Of Kings and Queens

A pitch have yet to be written, as the plot-planning is not 100% finished, but I couldn't stay away from writing the actual story itself.
This story is about war. And with war comes hate and love, blood and tears, passion and fear.


3. King Axton III

King Axton III, Jerrav

dies Martis, III Iulias, 02:02 PM


He was a troubled King, Axton the third of his name.

The day before, had been Kings Day; a celebration of his birth, yet it had been the worst of them all. Out in the forest that surrounded his solitary city, laid one of the smaller villages that was under his regime named Arden.

The day before, on Kings Day, the village of Arden had been a victim to a massacre.

King Axton III stared into his golden goblet as he made the wine circulate, yet his thoughts and silence was for the lost ones.

He had decided to stay out of the war. Although his loyalty was sworn to Micoreth, along with his daughters, they had burnt one of his villages to the ground as their way of showing their “gratitude” when he responded with a no, to helping them with the war.

Micoreth was known for their grand military, so old King Axton the third of his name dared not to go back on his word.

The sadness in his heart was portrayed on his face, as he looked up from the goblet and at his three daughters. They all stood in a row and held each others hands, where they all looked just as mournful as their father.

Rose, at the age of nineteen, Lily, at the age of sixteen, and Violet, at the age of fourteen.

They were all named after flowers, as that was one of their mother's greatest joys.

“Father, what shall we do?” Lily asked and took a step forward as she spoke.

King Axton III took a few moments to answer. “There's nothing we can do.”

Rose clenched her free hand into a fist. She wanted to speak her mind on what to do.

Let us break the alliance! We can pledge our loyalty, and our hands, to Vi'Altea and Hennadon! They're closer and can protect us from any further attacks from Micoreth! They may not have as many soldiers, but those they have are each worth ten men!

So much she wanted to say, but her father would never agree to it, fear had darkened his mind from opportunities.

“Father, I'm scared!” Violet whimpered and ran to her fathers arms, and he dropped the goblet to embrace her. Servants were quick to run from their position against the walls, to clean up the floor.

“Fear not, Violet.” He smiled at her. “Micoreth would never attack their only ally at their capital, so we are safe here.”

“But father! What about all the other cities under our name?” she asked and the smile faded from the old King's face.

“Come Violet, let us go to the graveyard and pray for the dead souls,” Lily said and took her sister's hand.

Rose gave her father a bow before she followed her siblings with long steps.

A servant came running with a new goblet with fresh wine and handed it to the king.

“My King, are you sure there's nothing we can do?” Sir Jaek, a Knight, asked as he stepped up and knelt before the throne.

“Stand up, Jaek, no need to kneel for me after all these years, my friend,” King Axton III said and took a sip from the goblet. “I would not wish my children to hear of it. I wish them all peace and happiness in their lives; I know the pain of growing up during a war.”

“So you do have a plan?” Sir Jaek rose to his feet and looked up at the old face of his childhood friend.

“Walk with me,” was all the king said.


The Garden of Life was a large area the king had constructed as a wedding gift to his dear beloved wife. It calmed the nerves and fear in the king a bit, as he walked between colors and bird song, and it reminded him of Catherine.

“Tell me Jaek, what news does our spy bring us from the military of Aronico?” the king folded his hands on his back as they walked slowly through the serene garden.

“Sir Valdas have returned home from war, and he brings good news. Aronico have seized a large village by the sea from the kingdom of Peclya, so now they have control of those waters. Their numbers are still numerous, although they're quickly falling by the hand of Micoreth. But Wethien are, at the same time, sending their units to aid Aronico.”

The king smirked and gave a deep chuckle at the news of Aronico's long war.

“Ah yes. They might lack the strength, but they do have the numbers and their Generals are of a wise and clever kind. Do you think we could get them to protect us against Micoreth?” he asked. Although he meant it as a joke, the idea did seem favorable.

“That depends on what you would be willing to sacrifice for it?” Jaek asked and he was correct.

Breaking the alliance between Jerrav and Micoreth could be a fatal decision and could be the end of this Kingdom. If they even got a hint of the idea, what could happen was incomprehensible.

They couldn't afford the chance.

“And how about our other spies?” King Axton III asked as he watched a colourful bird suddenly shoot out from the hedge only a feet or so in front of them.

“The spy from Micoreth have yet to report in, but we're expecting to hear something within the next couple of days. The spy from Peclya says, that the loss on the village was a great blow right to their morale, as they were expecting units from Qae'Win to that exact port. Makes you wonder if Aronico knew about that. Wethien cower as always behind Aronico, and proceeds to send their units to them. Qae'Win are very much like Wethien, they hide behind Peclya, although all agrees that it's a stupid decision, since Peclya have suffered most casualties so far. Qae'Win are spending most of their resources and focus on those units they send. Several guilts of raiders have noticed this, and have begun picking on Qae'Win. Our spy asks if he should try and offer fatal information to the raiders, about the weak points in Qae'Win.”

“Hm?” King Axton III had gotten lost in his thoughts on what he was being told, that it took him a few seconds to comprehend the question. “Oh, yes, but only as long as he isn't in any danger himself. Qae'Win is too far away and too paranoid to send a new spy and I would hate to have another dead soul to mourn.”

“Will do. And as to our spies in Hennadon and Vi'Altea, they say that they're living in peace and harmony, with a joint military and what they lack in numbers, they make up for in strength. Now that's an ideal way of living; peace and harmony. Hennadon and Vi'Altea have been in a strong and steadfast companionship as far back as any history book reveals,” Sir Jaek said with a smile forming towards the end.

Sir Jaek was a peaceful and calm person, who only chose the job as a Knight to stand by his best friend's side, and to wear the complimentary armor.

“I wonder how the other Kingdoms are fairing. Those we are not spying on, I mean...” King Axton III said and looked into the sky.

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