Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


12. Rude Awakening.

Daryl's POV

I woke up facing the ceiling. My mouth still tasting like hers. I can't stop thinking about it. She was drunk so there was absolutely no feeling in it, but her eyes when I left her...

I slid out of the warm bed and slipped on my t-shirt. I let out a long yawn and went down to Savannah's room,hopefully she wasn't getting changed again. I don't need her yelling at me again.

I walked in,She was still in the same exact spot. I shook my head and walked away. I wanted to let her sleep. This was probably her first hangover.

"We didn't come for the eggs." I heard Andrea say when I walked in. I guess they were slamming him with questions already.


We all walked up with Jenner to where all the computers were. There was a big screen up front and a clock counting down. I'm not one for technology so I didn't really care.

"Give me a play back of TS-19." Jenner said typing something into a computer. Vi, That thing that talked from the ceiling or something repeated what he said and started scanning something on the big screen.

"A few people got a chance to see this,Very few." Jenner said.

The inside of a human skull came on the screen.

"Is that a brain?" Carl asked.

"An extraordinary one." Jenner answered."Not that it mattered in the end." Jenner looked a bit upset."Take us in a EIV."

"Enhanced Internal View." Vi repeated.

The screen zoomed in to the brain. It was glowing.

"What are those lights?" Shane asked.

"Its a persons life,experiences memories.Its everything. Somewhere in that organic wiring, all those ripples of light,Is you. The thing that makes you unique. Human."

I looked around at the picture. "Does it make sense ever?" I asked.

"Those are synapses. Electric impulses in the brain that carry all the messages. They determine everything a person says, does or thinks from the moment of birth to the moment of death."

"Death." Rick started,"Thats what this is? A visual?"

"Yes. Or rather a playback of the visual."

"This person died,Who?" Andrea asked.

"Test subject nineteen." Jenner answered.

"Someone who was bitten, infected and volunteered to have us record the process." He didn't seem so enthusiastic about it."Vi,Scan over to the first event."

"Scanning forward to first event." The computer repeated. 

The brain looked different this time. The stems were all black instead of glowing like the last time.

"What is that!?" Glenn asked.

"It invades the brain like meningitis. The glands hemorrhage,The brain goes into shutdown, and then the major organs." The body on the screen stopped moving and everything in the brain stopped glowing." Then death. Everything you ever were or will be..gone."

"Is that what happened to Jim?"  Sophia asked softly. 

"Yes..." Carol answered.

Andrea looked like she was about to cry.

"She lost someone two days ago..her sister." Lori told Jenner.

"I lost somebody too. I know how devastating it is." Jenner said to Andrea. "Scan to second event."

"Scanning to second event." Vi repeated once more. 

"Resurrecting times are very wildly. We have reports of it happening in under 3 minutes. The longest we've heard of was 8 hours. In the case of this patient it was 2 hours 1 minute 7 seconds."

The brain on the screen started to glow again.

"It restarts the brain?" Kyle asked.

"No,Just the brain stem. Basically it gets them up and moving."

"But they're not alive..." Rick said.

"You tell me." Jenner said back to Rick.

"Its nothing like before. Most of that brain is dark."

"Dark,lifeless,Dead. The frontal lobe, The neo-cortex? The human part,that doesn't come back. The you part. Just a shell driven by mindless instinct."

Suddenly something tore threw the head.

"God,what was that?" Carol asked.

"He shot his patient in the head. Didn't you?"

I crossed my arms.Its upsetting to hear about all this.

"Vi,Power down big screen and work stations." 

All the screens in the room shut off.

"You have no idea what it is do you?"

"Its could be viral, Parasitic, fungal."

"Or the wrath of god." Jaqui said.

"There is that..." Jenner agreed.

"Somebody must know something,Somewhere!" Andrea said.

"There are other facilities right?"Carol asked.

"There may be some,People like me.."

"But you don't know?" Rick asked. "How could you not know?"

"Everything went down. Communications,directives all of it. I've been in the dark for almost a month."

"So its not just here? There's nothing left anywhere? Nothing. That's what your really saying right?"Andrea badgered.

Jenner looked around like he wanted to say something but couldn't.

I rubbed my face." Man i'm gonna get shit faced drunk,again." 

