Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


11. Jenner

Silence. Dead silence. No one said a word, too oblivious to our surroundings. We just stayed there for a moment, staring into white light. That is until we regained our senses, moving inside the opened door. I held my gun raised, just in case if this whole thing was too good to be true. The building seemed much bigger on the inside, than on the out. Big, and empty, of course. "Hello?" Rick called out. His voice echoed off the walls, carrying through. "Hello?" He repeated, looking around. Where the hell was everyone..?

"Close those doors, watch for walkers!" Someone spoke lightly, I couldn't tell who. Everyone stood around, confused. Hell, I was confused myself. "Hello!?" Rick yelled out again. Before I could tell what was going on, guns were pointed at a unfamiliar face. "Anybody infected?" He asked, holding his gun steadily. "One of our group was...he didn't make it." Rick said hesitantly. "Why are you here, what do you want?" The man asked, getting closer. "A chance.." Rick said shakily. "That's askin' a awful lot these days..." The man frowned. Rick paused, glancing away for a moment "I know.." 

It was quiet again, the man glancing our group over. Probably deciding whether to throw us out, or be human and try to help. Finally, he spoke. "You all submit to a blood test, that's the price for admission." Rick nodded, letting out a shuddered breath, like he had been holding it in. "We can do that.." The man lowered his gun "You got stuff to bring in, you do it now. Once this door closes, it stays closed." 

Daryl, Glenn, Rick, and Shane all ran out, grabbing our supplies. They brought them back in a hurry, T-dog and Dale closing the doors. The man from earlier swiped a card "Vi, seal the main entrance...Kill the power up here." The doors closed, locking. Rick walked up to the man "Rick Grimes." He introduced. The man glanced at him "Doctor Edwin Jenner."


We were in a elevator, all crammed in. My back touched the metal wall. It sent shivers down my spine. "Doctors always go around, packing heat like that?" Daryl asked. "Oh, there were plenty left lying around as familiar as myself." Jenner smirked, glancing around. "You look harmless enough... Except you." He observed Carl, looking down on him. Carl looked up, a small smirk he was trying to hide. "I gotta keep my eye on you." Jenner smiled. 

We arrived to our 'destination' and all pushed our way out of the elevator. Walking down a long corridor, Carol asked "Are we underground?" Jenner turned around. "You claustrophobic?" He asked. Carol paused "A little.." Jenner nodded, and turned back around, and continued walking "Try not to think about it." I frowned, looking at the ceiling "Great.." I mumbled. 

We walked through a open doorway, into a bigger, circular room. "Vi, turn on the lights in the big room." Jenner said. Even though he didnt speak all that loud, his voice carried. The lights turned on, revealing computers and such. "Welcome to Zone 5." Jenner stated, walking to the center of the room. "Where is everybody? The other doctors, the staff?" Rick asked, following Jenner. 

I hung back, trying to think of something other than the fact that we were probably far, far underground. And the only way out, was that elevator. "I'm it. It's just me here." Jenner smile wavered. "What about the person you were speaking with? Vi?" Lori asked, holding her bag tighter. "Vi, say hello to our guests. Tell them 'welcome'." Jenner called out. 

"Hello guests, Welcome." A female robotic voice came from a speaker, somewhere in the ceiling. "I'm all that's left." Jenner stated again. He paused, before giving an apology "I'm sorry."


"Waiting in line for a pointless blood test.." I sighed, crossing my arms over my chest. "Yeah, what's the point? If we were infected we'd all be running a fever." Andrea chimed in with me. "I've already broken every rule in the book by letting you in... at least let me be thorough." Jenner took the vile of blood "All done."

Andrea stood up, and stumbled a bit. Luckily, Jacqui caught her. "You okay..?" Jenner asked. "She hasn't eaten in days, none of us have." Jacqui frowned, helping her away. "Alright, Kyle. You're up." Jenner patted the chair. I took off my button-up, and sat down. "Just get this stupid thing over with.." I frowned, holding out my arm. "You'll feel a small pin-" He started, but I cut him off. "I'm not a baby. Just get on with it." I scoffed, rolling my eyes. The guy was treating me like I was ten. Jenner paused, before drawing the blood into another vile. "Alright, next." 

I got up, putting my button-up back on, and walking over to the rest of the group. Savannah hesitantly, and slowly made her way over to Jenner. "Come on, don't be shy. I don't bite." Jenner smiled, before realizing the irony of that saying. She stood there, staring at the blood. Her face went pale. "I..I uh.... Do I have to..? I mean.. I cant just... pee in a cup or something..?" She asked, rubbing her arm. Jenner shook his head "Blood is most accurate. I'll make it quick and painless, okay?" He tried to convince her.

Savannah shook her head "I can't. I can't. I can't." She repeated over and over, beginning to pace. "Stop being such a baby. Just get it over with." I sighed, rubbing my temples. It's been a long day. I was hungry. I was tired. I was dirty. I didnt have time for games. 

