Of Kings and Queens

A pitch have yet to be written, as the plot-planning is not 100% finished, but I couldn't stay away from writing the actual story itself.
This story is about war. And with war comes hate and love, blood and tears, passion and fear.


13. King Axton III

King Axton III, Jerrav

dies Mercurii, IV Iulias, 11:02 AM


The room was brightly lit, where the smiling sun went through the mosaic windows in the dining hall of the castle of Jerrav.

The wonderful scents of meat, fish, vegetables and strong sauces flushed the air and was spread on several plates across the long table, where the royal family ate their dinner. It was expensive and too much, what was left would be given away to the hungry citizens of Jerrav.

They all sat quietly and ate with smiles from the delicious meal, even the king seemed to enjoy himself for once in a long time. The only one that was missing from the table was Sir Jaek. He might not be noble, but he was the king's best friend.

Princess Lily opened her mouth as to speak, but then the doors to the dining room was quickly opened, and they made a loud ear-pinning noise that echoed around. In came Sir Jaek, almost running and every stared silently at him as he ran to the side of the king.

“My King, I bring bad news. Thonsac is under attack, but this time it's not Micoreth.”

The rest of the room couldn't hear what he had said, so when the king acted quickly, they all began asking questions.

With a tightly closed mouth, he dropped his fork and stood up so quickly, that his chair fell over.

“Rose... I need to talk with you...” His voice felt harsh and he stormed out the room, with Sir Jaek next to him. Princess Rose, along with the priestess, had to run to keep up.


As they made it into the halfway, and the doors to the dining hall had closed, the king stopped abruptly and took a hard grip on Princess Rose's arms.

“Tell me child! What do you know of this?” he shouted at her and she squinted her eyes, as saliva flew at her.

Swiftly, the priestess placed her thumb between Princess Rose's eye-brows and spoke: “Don't call me a child! I have already told you my dream and the letter I received, but you did nothing except mock me!”

Princess Rose tried to twist herself free from her father's grasp, but it only tightened. The priestess looked at Princess Rose with wide eyes and an open mouth, as she could hear her thoughts, and they were nothing but hateful curses and she refused to say it out loud.

“This is not the time, Rose! Our people are being slaughtered by this unknown foe!” King Axton III kept shouting at her, even shook her a bit.

“My King, you need to relax. Your feelings are affecting you,” Sir Jaek said calmly.

The moment he put his hand on King Axton's shoulder, an old yet tough hand took a swing at his jaw. Everyone froze with their mouths wide open, as the king had just right punched his dearest childhood friend.

Sir Jaek touched his jaw and moved it around. He, of all of them, was the one that seemed the least surprised by it. He folded his hands behind his back, and looked the king dead in the eye. He didn't say anything.

“I'm sorry, Jaek...” the king said and took a deep breath, before turning to his daughter again, yet he didn't even look her in the eyes. “Rose. We'll discuss this at a better time, I have a Kingdom to look out for...”

He was quick to turn away from her, and walked as fast as his old and worn legs could go. Sir Jaek bowed to the princess and the priestess, before following the king.

The moment they were out of sight, Princess Rose let go of her breath, that she had been unconsciously holding.

“My princess, are you okay?” the priestess blurted out and looked Princess Rose in her eyes, still with her hand on the red hair.

Yes, I just... wish father would have listened to me earlier... not that he's doing so now.” Princess Rose avoided eye-contact and felt the sore spot on her arm, where her father had been holding her tightly.

“I'm sorry Princess Rose, I can't do anything but to pray...” the priestess said with a sigh.

Princess Rose sighed as well and leaned against the priestess.

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