"Jenner, I know this has been taxing for you, and I'd hate to ask one more question. But that clock has been counting down, What happens at zero?" Dale asked.

"The..basement generators run out of fuel."

"And then?" Rick asked.

Jenner walked away not giving a answer.

"Vi,What happens when the power runs out?"

"When the power runs out facility decontamination will occur."

The clock I didn't care much for just became a big deal.


I went back into my room and drank whatever was left in the bottle from last night. Decontamination...? What the hell does that mean? I sighed and laid down in my bed. Nothing good I bet.

Savannah still hasn't gotten up..That girl can really sleep...

Suddenly the lights turned off along with the AC. I popped up out of bed and opened the door.

"Whats going on,why'd everything turn off?" I asked. Jenner came out from behind me and took my bottle.

"Energy use is being prioritized..."

"Air isn't a priority or lights?" Dale commented.

"Its not up to me." Jenner answered." Its shutting its self down."

"Ey what the hell does that mean!?" I asked. Kyle came up next to me,she looked confused.

"Hey man I'm talkin' to you. What do you mean its shutting its self down?" I wanted a answer."How can a building do anything?"

"You could be surprised." Jenner answered.

Rick came out with T-dog, Shane and Glenn. "Jenner,whats happening?" He asked. 

"The system is dropping all nonessential uses of power. It's designed to keep the computers running until the last second. And we just reached the half hour mark."

He handed me back my bottle. I snatched it from his hands,some spilling when I took it. He looked back at the group.

"It was the french."

"What?" Andrea responded.

"They were the last ones to hold out as far as I know. Where a lot of people were bolting up the doors and committing suicide in the halls,They stayed in the labs until the end. They thought they were closer to a solution."

"What happened?" Jaqui asked.

"Same thing that's happening here. They're power grid ran out of juice. The world runs on fossil fuel, I mean how stupid is that?"

I'll tell you what-" Shane said starting to charge at Jenner.

"Shane stop,Everyone get your stuff we're leaving now!" He shouted. I started to run back to our bedrooms when a loud buzzer started going off.

"Whats that?" Kyle asked.

"30 minutes till decontamination."

"Whats going on doc?" 

"You heard what rick said everyone go now!"

The doors slammed shut. We were all silent.

"Did you just lock us in?" Glenn asked.

"You son of a bitch..." I said. I ran up to smash the bottle over his head. "YOU LOCKED US IN HERE!"

"Stop! DARYL STOP!" Shane held me back.

"Jenner you open these doors right now."

"There's no point. The emergency exits are sealed. Everything is shut down."

"Well open the damn things!"

"That's not something I control the computers do. I told you,Once those front doors close they wouldn't open again, You heard me say it. It's better this way."

"What is? What happens at the end of those 28 minutes?"

Shane kicked the back of his chair." What happens-"

"Do you know what this place is?! W e protected the public from very nasty stuff! Small pox! Diseases that could wipe up half the country! STUFF YOU DON'T WANT GETTING OUT,EVER!"

He looked around and then sat down."In case of a catastrophic power failure and a terrorist attack for example. H.I.T's are employed to prevent any organisms from getting out."


All I really got out of what Vi said was that we were going to explode. It makes the air explosive.

"It sets the air on fire..." Jenner said under his breath."No pain,A end to sorrow,grief,Everything."

I ran up to the shut door and threw my bottle at it."Open the damn door!" I screamed.

"Out of my way!" Shane screamed and smashed the door with an axe.

Someone threw me one and I joined Shane. 

I was getting tired and the door barely had a dent in it. We walked back over to the group.

"Barely made a dent..." Shane said huffing for breath.

"These doors are made to withstand a rocket launcher." 

I raised my axe,"But your head ain't!" I ran towards Jenner. Everyone pushed me back. T-dog took away my axe.

I huffed away. I was so angry...

Kyle was laying against the wall. She looked like she had nothing left...

"There is hope somewhere!" Rick said.

"What part of every things gone do you not understand?" Andrea chimed in.

"Listen to your friend,she gets it. This is what takes us down. This is our extinction event."

Shane grabbed a gun and held it close.

"One millisecond,No pain." Shane ran up and put the gun to Jenner's head. 

"Open these doors now! Or I will shoot your head right off!"

"Shane put down the gun!" 

Shane screamed and started to shoot all of the computers before Rick took him down.

