This Is My Life Now

Everything was normal on Olivia's eighteenth birthday, until she came home to the surprise party her parents planned her. There she fell in love with Liam Payne, member of famous boyband One Direction. What will happen when her ex-boyfriend, Drake, comes back to finish off her life once and for all? What will end up happening between Olivia and Liam? Will they last?Or will they both be gone forever?


29. He Set Us Up


I could tell that scream from anywhere. It was Carissa's. I was just about to stand up when Liam stopped me. He grabbed my waist and carried me swiftly up the stairs. I understood I needed to stay safe but I really wanted to help Carissa. Suddenly I heard Harry scream, "Get your hands off of her you fucking bastard!" "Make me!" I heard Drake exclaim. Liam payed me down on our bed and told me to try to stay calm. Wait, something's not right. There's something lumpy and hard in the matress instead of the fluffy, feathery feeling. "Liam stay here for a sec." I said just before Liam opened the door. He walked back over to the bed where I was pulling the sheets off. "What are you doing?" He asked. I continued to pull off the sheets and found a rip in the matress. I pulled out something small, hard and ticking. "I knew it." I whispered. Liam's jaw dropped. "Olivia, that's a bomb!" He whisper shouted. "He set us up. That's why I heard the front door close at Dharma's party." I explained. "We've got to dump it. Or disable it." Liam said. "Ok, but we have to hurry. We only have 20 minutes," I said and we quickly, but silently, ran down the stairs. We haeded into Liam's GMC Terrain and drove off to the police department. We couldn't risk bringing them to our house to find Drake. When we finally reached the police office things were going to have to go quick because there was only 2 minutes left to save our lives.

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