed this knowledge to me. However, this issue has brought forth the feeling that this person no longer wishes to be cited in this story [and his former praise for this fictional piece has obviously been forgotten].


As of yet, I have only posted the chapter that have already been narrated in the previously-published, co-authored piece [use this as a reference point, should you have any doubts].


But, it is clear that his wish to be a part of the story, as mentioned here,

has been revoked.


But, as the story is three publications in, I would have liked  to keep the name of this character intact, so as not to confuse the audience.

But as I know the… style of the user in question, it would be more appropriate for me to change the name. It is his right to be taken taken out of the story. There has never been and never will be an obligation to participate.

I must and will respect this.


Hence forth:

Assassin Marshall il Mentore will now be known as Assassin Richard il Mentore.


It also calls for a change in the plot-line I had already planned, but this is irrelevant. However, the character of Assassin Marshall il Mentore [now to be recognised as Richard] shall no longer have anything to do with the user who initially wanted the character implimented into the story.

From this point, onwards.



Midnight Rogue.


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