"Are you done!?" He asked pointing the gun at Shane this time.

"Yeah I guess we all are."

Everyone calmed down."I think your lying.." Rick tested. Jenner spun around looking confused.


"Your lying,about no hope. If it were true you would have done what all the rest did and take the easy way out. You didn't,You chose the hard path..Why?"

"It doesn't matter.."

"It does matter,It always matters. You stayed when others ran. Why?"

"I didn't stay because I wanted to. I made a promise to her. My wife."

I didn't care for this.. I walked back over to the door and slammed it a couple more times with my axe.

Suddenly the doors opened."Come on!" I yelled. I went to go run but I was forgetting something,Savannah..

I ran back down to the bedrooms and saw her still laying there. "Shit shit shit." I grabbed her bags and threw the blanket aside. "Savannah get up now!"

Her eyes flickered open."What..." She moaned.

"We're leaving now lets go!"

"Why?!" She was still half asleep so she didn't really understand what was going on.

"Savannah,If we don't leave now were going to explode lets go!"

"Ex-plode what...." Her breathing got heavier.

"Yes in 7 minutes lets go now!!" I picked her up fireman style and ran back down to the lobby. Kyle was still sitting there along with Andrea, Dale and Jaqui.

"Kyle,What the fuck are you doing! Lets go!"

"I'm stayin! I ain't riskin my life out there."

"What about Merle!" 

"What about Merle? He left us he's gone. Dead probably." She sounded hurt.

"Merle is alive out there looking for us!" I reasoned.

"If Merle were looking for us he'd would have found us already!"

"You ain't killing yourself over a man Kyle!"

"He's all I had,Daryl!"

"Now I'm all you have and I ain't got time for this shit.." I put Kyle over my other shoulder along with Savannah.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Kyle kicked and screamed.

Andrea and Dale were behind us.

The glass was shattered and everyone was gone. Thank god..

I put Kyle and Savannah down. Savannah was still breathing heavily and shaking like a dog.

We climbed out and ran to the trucks. We were almost there when they started beeping at us."Get down now!" Lori screamed.

"Shit!" I grabbed both Kyle and Savannah and got on the ground. The building quickly blew up and the warmth came at me like a smack to the face.

Savannah was watching the whole thing,crying. Her breathing faster than before and her shaking had sped up. "Come one lets go." I said and grabbed Savannah. I didn't know what was happening. I know she was scared but I've never seen this happen to someone before.

I ran past Shane's car."Whats wrong with her? What happened?!" He asked.

"I-I I don't know! She's freaking out!"

He opened up his door. "Sit her down right here."

"Why?" I said. I don't know what he was going to do.

"She's having a panic attack,now set her here."

I put her down carefully.

He held her hand and rubbed her back."Savannah sweet heart,Everything is ok...I know this is hard but its ok. We're ok now. Just breath."

She started to choke." No no no, Breath with me ok?" He started counting from one to ten. 

I felt weird. Like I was angry or something. I feel...jealous..

"Ok sweet heart, good job im proud of you. You're doing great ok?"

He looked up at me," Um, Can you grab everything from her car she can just ride with me.."

I and ran over to her car grabbing all that I could carry. I looked in the front seat and saw a picture on the dashboard. I grabbed it and ran back. "Here I grabbed what I could..." I looked over at Savannah who was calming down.

"Here..." I handed her the picture.It was her and her family."I'm sure you'll need this." She weakly grabbed the picture and stared at it.

I walked back to my truck giving out a sigh. I wish I could have helped her...

I looked back at Kyle's ugly truck from the 70's. She gave me a thumbs up and started her car.

I looked up front and saw that everyone was ready to go. I took one more look at the crumbling building and drove off.

(SEASON ONE DONE BITCHES!!! Sorry if it seems kinda rushed I just really wanted to get it done.. ANYWAY SEASON TWO HERE WE COME. This is my favorite season and hopefully you'll stick with us on this long journey. Many twists will be happening in the future considering all the relationships are getting better. Daryl gets jealous when other people touch Savannah especially when Shane does because if its not obvious Savannah kinda has feelings for Shane. Anyway thank you so so soooo much for the likes and being a fan its amazing. We will see you next season c:((You don't have to wait until next fall for this one doe..)) ~CupcakeHazza)





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