"Would it make you feel better if I held your hand..?" Glenn asked, rubbing the back of his neck. Savannah paused, and nodded "Yeah...." She sat down, taking a deep breath. Glenn made his way over, holding out his hand. "Let's just get this over with, okay?" Savannah grabbed his hand, holding it tightly. So tight his fingers turned white. Jenner drew the blood into another vile, trying to make it as quick as possible. "Alright, all done." He patted her leg, standing up. 

Jesus, girl needs to grow up.


Food on the table. Wine in my glass. Laughter, and smiles. It was a good time. A time to remember. Finally we didnt have to worry about the walkers. "You know in Italy, the children have a little bit of wine with dinner. And in France!" Dale smiled, pouring a glass and handing it to Lori. "Well, and when Carl is in Italy, or France he can have some then." She said, taking a sip out of her glass. "What's it gonna' hurt? Comon'." Rick smiled. 

Lori paused, and smiled, removing her hand. Dale picked up the glass, pouring just a bit of wine into the cup "Here you are, young lad." Carl smiled, and took a sip. His face changed from a smile, to a disgusted look "Eww!" Lori nodded, "That's my boy."

 Lori poured the wine from his glass into hers. "It tasted nasty." Carl frowned, disappointed probably. I smiled, drinking half of my glass. It went down easily, considering that I was used to Whiskey. "Just uh, stick to soda pop there, bud." Shane smiled. "Not you, Glenn." Daryl smirked. Glenn looked up, smiling "What?" Daryl walked around the table "You're drinkin' little man. I wanna' see how red your face can get." Daryl chuckled. 

I laughed, elbowing Savannah "I'd like to see how you act shit-faced drunk." She smiled and shook her head "Trust me, you don't want to." There were some 'pangs' on glass, and Rick stood up. "It seems to me we haven't thanked our host properly." T-Dog laughed, raising his glass "He is more than 'just our host'." Everyone began to raise their glass, except for Daryl. He took a whole bottle shouting "Booya!" I smirked, feeling a bit buzzed, and raised my glass.

Jenner nodded acceptably, and took a sip out of his drink. "So when you gonna' tell us what the hell happened here, Doc?" Shane asked, running a hand through his hair. "All the, uh... the other doctors. Thought they were suppose to be figuring out what happened. Where are they?" He frowned, playing with his cup. "We're celebratin', Shane. Don't need to do this now." Rick said, sitting back down in his chair. "Woah, wait a second.. That's why we're here right? This was your move, suppose to... find out all the answers... And instead.." Shane gave a light laugh. "We, uh, found him." He jabbed his thumb over at Jenner. "One man, why?"  

"Don't be a dickhead.. okay? We can talk about this tomorrow." I mumbled, rubbing my head. Jenner shook his head "Well..when things got bad, a lot of people.. left. Went off to be with their families. And when things got worse, when the Military coordinate got overrun, the rest bolted." Jenner sighed. "Every last one?" Shane asked mockingly. "No... Many couldn't face walking out the door... They... opted out... There was a rash of suicides." Jenner looked down, his face softening. "That was a bad time."

This time, instead of Shane's smart remarks, it was Andrea speaking up. "You didn't leave, why?" I honestly didn't want to press him. I know if it was me, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be pressed either. "I just kept.. working. Hoping, to do some good." He said quietly. Glenn got up, sadness washed over his face "Dude, you are such a buzz kill, man..." 


"Most of the facility's power's down, including housing, so you'll have to make due here. Couches are comfortable, but there are cots in storage, if you'd like." Jenner came to a stop, turning around "There's a rec room down the hall that you kids might enjoy.. Just, dont plug in the video games, okay? Or anything that draws power." He smiled, bending down to their height. He stood back up, talking to the adults. "Same applies. If you're gonna' shower, go easy on the hot water." He nodded, walking away. 

Glenn smiled brightly, turning around "Hot water..?" He questioned in disbelief. "That's what the man said." T-Dog smiled, jolting off into an empty room. Everyone followed, eager to feel the soothing of clean, hot water. Especially me. I jumped into the first empty room I got, setting my bag on the bed.  I walked over to what seemed to the bathroom. I untangled my dirty hair, letting it rest around my shoulders. 

Reaching in, and turning the nob to 'warm', sure enough, the shower spilled out with hot water. "'Go easy on the hot water', my ass." I smirked.


Daryl's P.O.V

I took another gulp out of the bottle, it going down easily. "Ah, God dammit! Where the hell...? Glenn!" I yelled, gripping onto the wall for support. "Kyle! Get your scrawny ass out here!" I didn't even know what room they were staying in.

Just then the tiny, Asian boy's head popped out of a room farther down the hall. "What?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "What do you mean 'what'? We had a bet! You, me, Savannah, and scrawny ass! Drinkin' contest. Now." I smirked, shaking the bottle of wine. It made an odd 'swishing' noise. "Oh, right! Give me a minute." His head disappeared back into the room. "Ey! Wait! Got any idea where Savannah's rooms' at?" Glenn shrugged, looking down the hallway "No, but Kyle's room is right over there. Ask her." I groaned, and stumbled down the hall. I banged on the door that Glenn motioned too. "Kyle, open up-"

The door opened, and I almost fell over. Thank God, for my grip on the door frame. "What the hell do you want?" She frowned. She didn't have that shit covering her face. I stared at her a bit, taking in her god-awful craters. "Damn, you look old." I laughed, the buzz kicking in.

