This Is My Life Now

Everything was normal on Olivia's eighteenth birthday, until she came home to the surprise party her parents planned her. There she fell in love with Liam Payne, member of famous boyband One Direction. What will happen when her ex-boyfriend, Drake, comes back to finish off her life once and for all? What will end up happening between Olivia and Liam? Will they last?Or will they both be gone forever?


16. Mystery Girl


I held Liam tightly as he carried me through the sea of fans and paparazzi. All the fans were cheering, "MYSTERY GIRL! MYSTERY GIRL! " I was surprised by that. We're quickly got on the plane and we sat in our seats. I sat beside Liam, Harry sat with Carissa, and Niall, Louis, and Zayn sat together. We put in our headphones and I began to watch YouTube on my phone. I saw there was a video about Liam and I. I clicked on it and watched. I cried during the whole video. I poked Liam's arm and handed him my phone and earbuds. He obviously knew what I was tryin to say and he took the earbuds, put them in and pressed play.


i stared in horror as I listened to the things they said about Olivia. "The mystery girl is probably just an attention whore" "mystery girl just wants publicity" "mystery bitch" was what they said. They don't even know who she is and they are already giving her hate. I gave her her phone back and held her in my arms "it's okay. It's okay." I repeated in her ear as I rocked her. She soon fell asleep on my shoulder and I let her sleep until we had to get off the plane.

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