Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


13. Highway

((That's Kyle's van.. .-. Uhm, yeah! :D Back to Kyle's P.O.V))


We were driving along these bare roads. I had to take Savannah because there was no room for her anywhere else. We had to leave her car back at the CDC. Luckily, she didn't remember a goddamn thing.



"Hey what the hell's going on? Where are we going!?" Savannah said emerging from Shane's car. "Good morning sleeping beauty." Shane joked, running a hand through his hair. "Why are we here? What happened?!"

She must not remember what happened. She was half asleep and had whatever the fuck they are. She looked at everyone like they had 3 heads. Daryl walked over to her calmly, raising his hand. Sadly, I think he was trying to do what Shane was doing.

"Savannah, Its ok... just, uh.. take a breath ok?" He put his hand on her shoulder. You could tell she was still freaking out. She quickly swatted his hand away, glaring at him wide-eyed.  "Don't fucking touch me!"

I tried to hold in my laugh "Oh...friend-zoned." I heard quiet chuckles scattered from the group. "Oh shut up, Kyle! I'm tryin' to make sure what happened before doesn't happen again!" Daryl defended himself, though, you could tell he was embarrassed.

I looked over at Savannah, her eyes softened. "What happened..?" I think she knew. I mean, how couldn't you know that the whole goddamn place exploded?

Shane walked over to her, ruffling her long hair. "Savannah, do you have any experience with anxiety attacks?" She scuffed her feet, looking down a bit." I haven't had one since high school..I usually can turn them off though.."

I frowned, raising an eyebrow. How could you just 'turn them off'? "You weren't fully awake when everything went down. I had to calm you down so didn't kill your damn' self." Shane laughed lightly, grabbing Savannah hand.

Savannah stared at him for a moment, before hugging him tightly. She whispered something, and all I could make out was 'Thank you'. I frowned, glaring at him. Did he seriously just take credit for 'saving her'? I glanced over at Daryl, and sure enough, his face was hardened.

"Woah, woah, dickhead. All you did was calm her down. Daryl was the one who carried her, and her bags out of the damn building. Not to mention me on top of it." I crossed my arms over my chest.

Savannah looked at Daryl this time "You saved me...?" Daryl shrugged, looking around trying to avoid her eyes. "Um.. well not technically saving, more like 'I didn't wanna see you get blown up into a million pieces' kind of way.."

Savannah's eyes widened "Blown up? What do you mean blown up?!" She looked around frantically, searching for an answer. She looked like she was going to freak out again, but Shane rubbed her back, whispering calming things.

"You really dont remember anything, do you?" I asked. She shook her head, and sighed. Rick walked up to her this time, patting her shoulder. "You okay?" He asked, looking concerned. Savannah nodded, taking deep breaths. Rick nodded, before looking at the rest of the group "We should start moving again..I dont want it to get dark before we get to the highway."

I didn't understand this plan of theirs. Why even keep trying? There's no point to this. Just to suffer some more. The more you try to survive, the more death you'll see.

"Savannah, we'll have to stick you some place.. Mine's all full up, don't know about the RV, though." Rick sighed, looking back at his car. Lori, Carl, Sophia, and Carol were packed inside. They obviously didn't have room. "No, RV's pretty full too. Shane, Andrea, Glenn, and myself." Dale said, putting his fishing hat on. "I got room on my bike..If you wanted to... but.. uh.. yeah." Daryl shrugged, cracking his neck.

I laughed "Sorry, Daryl. No. Nice try, though, really. You are just.. too smooth." I laughed harder, patting his head. He pushed me away, groaning. "Anyway, I got you. You can ride in my van. See, Daryl. I understand girls. Savannah doesnt want her hair all messed up from that dirty bike you've got."

Daryl laughed this time "What would you understand about girls, Kyle? You're hardly a woman yourself." I frowned, and punched his shoulder, pretty hard. "Jesus! You got an arm on you.." He said, taking a step back. I smirked "You didn't learn from your bloody nose last night?"


"What's in those boxes back there?" Savannah asked, going to climb into the back of the van. The boxes were full of my stuff, makeup, clothes, showering stuff, even some old pictures. I grabbed her shoulder, setting her ass back down into the seat. "Nothing you need to look through. Sit your ass down before I kick you out, and you have to walk the rest of the way."

Savannah slumped in her seat a moment, pouting, before she started to go through my glove box. "The fuck you doing?!" I asked, trying to swat her hands away. Savannah picked out a small box, holding it above her head, Just out of my reach. "What's this?" She asked, going to open it.

I'd know that box anywhere.

I stepped on the brakes, Savannah jolting forward. Thank God for her seat belt, or she would have slammed her head into the dashboard. I grabbed the box from her, and stuck it far, far under my seat. "You do not need to look at that shit." I mumbled, starting to drive again. "What was that all about?! Is it really that bad?" She groaned, glaring at me. I laughed, and rapidly nodded "Oh, yes. Yes it is. Wouldn't want to take your innocence away, kid. It's pretty bad."

