Reminds Me Of you - Niall Horan

Cara Louise Michaela Johnson a Pretty and Smart girl From London who lives with her Mother and a Young sister named Ashley Jennifer Johnson. A Normal Person. Never wanna get married or have kids . Just wanna have a normal life
-Every boy is gonna hurt every shit out of me
That's her belief.What if One Day, That'll change forever And She'll moved on or being Cold-hearted young girl? (17 years Old)


3. Finally!


 Still We're not actually dating neither my Mum nor My sister know about this.Even the boys, I Love hiding secrets. Ha! better be lucky if you know that We are frankly together

My Phone suddenly vibrated that means somebody texted,I Quickly looked at who 

From : Niall <33

Hey Princess,Do you think you can come with me on a Date? xN

To: Niall <33

Of Course babe,but where?xx

From: Niall <33

It's a Suprise, I Have something to tell you but maybe later before the date! xxN

To: Niall <33

You know Babe i hate suprises! But okay! xxx

From : Niall <33

Okay Princess, I'll pick you up at 8 okay?!xxN

I Locked my Phone and I Screamed ''OH MY GOD'' i should get dressed its already 5 o'clock  

I Don't wanna be late right?

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