This Is My Life Now

Everything was normal on Olivia's eighteenth birthday, until she came home to the surprise party her parents planned her. There she fell in love with Liam Payne, member of famous boyband One Direction. What will happen when her ex-boyfriend, Drake, comes back to finish off her life once and for all? What will end up happening between Olivia and Liam? Will they last?Or will they both be gone forever?


26. At The Hospital


I was very worried about Olivia. I tried not to show it because I was talking with the boys, but they looked a little worried too. We've been in the hospital for 7 hours now and she still hasn't woken up. "Liam it's gonna be okay." Niall said but I could hear the sadness behind his voice. I kept glancing over at her when the doctors came in. "We've got some news." The doctor started. "It seems that Olivia is in a coma." My jaw dropped and tears started streaming down my cheeks. I can't lose her! I just can't! I wanted to reach out and hold her hand but our beds were too far away. "But the good news is you can head home, Mr.Payne!" He said trying to lighten up the mood. It obviously wasn't working because the boys were beginning to cry, too. The doctor exited the room, leaving five terrified, miserable guys and one girl in a coma, behind. "She can't leave us!" I cried. "This is all my fault!" I continued. "I looked over at Olivia and whispered, "Please, please wake up…"


I could hear things around me, but I couldn't move or see. All I could see was black, black and more black. I heard people crying, but I didn't know who. Suddenly I recognized a voice. I heard Liam cry out, "She can't leave us! This is all my fault!" I wanted to reach out for him and hug him and tell him it wasn't his fault, but I couldn't. The darkness was like a blanket of bricks overtop of me. I wanted to do so many things. I wanted to cry, I wanted to be with Liam, I wanted to comfort Liam, I just wanted him to know I was still there. But I couldn't. I couldn't because of the dark.

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