Of Kings and Queens

A pitch have yet to be written, as the plot-planning is not 100% finished, but I couldn't stay away from writing the actual story itself.
This story is about war. And with war comes hate and love, blood and tears, passion and fear.


4. Sir Donnovan

Sir Donnovan, Vi'Altea

dies Martis, III Iulias, 05:35 PM


“Yours Truly, Prince Theodore of Vi'Altea.” The young Prince slowly opened his green eyes and his gaze fell upon the marble floor.

“That was beautiful, Prince Theodore,” said the other young nobleman as he admired the prince from where he was seated on the marble bench.

“You think so?” Prince Theodore asked as he stood up, and brushed away a few golden curls, so that he could get a proper look up at the beautiful golden statue of a woman in a wedding gown.

“I hope that Amor hears my prayers, and grant me the love of Princess Madalyn of Hennadon,” he spoke softly and smiled up at the statue, and then turned to face his friend.

“We are almost of age,” Prince Theodore said and walked over to sit next to his friend. “Have you found a woman of your desire yet?”

Although the prince thought he knew the answer, he still wanted to ask the question, so that he could know. His curiosity was of a terrible one.

“Hah, I should find one, shouldn't I?” Sir Donnovan laughed mildly and looked down at the red carpet underneath the bench. “It is expected of me.”

Today was an important day to Prince Theodore; Princess Madalyn was turning nineteen and the royal family of Vi'Altea was having a ball to celebrate her birthday. Noble folk from Vi'Altea, Hennadon and Wethien was all invited to the festivity, and everyone had accepted, except the Royals of Wethien, as they had a war to look to.

Prince Theodore had just right finished a prayer to the Goddess of Love, Amor, and had also wished the beautiful Princess Madalyn the best to come, and he wished that he was to be a part of her happy future.

“We should get going now, we don't want to be late to the ball,” Prince Theodore said and stood up from the bench, and glanced at his friend as he sat still.

“You go ahead, I have a prayer for the Goddess too, although I would prefer to do it in privacy. I mean no disrespect of course-”

Prince Theodore lifted a hand and shook his head lightly, and the golden curls danced.

“No need to excuse yourself; I will respect your privacy. Come find me once you're done.” He smiled.

Sir Donnovan gave a wry smile as he watched the prince walk out, with the curls bouncing and the purple cape flowing in the wind. He was very well aware of the princes' curiosity, and was greatly relieved and joyous that the prince granted him the privacy of this. Because unlike many other young males at their age of nineteen, Sir Donnovan wanted to hide his love, for a person he knew he'd never get.

The moment the carved wooden doors closed, he stood up from the seat and knelt, like a knight would kneel before a throne, to send his prayers and wishes.

“Beloved Amor, Goddess of Love and who we owe our beloved to, I am kneeling here before you, to ask of you a favor, to send you a wish that only love can fulfill. I am a noble man of House Donnovan and I am soon to become of age, and are expected to find a woman to wed. But no amount of gold and silver can woo the person I wish to bestow my love upon, because...” A tear then fell and landed on the marble of the floor, as he spoke with a shaking and low voice. “Because the person I desire already have their mind set on a more proper individual... and I do not kneel before you now, to tear these two apart. I kneel and beg of you to give me courage to confess. As strong as my courage is, the coward in me also hides from the truth, that I dare not speak of. I am only hoping that you will give me courage to confess my love, as the only thing I fear is rejection.”

He sat and sobbed for a few seconds of silence, before he finished. “Yours Truly, Angus Donnovan of house Donnovan of Vi'Altea.”


He had waited a while, to make sure all evidences of his tears had vanished, before he walked up to the brightly lit castle, as the sun began to lower itself in the horizon. It was unusual for the sun to leave so early, but he decided not to question it.

“Sir Angus Donnovan of House Donnovan of Vi'Altea!” Sounded his name as he was announced to have arrived at the ball.

It wasn't difficult to spot the royals at the ball, since there were dress codes. Those of Hennadon wore golden-yellow attires, and those of Vi'Altea wore them in dark purple.

He took a deep breath and put on a smile as he approached Prince Theodore and Princess Madalyn. Prince Theodore looked flustered, the way his face was all red and he scratched the back of his head, as he spoke with the smiling beauty.

And then her smile grew even bigger. “Sir Donnovan! Oh what a pleasure to meet you again!”

“The pleasure is all mine, Princess,” he said with a charming smile and kissed the hand of the princess.

“About time you arrived, friend! I was getting a bit worried you wouldn't show!” The prince spoke quickly as he smiled big to his friend, and Sir Donnovan mimicked his expression.

“I wouldn't want to miss the ball in the honor of this beautiful Lady for anything in the world,” he said and winked at the princess, who responded with a blush on her cheeks.

