This Is My Life Now

Everything was normal on Olivia's eighteenth birthday, until she came home to the surprise party her parents planned her. There she fell in love with Liam Payne, member of famous boyband One Direction. What will happen when her ex-boyfriend, Drake, comes back to finish off her life once and for all? What will end up happening between Olivia and Liam? Will they last?Or will they both be gone forever?


13. Gift Cards, Gift Cards and More Gift Cards


After we finished the delicious crêpes Olivia made for us, we decided what to do for the day. "Well I have like a million gift cards that I can spend so why not go shopping?" Olivia suggested.  "Okay." We all agreed. "I have to get dressed though, so just a sec." She said running to her room. We all laughed. While she was gone, I thought about something, what will the world think when I tell them that she's my girlfriend? What about all the hate? She came back and let those thoughts go to the side. She looked beautiful in her plain yellow tunic, brown leggings, yellow toms and her long curly chocolate hair in a braid. She caught me staring and said, "take a picture. It'll last longer." The boys all burst out laughing and Olivia went downstairs to get all the gift cards. She had a whole purse full of them. "Ready to go?" She asked. "Ya, lets go." I said putting my arm around her.


"Oh, Lou, I didn't know it was here!" I exclaimed staring at the bright pink Porsche in my driveway. "You got the keys?" Zayn asked. "Ya. Why?" I asked. "Why else? Drive it!" Zayn replied and we all got in the car. Haz called shotgun so he sat in the front with me and the others all had to squish in the back. I laughed at how funny they looked when they were finally "settled" for the ride. When we got to the mall, they practically fell out of car when I opened the door for them. "I call shotgun for the ride back." Louis groaned. "Come on guys. Lets go." I said and walked into the New Sudbury Center. 


We spent hours shopping with Olivia, she even spent some money on us. After, while she got her nails done again, she let us each get a hundred dollar gift card to spend on ourselves. We got a couple hats, some shoes and some clothes. We met Olivia at the food court and had A&W for dinner. One we finished we went back to her house for a movie marathon.

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