Reminds Me Of you - Niall Horan

Cara Louise Michaela Johnson a Pretty and Smart girl From London who lives with her Mother and a Young sister named Ashley Jennifer Johnson. A Normal Person. Never wanna get married or have kids . Just wanna have a normal life
-Every boy is gonna hurt every shit out of me
That's her belief.What if One Day, That'll change forever And She'll moved on or being Cold-hearted young girl? (17 years Old)


2. He Doesn't Like Me

9/1/13 - He Doesn't Like Me


I Cried all night,This isn't like me at all. I Would never , ever do or cry like this for a long time. I Pulled the covers and hidden my Ugly face.. I'am not worth it! Why would Niall Like me? Why does Louis have to be so irrogant all the time?What would i do?.

''jsgdteuw'' i pushed my face on a soft pillow and started talking like crazy


''The Door is Open!'' i shouted through the door. The Door opened seeing Niall popping his head

''Hey!' he waved. I Don't wanna see him again, It'll break my heart , Note the sarcasm

''Hi!'' i waved back, '' Let's Talk'' his voice is shaking i could tell he's afraid

''Sure Niall,Come here'' i patted my left side of the bed letting him sat beside me. He quickly ran beside me and Removed my tears with his thumb

''Why are you crying Love?'' he kissed my cheek

''Cause..I-i Like you Niall'' His eyes widened,Great Cara good job making it.

''Why didn't you said so?'' his eyes reflected mine and he twirled my curls from last night. My make-up is still there I Look so ugly

''Because i know you wouldn't like me,You can have any girl you wish!'' i sobbed, I Just wished He's Normal though No Fans and Not Famous

''You're wrong,I Do like you Cara infact i think i Love you!'' he wiped my remaining tears and hugged me after.''I-i i don't know what to say,I Love you Niall so much!'' i hugged him back. I think this is not early. We both love each other though

''I Love you too Cara,Now please stop crying Princess.It's making me feel bad'' he chuckled, he Called me ''Princess'' This guy caught my Type

''Sorry! I'am feeling really better now'' I giggled and he kissed me again. I'am never gonna get tired of that!

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