Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


9. Tired of Death

I took out a handkerchief, dipping it into the lake. After wringing it out, and wiping the dirt/sweat combination on my forehead, I sighed in relief. Everyone's been working since the attack last night. We lost a lot of people, most of them were in a pile, burning right now. I haven't even slept yet.....God I was fucking tired. I was tired of death. Here I was, thinking that dumbass Merle was here... He wouldn't...leave us here, would he? Just leave us behind? ..No...He'd come back for us...if he had a choice.. Right..?

I looked down, the tears starting to fall. "Fuck... you didn't leave us...did you?" I whispered, like he somehow could hear me. The reason I felt this pain in my chest, is because he probably did leave us. Left us for dead.

"Ey, Kyle! Get your ass up here and help with the bodies!" Daryl yelled. I flipped him off, before quickly wiping away some stray tears. I threw my hair up into a ponytail, making sure it was all out of my face. Haven't gotten to bathe yet either..

I took a minute to myself, before standing up and walking back to the group. Rick, Daryl, Shane, that bitch Lori, and Dale were all positioned in a circle...whisperin' bout' something. As I grew closer I could make out what they were saying. "The dead girls' a time bomb." Daryl emphasized. "Well, what do you suggest?" Rick asked. Daryl got closer, giving him a hard stare "Take the shot. Clean. In the brain from here. Hell, I can hit a turkey between the eyes from this distance."

"No... No. For God's sake, just let her be.." Lori mumbled, sitting down. I glanced over at Andrea, still starring at her sisters pale, dead face. I felt bad for her, I honestly did. But, Daryl wasn't wrong. That girl was going to change at some point, probably eat her sister's face off. Daryl walked off "Wake up Jimbo, we got some work to do."

They began to drag one of the bodies towards the burning Walker's "Woah, Woah, What are you guys doing? This is for Geeks. Our people go over there!" Glenn yelled, pointing to the left of the RV. "What's the difference? They're all infected." Daryl grunted, setting the body down.

"Our people go in that row over there....We don't burn them! ......We bury them...Understand?" Glenn paused, holding back the tears that were obviously ready to spill out. "Our people go in that row over there.." He repeated as Daryl dragged the body on the other side of the RV. "Read what you sell.." Daryl said. He dropped the body, and began to walk away "Y'all left my brother for dead! You had this comin'!" He yelled, stomping off.

I sighed, rubbing my forehead. This place was falling apart. I understood where Daryl was coming from, oh believe me, I did. But, this wasn't the time to start WWIII. "Kyle?" I heard a young boy ask. Carl. I smiled, and ruffled his hair "Hey, why are you out here? You shouldn't be seein' this." He shrugged, looking around "I didn't know any of them very well.. I didn't even know all their names. Wish I did."

It was sad to see that at such a young age, he's seen so much death. It practically surrounded him. "Are you okay?... I know this must be... really sad to see." I frowned, placing a hand on his shoulder. Carl nodded, and looked back up at me "Are you okay? I know you were... uh, 'close' with Merle.." I paused, thinking of an answer. Honestly, I didn't even know myself if I was okay. "A walker got him! A walker bit Jim!" Jackie yelled.  Everyone surrounded him, nowhere for him to run..

"Show it to us..!" Daryl yelled, holding his pickaxe. You could tell Jim was scared, just by looking in his eyes. "Show us!" Shane chimed in. Jim stopped in his tracks, before turning around and picking up a shovel. Everyone was screaming at him, telling him to put the shovel down. He didn't want to hurt anyone. It was for his own defense.

T-Dog came up behind him, grabbing his arms, making him drop the shovel. "I'm okay! I'm okay!" Jim pleaded. Daryl came up to him, pulling up his shirt. A nasty bite, dug deep into his side. "I'm okay...I'm okay.." He kept repeating.

((Hai o-o I know its short. But I reallllyyyyyyyyyy didn't feel like writing XDD So uhm..yah. Kyle and Carl... pretty close eh? ~Nemo))




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