This Is My Life Now

Everything was normal on Olivia's eighteenth birthday, until she came home to the surprise party her parents planned her. There she fell in love with Liam Payne, member of famous boyband One Direction. What will happen when her ex-boyfriend, Drake, comes back to finish off her life once and for all? What will end up happening between Olivia and Liam? Will they last?Or will they both be gone forever?


7. Present Time!


We all enjoyed the cookies and cream ice cream cake and then it was time for presents. "Nobody had to get me anything!" I told everyone. "But your too special!" My aunt said. "Okay fine. Where are they?" I asked looking around. "Backstage." Zayn said, pointing behind the stage curtains. I walked behind the curtains and said, "Holy Crap!" There were piles and piles of presents. "Sure I'm special, but not this special!" I joked and everyone laughed. I opened all the presents from my relatives then moved over to the presents from the boys. "Really?!" I exclaimed pointing to the huge gift boxes that were the size of me. I climbed to the top of the first box and opened the card. It was from Harry. I open the box and fell inside. I tipped the box sideways so I could walked outside the box easily. I sat in the box and began going through it. Harry got me a pair of cat pj pants, lots and lots of clothes, and some gift cards. "Wait there's still something left." Harry said pointing into a dark corner. I scooted back into the corner and saw a cage. "You did not!" I exclaimed grabbing the cage. Harry just smiled. I opened the cage, and took out a little kitten with black and orange spots and green eyes. "I'm naming this cat after you, Harry." I said and smiled. I walked over to Harry, hugged him and said,"Thanks. So much." I put my kitten in his cage and moved on to the next gift. I was from Zayn. Zayn got me a couple t shirts, some snap backs, and front row tickets with VIP passes to their next show in London. Then I heard something in the corner. I looked back there and exclaimed, "Oh. My. God!" I came out carrying a little panda. "I swear you guys are going to drive me crazy." I said. I put the panda back in its cage and gave Zayn a hug and said thanks. Next was Louis gift. I opened the box and found that he gave me a couple gift cards, an electric scooter, and keys. With a Porsche key chain. "You didn't have to get me this!" I exclaimed, jingling the keys in my hand. "But your special!" Louis said with puppy dog eyes. "Thanks so much, Lou." I said and gave him a hug. I checked the tag and it was Niall's gift. He got me blue bunny slippers, gift cards, and one of his snapbacks. His Bulls SnapBack with his name on the back. "I feel like a princess. You didn't have to give this to me!" I said, holding out the hat. "But like Louis said, your special! Try it on for me. Please!" Niall said with his puppy dog eyes. I put on the hat, and surprisingly it fit perfectly

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