The box was full of pictures of Merle and I. Some of them with us drinking, having a good time, sometimes it would be a picture of when I first woke up (I looked like shit by the way, half naked, makeup smudged, hair a mess..) that Merle refused to throw out. Sometimes, even, a picture would be thrown in there with Merle doing his drugs. He was always seemed happier when he took them...

Not to mention the promise ring, I kept the damn thing in there so I wouldnt loose it. It wasn't no diamond, but it came straight from Merle's pocket...Which actually meant a lot to me. He never bought anything for me...except for that ring.

"That reminds me, though... Did you ever take me for the person who cant drive for shit? I've crashed this thing so many goddamn times. Merle could fix up the simple things, but if it got too bad, he would have to ask some of his buddies." I laughed at the memory.

"Hey, watch out. We're slowin' down." Savannah said, raising an eyebrow. A bunch of cars blocked our way, and there didn't seem to be a way through. "Shit, we can't turn around now. We don't got the gas for it.." I mumbled, hitting the steering wheel.

A moment later, Daryl came by on his bike, tapping on my window. I frowned, already knowing the AC was going to pour out, and be replaced by that sticky hot mess.. But I rolled it down anyways. "Keep on Rick's ass. I'm gonna' try and get us through." He shouted over the noise of his bike. He glanced over at Savannah in the passengers side "She doin' okay?" I starred at him blankly for awhile, before rolling my eyes "Yeah, I know you're worried. She's doin' fine, Princess." I frowned and rolled my window back up. Such a waste of cold air..

We wove our way through the broken down cars, some of them completely trashed. We had actually gotten pretty far, until the RV burst out with steam. I stepped on the brake lightly, the van coming to a stop, and got out. "What happened?" I asked, walking over to the rest of the group.

"I said it, didn't I say it? A thousand times, dead in the water..." Dale sighed, walking to the front of his RV. "Problem, Dale?" Shane asked.

Dale sighed, again looking at the RV. "Well there's the small matter of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, With no hope of..." Dale looked around at all the cars." Okay, that was dumb.."

"If you can't find a radiator hose here..." Shane started, holding his shotgun tightly, like walkers would come out of nowhere and attack. 

"There's a whole bunch of stuff you can find here." Daryl said rummaging through the back of a car.

"I can siphon more fuel for these cars for a start. " T-dog said looking at all the cars. I'm sure with all these, we'd be set for a while.

"Maybe food or water?" Carol asked holding Sophia close to her. Lori was behind her, Carl close.

"This is a graveyard." She stated. Savannah came out from behind her. I didn't even noticed she stayed back.

"They're gone. We need this way more than 'they' do." I sneered. Carol glared at me,and folded her arms.

"I don't know how I feel about this.." She said under her breath.

"Whats goin' on?" Savannah asked. She looked better than she did back at the CDC.

"We're lookin' for shit we need. I'm sure you're hungry look for some food, or something." I looked over her outfit. She was wearing ripped up shorts that basically showed her fucking ass, and a Los Angeles tee shirt that hardly covered her.

"Why do you tend to where the most showing things? How old are you even?" I wouldn't let my child wear anything like that. Hell no. Though my parents didn't give a fuck, I on the other hand don't want to see a girl dress this way.

"What? I'm from California, I was out more than I'm ever home.. So I had to dress for the weather." She shrugged nonchalantly. I could see Daryl watching us, more like her. I quickly turned around and glared at him.

"I just don't wanna see this perv stare at you all googly eyed." Daryl sucked his teeth and looked away.

"It ain't like that Kyle so, shut up. Go back to your ugly ass van and sleep or some shit..." I could tell he was embarrassed. I made a face behind him and walked back to my van. I had so much shit in my van, I didnt need anything else. I climbed up onto the roof of the car, and laid down. I might as well get a little tan, right?

Daryl's P.O.V

I scavenged for supplies, searching through the cars. We could use pretty much anything here. "Hey, Daryl...?" I could hear Savannah ask from behind me. I looked over, nodding in response. She was looking through the backseat of a minivan.

"What...What happened that night at the CDC? When we were drinking? All I can remember was like... my fifth shot and I was out." She giggled. You could hear the slight Spanish tone in her voice. I thought it was kind of attractive.

"Um..well. You got up to at least ten or so when you started to get a bit loopy..." I didn't want to tell her about the make out session we had. I still felt weird about it. It felt so.. a way. She was so much younger than myself...

"And what else...?" She asked. It felt like she already knew.

"Well your 'song' came on, and you started to dance like a idiot." I started to chuckle to myself. I looked over at Savannah, Her face beet red.

"Ugh..Why!" She said covering her face in embarrassment.

"Oh yeah, You've got quite the dance moves." I shook my ass, mocking her moves.

