Of Kings and Queens

A pitch have yet to be written, as the plot-planning is not 100% finished, but I couldn't stay away from writing the actual story itself.
This story is about war. And with war comes hate and love, blood and tears, passion and fear.


17. Princess Rose

Princess Rose, Jerrav

dies Solis, VIII Iulias, 11:32 AM


The temple of Mortem is always so dark, as sun represents life and darkness represent death. Murals on the walls are lit up by candles, and the art of the temple of death is nowhere near cheerful and enjoyable. They are dark, grossly detailed and only depicts death, as expected.

Princess Rose is down on all four, together with the rest of the nobles of Jerrav, as they're praying for the lost souls, before going home to eat dinner.

Midst the loud voice of a priest whom are saying the prayer, Princess Rose lifts her head to look around, as she thought she heard some strange sounds and movement.

All she sees are the bend heads of the kneeling royals, the horrifying murals and the tall, black statue in the end of the room.

He's Mortem, the God of death. Tall, with long hair and no skin nor meat to cover his bones, that are hidden underneath his black robe.

The moment she lowers her head, the sounds of movements begins again, then stops as she raises her head. Someone is moving around, which is very disrespectful to the dead souls.

She sighs. There's nothing she can do about it, whomever just has to live with a guilty conscience.

When the priest finished announcing some of the names from the thousand deaths, he would move on with the long preaching ceremony, but his voice turned into a gurgling. Gasps and whispers almost overpowered the wet sound he made, when people looked up from the floor.

Someone was standing behind the priest, forcing his head backward to his shoulder and blood was sputtering out from the throat of the priest, and onto the nearest nobles and the floor.

The priest had been murdered.

Screams and cries begins echoing about the enormous temple, as panic is spread in the large crowd, and people begins shoving each other aside.

“Guards!” King Axton III shouts, but only two guards approaches them.

“Where are the rest?” Sir Jaek asks and looks around.

“We're the only ones left, sir! The rest of them... I don't even know!” A startled guard said as he unsheathed his sword, his comrade following along.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Sir Jaek keeps shouting and moves closer to the guard, when the second one speaks.

“They're gone, sir! Vanished! Suddenly they were no more!” he shouts from where he stands short.

“They can't just vanish like that!” Sir Jaek is still loud and looks down on the short guard. “Ugh, no time, protect the king and the princesses' at all costs!”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” a voice somehow managed to overcome the screams and cries, and everyone freezes instantly.

Candles everywhere had either been blown out, or gathered in front of the statue, where some man stood. A taller figure walked up next to him, and they smiled at each other. But the moment the shortest one looked away, Princess Rose noticed the smile on the tall one vanish immediately.

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen... that is the correct way to address you all, yes?” the short one said with a shrug.

“You blessed bastards. Living your luxurious life in the capital of Jerrav, behind the safe walls from the war and the poor of your Kingdom.”

Princess Rose gave a slight gasp as a hand grabbed hers, and saw her younger sister, Lily, standing very close with tears in her eyes.

On her other side, Priestess Thea was having a painfully hard grasp on Princess Rose's hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Your Highness,” he gestured to the king and then on to the princesses. “I see you brought your children for such a saddening occasion. I'm happy, really, then they'll get to hear all of this too!”

A smirk crawled across his candle lit face.

“Princess Violet, the youngest, Princess Lily, the heir, and Princess Rose, poor poor Princess Rose. They're all here.”

Princess Rose squeezed the hands she was holding, and looked at Priestess Thea, whom looked back with fear, and moved closer.

“Tell me, young princesses of the kingdom Jerrav, do you know what is going on outside the walls of your castle?”

The tall one, whom stood next to the one talking loudly, looked Princess Rose straight in the eyes, but it wasn't to intimidate her, more like he was trying to tell her something. The princess then slowly nudged to the priestess, whom put a hand to her forehead.

The tall one. He's the one that send me the letter. I know it!

“War. That is what's going. Did you know? Probably--but do you care?”

Princess Rose clenched her fists at his questions and frowned at him.

“You probably don't care about anything outside of your tall walls, about anything out of your sight. So that is why we're all here now,” he said and gestured to the entire room.

Mutilated faces showed from within the shadows. They wore leather armours, bore weapons of various sizes and had perverted smiles as they eyed every noble in the temple.

“We're here, now, to make you all care. To do to you,” as he said so, the short leader, he gestured to the royals with a shining knife, “what you have done to us.”

With that said, the first painful scream was heard, quickly followed by others when the lawless began their mindless butchering of the nobles of Jerrav.

Princess Lily and Princess Violet both began letting out loud cries and holding even harder on to their nearest relatives. Princess Rose felt the tears wetting her face and drip down on her dress, but she gave no sound from her and simply looked at Priestess Thea. She looked the same as Princess Rose, although with less tears.

Without warnings, the crowd began shoving at them, as a bright light from behind lit the bloody room.

This place had always been sorrowful, with the murals and decorations of death. But when bathed in the consistency of blood, it became horrifying. Something out of a nightmare.

The screams, the blood, the fear. It all seemed so familiar to her.

Voices shouted her name, crying and begging her to move. Someone yanked hard in her hair and she almost fell backward.


Princess Rose turned around and saw the priestess holding onto her hair in a white-knuckled fist.

The doors to the temple had been opened and those who could, fled.

She was quickly pulled along by both her sister--Princess Lily, and the priestess.

Her heartbeat was loud and could be felt through her spine, to the back of her head. She couldn't feel her feet, but she could see that she was running along with the rest.

Around them, others kept falling and screaming. She knew the names of every single one, as expected of her.

Sir Mortemer. Lady Thaon. Lady Cortese. Sir Jabock. Sir Tacon.

Those were only a few out of them all. How many, she wasn't sure of, but knew that too many would be lost.

Outside, the suns bright light shimmered through the dark leaves of the tall trees on the graveyard. A harsh lump formed in her throat since her cries still couldn't escape, as they ran across the hard, cold, dead soil.

Before her, ran her father. Next to him ran Sir Jaek, with Princess Violet swung over his shoulder; the fear on her face told Princess Rose how horrifying everything behind them was. At the end of her arms, ran the priestess and the middle sister of the princesses, pulling the oldest along as she ran behind them all.

Trees and tombstones would do their best at slowing them down, and it would be unavoidable by some, no doubt.

Princess Rose guessed so at least, as the screams and cries fell in volumes.

She then heard something swiftly pass her by, just by the ear.

When Sir Jaek jumped over a fallen tree, an arrow shot into his shoulder and it hurled him to the ground, together with Princess Violet.

Everything then slowed down, as Princess Rose took in everything that happened around her with dilated pupils.

Her father, the king, stopped up and was about to turn to help his fallen friend and daughter, when the one of two guards left grabbed an arm and forced him with them, despite his loud objections.

She then felt Princess Lily let go of her hand, and she turned her head to watch her sister fall to her knees in shock, when the other guard lifted her up. Her face was blank but the tears still ran.

Princess Rose, she didn't feel anything, she didn't think, as she saw a vicious man jump from a tree and onto Princess Violet. Knives drawn. He lifted his arms with the smile of a maniac.

A broad tree then blocked her sight.

An ear-piercing shriek overpowered every other sound, it kept echoing in her head and she stopped breathing. It felt has if her heart had stopped beating, and she didn't blink as trees passed them by.

A loud roar from a horn was the next thing she heard, and the moment it stopped, it took all the sounds of the world with it.

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