“Oh I am not a Lady yet, Sir Donnovan!” She fanned her red cheeks with her hand.

“Well I am not yet a Sir either, however people have been calling me so for many years.”

“Oh Princess Madalyn,” Prince Theodore interrupted them. “Your face is all red, are you hot? Do you need me to get you a drink?” He offered as a true gentleman, and didn't let the fact that she seemed much more interested in Sir Donnovan phase him.

“Your face is also rather red, Prince Theodore, maybe you should get one yourself?” Sir Donnovan said and watched the prince's face gain another hue of red.

“Ah yes, well, these formal attires can be so layered!” He said and tucked a bit in his collar. “Why don't you come with me and help me with the drinks?”

As much as Sir Donnovan didn't wish to pass up the chance, he didn't want to seem too forward either.

“Why? I don't see why you can't handle them yourself.” It came from the princess, and both of the two young men looked surprised at her.

Sir Donnovan was stunned that those words came from her and not himself, as he had been thinking to word his excuse exactly like that.

“W-well...” Prince Theodore stuttered. “I have something I'd like to talk with him about as well! And I mean no offense, but it is not fit for a Princess to hear.” He bowed his head lightly and looked straight at Sir Donnovan with pleading eyes.

“It's quite alright, my Princess. We will be right back,” Sir Donnovan said and bowed to her as she curtsied.

As they walked up to the table where drinks were served, Sir Donnovan's thoughts went to every place it could in the manner of doubt and confusion. Had he done something to upset the young Prince? His eyes darted about the back of the prince's head and he found a strange comfort in the bouncing curls.

“What do you think you're doing?” Prince Theodore stopped in the middle of it all and looked up at Sir Donnovan's face.

“I, uhh... what?” His brows drew together and he tilted his head slightly, as confusion was written all over his face.

“You know of my feelings towards Princess Madalyn, and then you come walking in here and then you woo her right before me!” The prince looked down as he spoke with a stiff tone and waved his hand to his words.

First thought that struck Sir Donnovan was “wait, am I wooing the princess?”, and he opened his mouth to voice his confusion.

“I'm sorry if I came off as flirtatious, that was not my intention.” He shook his head as he spoke.

“Oh? Well you're doing a splendid job at it!” The prince raised his voice and head to look straight into the eyes of his taller friend.

Sir Donnovan was taken aback by the glare and think he saw a hint of anger in the green eyes that used to seem so kind.

“Attention everyone!” A voice spoke loudly to overcome the crowd, and everyone went quiet as the king of Hennadon spoke.

“We are all gathered here today to celebrate my little darling's nineteenth birthday! And I believe it is time for her to dance with a man of her choosing, before we all go in and indulge on the wonderful feast, that our beloved neighboring Kingdom Vi'Altea have created along with this ball, as their gift and celebration of my beautiful daughter, Princess Madalyn!”

Everyone clapped as the young and beautiful Princess Madalyn stepped forward, with her beautiful brown hair adorned with jewels and her long, yellow dress and her golden jewelry.

Sir Donnovan looked at his friend, Prince Theodore, as he looked at the glamorous Princess with a certain shine in his eyes and a lovely smile on his face.

“Thank you all for coming,” she started off with. “I am very grateful for you all to be here, and I send my best of wishes and prayers to the kingdom of Wethien; good luck in the war! I would also like to thank the kingdom of Vi'Altea for the generous and astounding ball they have put together for something as simple as my birthday.”

As the princess continued with her speech, Sir Donnovan bend down to whisper in Prince Theodore's ear. “My Prince, I need to talk to you...”

“Not now, Sir Donnovan, the princess is talking!” Came the response, and that's when Sir Donnovan understood just how mad the prince was, since he had called him Sir Donnovan and not friend.

“It's rather important!”

“And I have chosen to dance with the handsome and strong Sir Donnovan!”

Everyone began clapping and turned to look at the two young noble men. Both Sir Donnovan and Prince Theodore had frozen and either barely breathed, with their eyes as wide open as they could go. Sir Donnovan could hear his heartbeat and it only sped up when Prince Theodore slowly turned to look at him with eyes like daggers that cut straight into the young Sir's heart.

Sir Donnovan took in a breath of air to speak, when Prince Theodore suddenly bolted out through the crowd, and everyone gasped and began whispering with shocked stares.

It barely took Sir Donnovan a second to react, before he ran after him.

“Prince Theodore!” he shouted from the top of his lungs as his legs moved as quickly as they could.

Luckily--that barely showed recently--the doors to the castle was slow to open, so Sir Donnovan managed to reach Prince Theodore before he could run any further.

“My Prince...” he spoke with a staggered breath. “Please... listen to me....”

