Of Kings and Queens

A pitch have yet to be written, as the plot-planning is not 100% finished, but I couldn't stay away from writing the actual story itself.
This story is about war. And with war comes hate and love, blood and tears, passion and fear.


8. Lady Ranico

Lady Ranico, Aronico

dies Mercurii, IV Iulias, 12:00 AM


The night is calm, despite the rain falling outside and against the stone of the castle.

Cleon have fallen asleep in a chair in Lady Ranico's room. It was an old habit, from back when she was young and scared of the dark, he would spend his nights in her room.

A soft and chill breeze comes in through the open balcony doors, and it brings a foul and dangerous silhouette in with it. No sound is made, as the stranger sneaks across the wooden floor and towards the large bed, with a beautiful fair maiden sleeping in it.

Carefully, he reaches out to grab her and by the moment of touch, she wakes up.

He manages to muffle her screams, but she proceeds to kick and swing her arms wildly around in panic, as she struggles with his tightened grab on her.

The intruder barely managed to make a move, before he was violently pushed away from Lady Ranico, who then begins to cough for air.

He stands still, shrouded in shadows, as he looks at the shining armor that reflects the moons light.

Cleon swings a fist at him, but misses as the stranger dodges and smoothly runs around him. He turns around and, in wild rage, quickly assaults the other man. The other pulls out a knife and Cleon walks straight into it, but it doesn't slow him down, and the stranger staggers quite a bit back, when a heavy fist hits him right on the chest. He falls to his knees, as the blow punched the air out of his lungs.

Whilst he's gasping, Cleon walks up to him and takes a hard grasp around his neck and lifts him up, til his feet can't touch the ground.

He doesn't recognize the face, dark hair, a very sharp jawline and dead eyes.

Thinking he'd won, Cleon speaks. “Who are y-?”

He's interrupted when a sharp pain cuts into his arm, and he automatically drops the man. There's no sound heard, when the violator falls to the floor, but when he swings his leg and knocks Cleon to the ground, a loud noise is made as the decorative armor, along with his heavy body, hits the floor.

The offender pounces Cleon and raises the knife high into the air.

Cleon took in a deep breath of air, as shock filled his entire being, when the stranger is suddenly pushed off of him.

Lady Ranico had jumped herself at the intruder, and was now lying on the floor with him, frozen in fear as dead eyes stare down at her.

He grabs a fist of her golden hair and holds it to the floor, so that she can't get up. With a wide, perverted grin, he raises the other hand that holds the knife. It's red with Cleon's blood and a single drop falls upon her cheek.

Just like she had done, Cleon pounced the stranger. In the fall, the knife is dropped and Cleon takes a suffocating grasp.

Despite all the kicking and hitting and writhing, Cleon is as heavy as a cliff, as he tightens his grasp and are now using all of his strength.

Then it was so quiet. Cleon and Lady Ranico held their breaths, and when it became clear to Cleon, that the violator wasn't moving nor breathing, he let go.

It was difficult for him to get up on his legs, as the pain had begun to set in, and he limped his way to Lady Ranico. He helped her up and she stared blankly at him. Tears was flooding her eyes and her mouth was quivering with smaller whimpers.

Tired and exhausted, he smiles at her and touches her cheek lightly, smearing the blood out. He rests his forehead against hers, as she keeps quiet and holds around him.

Suddenly, his eyes rolls up and his legs gives in, leaving his entire body weight in the arms of Lady Ranico and they both falls to the floor.

“Cleon!” she cries loudly, and keeps shouting his name.

The door to her bedroom is kicked in, and guards with torches and their weapons drawn rushes in, with Sir Valdas in front.

“Cleon! We need to help him! Call for a healer!” She keeps screaming and crying as she holds Cleon closely to her.

“A-Alexis...” he mumbles and she looks down at him again, hugging him even more.

“I'm right here Cleon... please stay...”

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