Of Kings and Queens

A pitch have yet to be written, as the plot-planning is not 100% finished, but I couldn't stay away from writing the actual story itself.
This story is about war. And with war comes hate and love, blood and tears, passion and fear.


1. Lady Ranico

Lady Ranico, Aronico

dies Martis, III Iulias, 12:37 PM


Out in the fields of gold, sat a fair maiden in a long blue dress with her eyes closed as the wind gently blew over the fields and caressed her soft and pure skin.

“What a lovely day, don't you agree Cleon?” Her voice was as soft as her skin.

She bashed her lashes as she gazed upon her staunch protector, where he stood in a shining armor that had yet to meet the touch of swords and blood. But this armor was never going to meet such force and violation, as it was only designed to look good for formalities.

This was no such occasion, but Lady Ranico enjoyed the sight of the glorious breastplate and the broad shoulders of this certain armor. It reminded her very much of the Knight in Shining Armor her mother would tell stories about when she was but a child.

“It is indeed, milady,” he said and bowed lightly with his left hand on the butt of his sword that sat in its sheath.

As Lady Ranico looked away from him and onto the fields once again, Cleon gave a soft and sweet smile behind her back and knowledge.

There was a ten years difference between the two, and he had been her guard ever since she was twelve. Throughout many years of service, he had watched her grow into the beautiful lady she was today. The older she got, the more beautiful she became and Cleon grew fonder of his mistress by each day that passed.

Not long after, the sound of hooves grew louder and louder as someone approached them. He was wearing a blue uniform and a black raven sat proudly on is right shoulder.

Lady Ranico stood up and walked to where the messenger had stopped in front of Cleon.

“Milady, I bring you good news,” he said as he looked down upon them from his tall steed.

Lady Ranico cast a quick glance up at Cleon and then at the messenger.

“Do tell,” she said with anticipation and she folded her hands before her mouth as she hoped for what the news might be.

“Sir Valdas has returned from war.”

She felt her heart beat harder and faster, and her eyes widened with tears slowly showing up. Cleon, on the other hand, felt his heart fall into a great black pit and his eyes quickly looked away from the joy in his mistress' face.

“Valdas... has returned...” she whispered into her folded hands as the first tear fell.

Cleon had already grabbed the reins for Lady Ranico's horse and he stood ready to help her mount it. Of course she could do it herself, but this was a thing they had been doing ever since Lady Ranico had to learn to ride on a horse, and was too small to get up by herself. She took long steps up to him and he grabbed her by her waist to lift her up, which he did with ease and grace, after many years of practice.

“You ride on ahead, I'll be right there,” Cleon said and bowed to his mistress.

Lady Ranico gently petted his black hair and she smiled sweetly at him as their eyes met. With a rapidly beating heart, Cleon held her hand and gave it a light kiss. Although it was a formality, he still enjoyed it more than he should, as her guard.

She then took a firm grip on the reins and she was quick to leave the messenger and Cleon.


“Lady Ranico sure have grown into a fine young maiden,” the messenger said as the two of them watched her ride off towards the city.

“That she has indeed,” Cleon said and let out a long and deep sigh, and then felt so discouraged, as he himself walked towards his own white stallion.

“Oh, before I forget,” said the messenger, and stuck his hand into the leather bags that was holstered to the flank of the horse. “This letter came to you not long ago.”


The citizens of Aronico jumped aside in shock and gasps as a black horse galloped through the city. Lady Ranico's tears of joy were so numerous that it was almost blinding, but it didn't stop her from going as fast as she could.

Sir Valdas went to war two years ago, and even though the battle isn't over yet, he had a promise to keep. She was afraid he had forgotten, but now that he was finally home, she couldn't get to him quickly enough and pressed her mare to the limits of its agility.

When she came rushing over the bridge that went up to the castle, all the guards began alerting one another and everyone in the courtyard, that a certain enthusiastic young maiden came riding in, and everyone knew who and why and no questions were asked as they made way for her.

She almost tripped over her own feet as she jumped off the horse and ran to the front doors, that slowly opened before her.

“Hurry up!” She shouted and beat the doors not too hard. The moment they had opened up enough, she squeezed her skinny frame through the door.

“Oh greetings Lady Ranico, Sir Valdas is in the throne room with the king,” a servant girl greeted her as she ran by.

“Thank you Lita!” Lady Ranico shouted over her shoulder as she had passed the young servant.

She lifted up in her dress as much as she could, without of course revealing anything, and took a few seconds pause to drop her shoes as they weren't made for running. Although she was almost out of breath and her lungs grew painful, Lady Ranico didn't slow down. As she turned a corner, she almost ran into the tutor of her younger siblings.

“Oh my! Lady Ranico, that is not how a woman of nobility should move!” The old woman lectured her, but she didn't stop to listen to that broken record.

Finally, there they were! The majestic doors with the large crown carved into them and painted in beautiful and calm colours of blue. With the help of a couple of guards, they quickly pushed the doors open.

“I see... We'll have to—Lady Ranico!” The king cut himself off as he saw the animated fair maiden rush through the room and towards the soldier that was kneeling before the throne.

Sir Valdas was quick to rise to his feet by the mention of the woman of his dreams, and a smile grew on his face as he too ran towards her. They made a spin as their bodies embraced each other, and tears fell from both of their eyes.

They whispered each others names as they held each other in silence of the entire room. She held his face and looked at every detail there was. Except for a thick black beard, he looked exactly the same way as when he had left her.

He removed a few tufts of hair that had gotten loose in the wind as he looked back at her, and she was just as beautiful as ever. Her eyes was as burnished as diamonds and her lips as pink as the cherry flowers in bloom. He kissed her tenderly and she lingered, although his beard did itch.

“Maybe we should continue this at another day,” the king said. He was a kind and compassionate man, and it was obvious that these two had missed each other, so he dismissed Sir Valdas for the time being.

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