Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


8. Stereotypes

I scuffed my feet as we walked up the road. We lost our car to 'Merle' which I highly doubt it was him.My hand hurt from that beating I gave Miguel. I looked down at it. My knuckles were pretty much covered in bruises.

"I was just about to ask about that." T-dog said looking at my hand.

"Yeah..Its bruised to the bone I guess..." I clenched my fist seeing if it would hurt.

"We'll patch that up when we get back." Rick said. I nodded.

"Where'd you learn to fight like that anyway?" T-dog chuckled.

I shrugged."Well growing up with two older brothers and one younger,Kinda gotta learn. Other reasons as well but..Its kinda a touchy subject. You wouldn't care as much anyway."

T-dog nodded. I didn't have the best childhood to be honest. It was all good up until my dad died when I was fourteen. He had lung cancer. It wasn't like we didn't expect it.He smoked one pack a day. He had his reasons,though becoming a smoker probably wasn't going to solve that problem.

" you think Merle really took the car?" I asked. I was scared either Daryl or Kyle was gonna yell at me but they both stayed calm.

"He did...I know he did..." Kyle said. I knew she wanted to believe he did but I just couldn't put two and two together. I kept my mouth shut though. I didn't want to get back on Kyle's bad side.

"Its getting dark, we should walk a little faster." Glenn said.

"I'm not a track star but I guess I could run..." I said starting to speed up.

"But your Mexican. Aren't all Mexicans fast runners? Gotta run away from the cops some how." Kyle said. I swear to god she wanted me to blow. I took a different approach and threw it back in her face.

"Hey I forgot to ask,Are you and Daryl related or something?"

She frowned."I'm dating his brother,Why would we be related?" She asked.

"I don't know. You guys being redneck and all. I don't know what you guys are into..." 

"You little bitch!" She came up to me getting in my face. I stopped and looked her in the eyes.

"See,you don't like stereotypes either. One,I was born and raised in California. My mom is from Columbia. And two,Yes I know you, Daryl and Merle are rednecks,I don't give a shit where you're from. As long as we're on the same side,fighting for the same reasons, I will treat you the way I expect you to treat me. Did I make myself clear?"

She gave me a dirty look. "Whatever...I don't take orders from berry pickers." She spat and started to run before me.


It was pitch dark out and we were close to the camp. Suddenly we heard gun shots and stopped dead in our tracks.

"Oh my god..." Rick said under his breath.

"Lets go! Lets go!" T-dog yelled.

We ran up to the camp,Bullets flying everywhere. I stayed behind Daryl, Shooting walkers that came my way. "What the hells going on here!" I asked.

Children were screaming along with the sounds of flesh being ripped away by walkers. I was shaking in fear but I kept going. It looked like something you would see out of a horror film.

I looked around to see if there was anymore walkers when something knocked me to the ground. I was pinned down by a walker. He was to heavy to push off. I couldn't help but to scream. Suddenly I saw a knife pop out the forehead of the walker. I pushed him off and saw Kyle holding out her hand. She helped me up," I may not like you much,but I do feel like you're my responsibility."

I nodded,Too out of breath to thank her. 

I looked around seeing that half of the group was basically gone. I walked over with Kyle to the group.

"Amy! Amy!" I heard someone sob. I looked over at Andrea holding her lifeless sister in her arms. Her neck was bit and she was covered in blood. Andrea was sobbing over her,covered in Amy's blood as well.

"I remember my dream now...Why I dug the holes..." I heard Jim say.

I felt my stomach turn. I looked around to see some survivors.  I took a deep breath.

"Is Merle here?" Kyle asked.

"No. Why would Merle be here?" Shane answered out of breath.

Kyle looked around, Running her fingers through her hair. I could see her breathing start to pick up before she walked away. 

I knew he wouldn't be here...

I looked over at Daryl. He looked at Kyle then at me. I sighed and walked back to my car. I couldn't take being around so many corpses.

(Ok so the only reason I'm writing so late is because I can't fall asleep. I got the worst case of Norman feels so I just thought why not. Well yeah Savannah and Kyle still hate each other. Not much of Daryl in this for some reason .-. This was more of a Kyle and Savannah mile stone chapter I guess... OH WELL IM GOING TO BED NOW CONSIDERING ITS ALMOST 5:00 ~CupcakeHazza)

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