And within a matter of a second, my nose was bloody, and had the door slammed closed on me. I groaned again, wiping my nose. "Ey, I'm sorry! Jeeze! I need to ask you a fuckin' question!" I yelled through the door. "Ask someone else, fuckface!!" She screamed.

Alright, yeah. Probably not the best idea to call her old...considering what almost happened to the Mexican boy. 

I walked farther down the hall, and found a room with the door opened. Savannah's bags were thrown on top of the bed. I walked inside, giving a knock first. There wasn't an answer, so I just came on in. "Savannah?" I called out, whistling a little tune. I could hear the shower on still, and without really thinking, like the thick-headed guy I was, I just walked in there too.

"Oh my god!" Savannah turned her body away, and crossed her arms around her 'vile' parts. "What the fuck are you doing?! Get out!" She squealed, pressing her body to the wall. I smirked, raised my hands in defeat, backing out, mumbling "Sorry, sorry." I stood against the wall, outside of the bathroom. "Get out of my room!!" She screamed. "Well then hurry up!! We had a bet, remember? Me and China-man will be in the rec room! Meet us there!!" 

I walked back out, stumbling, again down into the rec room. Glenn was set up on one of the couches, placing wine bottles, and shot glasses on the coffee table. "Oh! Hey, man. Where's Savannah?" He asked, running a hand through his hair. "Showering." I tried to keep a straight face for as long as I could, though that didn't last long. I laughed, loud and so hard it made my stomach hurt. "That's sick, man!" Glenn tried to wipe that smirk off his face. "Eh, whatever. She had a nice ass."

"Excuse me?" I heard Savannah ask in a disgusted voice. "Stay the fuck out of my room, dickhead! Next time, you'll be leavin' without your balls!" She crossed her arms over her chest. I shrugged "Whatever. Just common' and take a seat. I wanna see who can hold their alcohol better."


Eleven shots later, Savannah was a giggling mess, and Glenn was passed out, drooling on the couch. The CD player played through rock hits, bringing back some good memories. Back In Black by ACDC currently blasted. Surprised no one came in and told up to shut the fuck up. Savannah sighed, for a second, before giggling again. "Ahh...Rock is such a good genre. I wish I lived back in those days. Like you did, old man." She mocked. "I'm not old, okay?" I growled, rubbing my head. I began to get tired. "And yeah, it was a good era... Lot of violence, though." 

The song changed to I Love Rock N' Roll by Joan Jett. "Oh my god!" Savannah smiled, and got up, turning the volume up even further. "This is my song!" She yelled over the music. She began to dance, then stopping when she realized she looked like a total idiot.

I dont know what it was, probably the alcohol, but she looked really attractive.

I stood up too, and made my way over to her. I grabbed her by the waist, pulling her close. "What the hell are you doing?" I smirked. "Dancing, you might have heard of it. It's kinda when you shake your hips, and move your arms?"

She did a little jig.

"You should try it." I shook my head, smiled, and looked down. "Yeah, I don't dance." Savannah smiled, and leaned in, whispering "You could if you tried." I starred at her for a moment, before leaning in and pressing my lips to hers. I could feel her tense up at first, but eventually she began to move her lips too. The kiss became heated, more intense. This didn't feel....quite right. 

I mean, it did...but something was off. Taking advantage of a young, drunk girl? 

I pulled away, and let go of her. "Sorry.. sorry." I mumbled, avoiding her eyes. "Why are you apologizing, jackass?" She smiled, and went for another kiss...and I backed away.

"I think you should go to sleep.." I said slowly.

Her smile faded "What do you mean...? Are you gonna' be there when I wake up...?" She looked so hurt, that it made my chest tight. I paused, trying not to anger her. "No..I uh.. I'll stay in my room." 

Savannah took a second to process that, before punching my chest and pushing past me. "I'm such an idiot." She yelled, stumbling into the hallway. 

"Savannah!" I called after her. I saw her flip me off, before she turned the corner into her room. "Savannah!!" I yelled out again. I reached her room, and knocked on the door. "Go away, fucker!! You're so... UGH! Just a big, dumbass!"

"Can I come in?" I asked calmly. It was quiet for a moment, before I heard weird choking noises, followed by splashes of water. I walked in, and rushed to the bathroom. Savannah was on the floor, bent over the toilet, puking her guts up. I sighed, and held her hair. "It's okay...get it all up.." I mumbled, rubbing her back.

After a good 5 minutes, she pulled her face away from the toilet, wiping her mouth. "I hate you.." She mumbled, groaning. 

All I did was pick her up, carry her to her bed, and tucked her in. "Yeah, you're not so great yourself, sunshine." I pecked her forehead, and left.

((EYYYYY. DONE. DARYLS P.O.V. YAYY. I TRIED. I really did. Uhm.. yeah.. Romance? YES c: Welll yeah.. Done c:))





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