Of Kings and Queens

A pitch have yet to be written, as the plot-planning is not 100% finished, but I couldn't stay away from writing the actual story itself.
This story is about war. And with war comes hate and love, blood and tears, passion and fear.


10. Princess Rose

Princess Rose, Jerrav

dies Mercurii, IV Iulias, 07:00 AM


The kingdom is screaming, crying. Everyday a new body is buried, both of old and young age. The people mourn as their homes are painted the rose red of gore.

That's when she wakes up, bathed in sweat and tears from the vivid nightmare, she thought real. Princess Rose gasps for air and she looks around the room. There's no blood and no cries can be heard.

A dream... no... not a dream... she thinks to herself and stares down at the duvet, as the pictures are repeated before her mind, and her stomach twists and turns at the sight and sound.

Suddenly, a knocking from her bedroom door pulls her out of her thoughts and she looks up as a maid enters.

“Excuse me, my Princess, a letter have arrived for you.” The maid walked quickly in, handed her the letter and then out again.

It took her a few moments to gather her mind, before she opened the letter. The handwriting was a bit tough to read, but what it's telling her is terrifying and her hands began to shake.

Still in her nightgown, she ran down the hallways of the castle with tears in her eyes and sobs escaping her trembling lips. A few maids and guards asks what the problem is, but as she keeps running, they know it's not something they can help with.

She runs into a rather small room, compared to the rest of the castle, where a woman in a white dress is kneeling with her hands folded in front of a small statue of Altheda. The moment the door are swung open, she turns to look at an exhausted Princess.

“Princess Rose, what--?” she doesn't get to finish her sentence, before the letter in Princess Rose's hand is raised within sight. The priestess doesn't even take a second to think about her answer, before she nods.

Together, they burst into the throne room.

“Where is King Axton III?” the priestess' voice echoes in the tall room, and a guard answers with “The garden of Life”.

The earth of the trails are rough against the princess' feet, but she bites the pain in her as she tries to keep up with the priestess, as they run around the large yard filled with wonderfully coloured and scented flowers.

After running around in what felt like circles, they finally ran into Sir Jaek and the king.

“Why are you girls running around like that?” Sir Jaek asked as the two of the lasses bend over to catch their breath. “And Princess Rose! Why are you running around in your nightgown?”

They both stood up and took a deep breath. Princess Rose reached out her hand with the letter, and King Axton III read it through, with Sir Jaek peeking over his shoulders.

As they read it through, Princess Rose tapped the priestess on her shoulder and pointed at her forehead. Understanding the hint, the priestess placed her thumb inbetween the princess' brows and the rest of the hand across her head to her hair.

“Father,” the priestess said in a whole other voice than her own. “I had a dream of bloodshed. Our Kingdom was falling, our people was dying! Everything was red and our graveyard grew larger than the capital itself! Houses was lit on fire, and our military couldn't prevent it!”

Sir Jaek stared with wide eyes that expressed his shock, and the king looked only angered when he finished the letter.

“This is nothing but empty threats!” The king curled the paper together. “Civil war? Rebellion? Oppression? This is all nothing but lies. How can you know it's not send here by Micoreth? You know they have spies everywhere here!” He shouted at her, and both Princess Rose and the priestess flinched at his loud voice.

“I'm sorry, Rose, but I am tired of your tries to advice me on how to rule my own Kingdom!”

“But father, my dreams--”

“Are nothing but dreams, Rose!”

Every word was like a dagger in her. Her father had always been stubborn and blind, and would refuse her advice, saying “save it for when your sister takes the throne and you become her adviser”.

As the priestess could hear Princess Rose's thoughts, she looked back at her and their eyes met. The priestess shook her head, no, she wouldn't say that out loud to the king. No daughter should think nor say that to their father.

With clenched fists and a scowl, Rose turned around to run.

“Rose!” the priestess called and followed her.

Sir Jaek still looked as shocked and looked at the king, whom still looked as angry.

“Not a word,” the king muttered.


The priestess could barely follow and had to stop to catch her breath, as she saw Rose vanish between green bushes and colorful flowers.

“Rose...” she whispered and clenched her fists, as she decided to make another go for it.


The door to her bedroom was ajar, and a muffled sobbing could be heard. The priestess was hesitant to walk in, but what else could she do?

“Rose?” she spoke softly and closed the door behind her.

She quickly dodged as a pillow was thrown at her.

“Rose don't be this way, I'm sorry but... I couldn't say that to your father...”

A growl was let out as Princess Rose sat up in the bed with teary eyes. The priestess walked over and sat on the bed, whereafter Princess Rose pulled her legs up under her head and wrapped her arms around them.

The priestess let out a sigh, before placing her thumb on her forehead.

Get out of my head!”

“Not until you calm down... you know you can 'think' for me,” she said and let out a smile. “Think for me” was an old joke they used when they were kids. Princess Rose even let out a small laugh, but regretted it.

Don't make me laugh, I don't want to laugh...”

“Hah okay, I'll do my best,” the priestess said and kept smiling.

Princess Rose couldn't technically laugh, but the way she exhaled so quickly and her body giving a light jump, that was the closest to a laugh she could get. Body language.

It's unfair... he should listen to me. He's too scared. Coward.”

“Now Rose, that's unfair of you to say, you're not the ruler nor the heir. You shouldn't worry your head with this.”

Stop being so wise and agree with me for once...”

“Haha,” the priestess laughed again. “We're not kids anymore, this isn't exactly mature of you.”

Me? Immature? Bah! Everyone knows I'm the wisest of my sisters. Wiser than you, even.”

“Yes, all can agree on that. But that doesn't mean you can act like a kid. Especially not like this!”

Pfft! What do I care? The throne have been passed down to my sister, so what I do shouldn't matter.”

“Oh dearest Rose, that is not how it works. Your sister might sit on the throne, but it will be your words and advices she'll speak. That deal is already sealed, as you know.” The priestess rested her elbow on Princess Rose's shoulder, and gently stroked her hair with the free hand.

Yes I know, you say it often so how could I forget... but still, when father talks to me like that, I don't feel nearly as grown up and the kid in me get's mad...” Princess Rose lets a sigh and leans in to the priestess' arms.

With a soft smile, the priestess removes her hand from the forehead and strokes the long red hair.

“I know, Rose, I know...”

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