Of Kings and Queens

A pitch have yet to be written, as the plot-planning is not 100% finished, but I couldn't stay away from writing the actual story itself.
This story is about war. And with war comes hate and love, blood and tears, passion and fear.


5. Lady Ranico

Lady Ranico, Aronico

dies Martis, III Iulias, 08:01 PM


The brush went through her hair with ease, as she sat before the dressing table and hummed a soft melody. Next to the closed door stood Cleon, and he was still wearing that shining armor, although the gloves had been removed due to comfort.

“Cleon,” Lady Ranico cooed and it caught his attention right away. “Could you come help me? I can't reach the strings of my corset, and I have no idea where Lita is.”

She smiled at him in the mirror and he bowed with a yes. The sound of the armor clinking and the jingle of the ring mail was like a familiar melody to Lady Ranico's ears, as he approached her. She kept brushing her blonde hair, as she felt the corset slowly release its suffocating grasp around her. When it finally let go, she gave a loud and refreshing gasp, to fill her lungs entirely.

“Why aren't you with Sir Valdas?” Cleon asked and took a few steps back, as the Lady stood up.

“Cleon!” She tsked and looked at him with a wiggling finger. “I am a Lady, I do not share a bed with a man before marriage!”

Her feet barely made a sound as they walked across the wooden floor and behind a room divider, for privacy as she changed.

“And before you ask; no. Sir Valdas has not yet asked for my hand in marriage.”

She let out a disappointed sigh and looked at her empty ring finger.

“I'm sure he's just waiting for the right moment,” Cleon said and tried to cheer her up, although he spoke the opposite of what he hoped for.

“I hope you're right...” Came the answer, and she stepped out and into sight in a white nightgown.

It was made of silk, had long sleeves and stopped by her knees, it was a bit too big for her, but she had refused to let the poor seamstress work even more on it.

Cleon often witnessed this sight, but still his reaction didn't change and he looked away. Lady Ranico paid no attention to the flustered guard, as she had gotten used to walking around lightly dressed in Cleon's company.

“Is that...” she mumbled as she noticed the soft sound of rain hitting stone.

Quickly she ran to the small balcony and into the soft summer rain. Her love for nature was ceaseless, as she embraced the cooling rain that touched her warm body.

“Natura be blessed! I can't remember when it last rained!” She faced the sky and closed her eyes.

This year was one of the few to have been so blessed by the phenomenal weather. Although it still rained rarely, each time lasted days, and the earth could really gorge itself.

The rain then suddenly stopped falling on her, and she opened up her eyes as she thought it strange. What she saw made her smile wide, as Cleon was holding up a cover to shield them both from the rain.

He smiled back at her. “We wouldn't want you to catch a cold, now would we?”

She let out a giggle as she leaned in close to him and watched the rain fall.

Suddenly, an “oh” escape her lips and he glanced down at her, only to find her looking up at him.

“Cleon...” she spoke softly and her mouth was slightly open, even though no words were formed as she tried to figure out how to ask her question properly, but was quick to give up. “Why aren't you married yet?”

The question hit him hard, and a heavy feeling formed in his heart as he tried to answer her, but his throat ran dry and lies came spilling out.

“I-I don't know,” he stuttered and looked away from her. “I guess I just haven't found the right one,” he said and swallowed hard, as he kept looking into the horizon.

She didn't really give a response to what he had said and simply kept looking at him. When she thought about it, he had never shown any affection to anyone, or at least not of what she had seen. Lady Ranico believed that everyone had a significant other, whether they had met them yet or not. She believed that Sir Valdas was hers, and it saddened her that, at his age, Cleon hadn't yet found his.

“I'm sure she's out there somewhere...”

“Me too...” he said and glanced down at her and smiled.

“Come now, it's getting late.”

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