The guards by the door send Sir Donnovan suspicious looks and their grips on their pikes tightened.

“Why? You claim to be my friend, and then you go ahead and do this? Princess Madalyn is the love of my life, I have repeated so to you dozens of times!” The prince yelled at him and hit the slowly opening doors with his fists.

“I... I can't explain to you here... let's go somewhere; I need to speak with you under four eyes,” Sir Donnovan said and rested a hand of Prince Theodore's back, as he slowly turned around with tears ready to fall.


The library of the castle was so quiet and empty of people, unlike the rest of the castle.

Prince Theodore rested against the frame of the fireplace, as the flames danced calmly to the music in the background, that could be heard from the ball room.

Sir Donnovan leaned against a short table that stood before the fireplace, as he watched the prince stand in the light of the fire. A great black pit had formed in his stomach, as he became nervous, since he didn't know what to say or how to say it. This was all sudden, and he suspected Goddess Amor to have something to do with this.

“You wanted to talk,” the prince said as the first to speak after several minutes in silence. “Then go ahead, I'm listening...”

They were both aware that all this was very immature, but at the same time they both knew of how emotional the young Prince was. Everyone thanked the Gods that he wasn't the heir.

Sir Donnovan's palms began sweating and they played around with themselves, as he was struggling to find right words. It apparently took too long, as the prince turned to him and he still looked slightly mad, but must have calmed down a bit.

“Well... I... uh...” Sir Donnovan swallowed hard. “It's not something I'm proud of... I-I didn't mean to... I might have...” he stuttered and his eyes then changed place from the prince's face to every book within sight.

“By the Gods, Sir Donnovan! You're not making any sense!” The prince exclaimed and threw his hands up in the air and he too looked away from his friend's face.

“Please don't call me that,” Sir Donnovan whispered.

“Excuse me?” the prince asked and walked closer to him.

“Whenever you call me by that name, I know something is wrong and I...” he didn't wish to finish the sentence. He tried to keep his fidgeting fingers still as he stared down at them.

“You're beginning to worry me...” Prince Theodore said and seemed to abruptly change his mood and tone, as he saw how distressed his friend looked.

Something was obviously wrong with Sir Donnovan, and it worried the young Prince, as he had never seen his friend act like this. Not once in their nineteen years of friendship.

“What's wrong?” He leaned against the table next to Sir Donnovan, and tried to catch his eyes.

“Don't you feel pressured?” Sir Donnovan asked and quickly looked at his friend, and it was obvious that he was holding back tears.

For a couple of nineteen year old noble lads, they would both agree this had been an unnecessarily emotional evening.

“What?” Prince Theodore asked with a raised brow.

“There's not even a year left till either of us are of age and can find someone to marry, so I'd say it's fair for them to at least remind us and tell us, but this is too much...” Sir Donnovan shook his head, and the prince sat with an open and speechless mouth as he watched his friend's eyes get wet.

“Don't you want to get married and live a happy life with your wife? I mean, it's okay if you don't want to get married right away, I won't hold it against you, but-”

“No, it's not just about me... but also about you....” A tear then fell but he managed to calm his voice so it wouldn't crack.

Now the prince's heart began beating loudly and he tried to calm it with slow and deep breaths.

“M-me?” It accidentally came out as a stutter.

“Yes I'm... not sure how to say this...” Sir Donnovan looked away again, but could still feel the prince's intense glare.

“We've been friends for a long time... all our time, actually...” he let out a small chuckle and pushed a few of his platinum blonde tufts behind his ear. “And, uhh... I'm not sure when it happened or when it began but...”

By the Gods was his heart beating as loud as the thunder and he felt hotter than Ala'Dok in the summer.

“I-I can't explain why I treated the princess like I did; why I wooed her...” His hands took a firm grip around the edge of the table as they shook from being so nervous.

“I'm just going to be frank now, when I say that...”

Prince Theodore wasn't dumb, although he felt oblivious as he hadn't noticed this before.

“Don, I...” The prince started off slowly with and Sir Donnovan quickly jerked his head to look at his friend.

Did he just call me... Don?

“I think I understand what you're trying to say...” Prince Theodore was hesitant as he spoke, since he didn't know how to react, but wondered himself why he was so calm about it. He rested a hand on Sir Donnovan's, and his eyes widened a bit at the touch of the overly shaky and sweaty hand.

“And you don't have to worry,” he spoke softly, almost like a whisper, and Sir Donnovan remained speechless. “I won't tell anyone... we both have an idea of what could happen, I bet, and I wouldn't wish that on you.”

Sir Donnovan was so relieved, it felt like the heaviest load had been lifted off of his heart and he let out a long sigh and felt his muscles relax, yet his hands still shook a bit. 

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