That made her belt out in fits of laughter."Oh my god, Daryl! Why did you let me do that?!" She continued to laugh her ass off.

I shrugged,"I thought it was funny." She finally calmed down.

"Oh Lord. Remind me to never ever drink ever again." She chuckled looking through a box of knickknacks.

"You shouldn't be drinkin' anyway.." I said pulling out a container with some meds. I quickly put them in a bag and continued searching.

"Ah well. Not like my step mom cared for me in the first place. I'd sneak out every night and go out with my friends. My door was always locked so she'd never really catch know, until she did." She cleared your throat. "She'd always try to punish me but I never really listened. I'd just curse at her in Spanish like,(1)'Vete a la mierda, estúpido azada grasa!' or (2) '¡Fuera de mi cara, que Jesús amando puta!" She chuckled a bit before sighing.

"I probably don't want to know what that means." She scoffed and walked over to another car, putting whatever she took her bag.

"Probably not! She'd always ask my brothers what I said. My oldest brother, Jeremiah, Never ratted on me. I was always close to him. But even though he'd never tell she'd beat me anyway. I guess you could say I was a rotten child." She opened the back door of a Prius, Heat flying out. She quickly swatted away the fly's making a irritated face.  

"So how did your father react all this 'sneaking out'." She looked down then looked back at me. 

"My dad died when I was fourteen. Best freshman year, I'm sure you can imagine.He got lung cancer, He was a heavy smoker..." The smile she had quickly vanished.
I wanted to apologize but I couldn't find the words to say. She reminded me of myself in a way.
She walked over to me holding something. "I saw you collecting meds so," She handed me two bottles of asprin and a first aid kit,"Here."
She started to walk back when she stopped dead in her tracks. "Daryl.." She whispered. She pointed to a pack of walkers walking by us.
"Oh fuck!" I cursed under my breath. I grabbed my crossbow and ducked down."You stay right behind me alright." She nodded clutching her pistol. I made my way up to where T-dog was. He was slumped over behind a car. He had a massive gash on his arm. A walker apeared walking towards him. I took out my hunters knife and stabbed him in the back of his head. He started to freak out but I hushed him. I dragged him out and laid him flat. I grabbed the freshly killed walker and laid him on top of him.If they can't see or smell him, He's good. Savannah rolled under a truck. I dragged out a walker and laid him on me.
We waited for the herd to pass by. Everything was still.
I threw the walker off of me and T-dog. He was bleeding out. "Shit man, what the hell happened?" I huffed helping him up. Savannah rolled out from under the truck. 
"Here let me help." She held up his arm. He flinched in pain. "Can I have that first aid kit I gave you earlier?" She went over to the truck she was hiding under before and grabbed a T-shirt.
"I'm going to have to put presure on this alright?" He nodded. She sucked in some air and put the T-Shirt on the wound. I opened the first aid kit and held it open for her. 
There was a out burst of screams coming from behind us. Savannah jumped and turned towards the sound.
"Was that Sophia?" Savannah asked. I shrugged. We ran over to the group.
Carol was crying staring out into the woods."Two walkers are after my baby!"
"What and no one is helping her!?" Kyle came running over to us.
"What the hells goin on!?" She yelled.
"Rick just went after them." Lori said trying to calm down Carol.
"Fuck that! That little girl is being chased by two walkers!"
"What!? Oh hell no, were goin to help, Lets go!" Kyle said. Both her and Savannah went to go over the railing. Lori grabbed Savannah's arm half way over.
"We don't need another child out there,Savannah." Savannah quickly threw her hand off of her. 
"First off, I ain't no kid. And second, I've gone on all the runs, What have you done?" Lori stayed quiet. "Exactly what I thought, Nothing. You ain't my mom neither so don't act like you can tell me what to do."
Shane came over to Savannah, staring into her eyes."I'd rather you here, Savannah. Safe with us. You too Kyle." Savannah looked over at Kyle than back at Shane.
"Whatever than, Fuck you guys." She pushed past everyone and went back to Kyles van, slamming the door.
"Typical teenager..." Lori huffed under her breath.
Kyle went to say something but she looked back down at Carl. She patted his back and followed Savannah. I understood Savannah wants to be seen as a helpful group member. 


(DONE ;-; I wrote this along with Makayla ((Nemo.=.)) And at first it only posted half so I had to re-write yet again. Sooo yea TRANSLATIONS! (1)Fuck you, stupid fat hoe! (2)Out of my face, Jesus loving whore. ((Savannah has a way with words. ^-^))
(HEY! THIS IS NEMO. YEAH. I KNOW IM WRITING IN CAPS. DEAL WITH IT. Anyway. Yeahhhh... I literally wrote nothing in this. Like the first paragraph uhm.. TAYLOR ((The_Cupcake_Hazza)) DID ALL THE WORK CAUSE IM A LAZY MOFO. c: Mhm. So credit her. That is all. Goobye, my lovely little bitches c:)) 

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