[Mock-Fiction] IV - Alea Iacta Est {Rogue's Story}

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Yup. Just the one perspective.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


5. 3 – Dividing Responsibility

Richard thought he’d get some rest after he got back from his mission. However, the unfortunate alternative had sent him a message and was sending him back to Masyaf running. He’d had to abort his mission and rush back.

Britney. Rogue. Lia. And the new member, Emmie.

All sent to other dimensions.

Whose whack-job idea was that? How would they get back? What if they died? What if something went wrong, and one or all of the four were sent to an inhabitable dimension?


Richard burst through the front doors of Masyaf, and rushed to the Bureau – taking little or no notice of anyone else. When he slammed the door open, he took a huge gasp.

Why are they all women in here?

Myra stood up from her seated position, resting her hands on the table, “What took you so long?” she said, irritably.

Richard flicked the remark away and said, “Explain. Everything.”


Jess calmly told Richard all that had been discussed and arranged in his absence.

“And you decided, on the spot, to just send them to other realities?” said Richard, fuming.

Jess nodded.

“And you can still be calm about this?!” Richard waved his arms in the air in frustration, “You sent them all to other dimensions!!”

All the women looked at each other.

“Yes,” said Sakura, “Yes, we did.”

Richard clenched his fists, “They. Could. Die!”

“And desperate times call for desperate measures,” said Enya, “We are running out of options. The army of the WD is growing daily, and this seemed like a suitable solution.”

“To send our best spy, our best mercenary, and two of our best inventors into the unknown? That was a suitable solution?”

“Yes,” said Imaginary Pictures, “It was the only option. The only way we are going to defeat the WD is if we get a Trans-Dimensional army of our own. Surely you understand that, Richard?”


Richard stood straight, rigid, and then sighed. The job had been done. The die had been cast. It was time to ‘make-do’ with what he had [as Rogue would put it].

“Well, since those four are out killing themselves; I’ll need you Jess to keep a close eye on them and try to help them out if they fall into any trouble,” said Richard, composing himself.

“Richard, I can’t do anything from here,” said Jess, “They’re on their own until they get back into purgatory.”

Richard growled, “Fine. Then let us know if they get back.”

“I’ll need an assistant,” Jess looked about her, “Nina. You will be my heir.”

Nina’s black-lined eyes widened, “Me?”

“Yes,” said Jess, getting up and tugging at Nina’s sleeve, “You’re going to become a Timelord.”


Jess and Nina left the room.

 Richard turned to the others: “Sakura, Saffyre and Myra, mind the mercenaries.”

“And Squishy,” added Myra.

Richard clenched his teeth, “And Squishy. Kierstin and Enya, I’ll assign you targets. Spy targets. We can’t afford anymore deaths.”

“They aren’t dead,” said Kierstin.

“To me, they are! Those four should never have leapt into the Pieces of Eden when there was so much left to be done! Imaginary Pictures, I need you to finish and finalize inventions and military strategies,” Richard looked at each of them, “Are we clear?”


All the members sighed, but then a chorus of “Aye” rang through the room.


Bene,” said Richard, tersely.

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